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Homebrew's Google Summer of Code

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS and Linux written in Ruby and Bash.

Application Instructions

In your application tell us:

  1. Who you are: your name and how we contact you (e.g. email).
  2. What idea are you proposing: the name of the idea you've chosen, or a full description of your own project idea.
  3. How will you implement it: provide a detailed work timeline that breaks the project into one or two week milestones.
  4. Why you: link to a previous Homebrew pull request you've submitted (this is a requirement to be accepted).

Homebrew is actively seeking to diversify our contributors and especially welcome applications from women from all backgrounds and people of colour.

Google Summer of Code

Please read and apply via


Mentorship happens privately on our Homebrew maintainers' Slack and publicly on GitHub pull requests. Each student and project will be assigned a mentor but all students will work with all mentors.

Check out GitHub's blog post on how to run GSoC on GitHub for the standards expected from maintainers and students:

Pass Requirements

  • To be accepted, one trivial pull request for your project to Homebrew will need to be merged (this can be far prior to the program).
  • To pass the mid-term assessment, one non-trivial pull request for your project to Homebrew will need to be merged.
  • To pass the final assessment, more than one non-trivial pull request for your project to Homebrew will need to be reviewed and merged.

Technologies Used and Requirements

Homebrew is written mostly in Ruby (with small amounts of Bash), runs on the macOS and Linux operating systems and uses Git and GitHub for version control and updates. You do not need to have used any of these before but must have access to a Mac (unless working on Linux-specific features) and be willing to learn Ruby, Git and GitHub.

2021 Ideas



Skills Required: ...

Mentors: ...

Difficulty: ...

Other Ideas

You can also get inspiration from open help wanted issues on Homebrew/brew and open help wanted issues on Homebrew/homebrew-core. Please discuss any of these with us before submission to maximise your chances of being accepted.