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:skull: Archive of formulae removed from the Homebrew package manager
Ruby Python
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dupx: migrate to boneyard

dupx has GDB as a build requirement, but GDB lives in the homebrew/dupes
tap now, so dupx cannot stay in core.

Closes #47.
Closes Homebrew/homebrew#39332.

Signed-off-by: Mike McQuaid <>
latest commit 102b412baa
@L2G L2G authored mikemcquaid committed
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cmd Disable versions command so we don't have to maintain the internal APIs general updates, cleanup.
abiword.rb abiword: modernize autotools deps
agrep.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
aimage.rb Add aimage
aplus.rb Move aplus from main repo
appledoc.rb appledoc
attica.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
authexec.rb authexec: boneyarding
aws-iam-tools.rb Add aws-iam-tools
bcwipe.rb bcwipe: boneyarding
blackbox.rb Add blackbox
catdoc.rb Add catdoc
cdf.rb Import cdf
celt.rb celt: welcome to the boneyard
clam.rb Add clam
comparepdf.rb Import comparepdf
connect.rb Add connect
coremod.rb Move coremod, dbslayer, pathfinder, tcpurify to boneyard
dbslayer.rb Move coremod, dbslayer, pathfinder, tcpurify to boneyard
denyhosts.rb Use patch DSL
drizzle.rb Move drizzle and librets from core
dsniff.rb Add dsniff
dupx.rb dupx: migrate to boneyard
electric-fence.rb Add electric-fence.
flusspferd.rb Fix audit warnings
git-flow-clone.rb Add git-flow-clone
gnunet.rb Add gnunet
gpredict.rb Import gpredict
graylog2-server.rb Add graylog2-server
gtkglextmm.rb Fix audit warnings
guilt.rb guilt added
hllib.rb hllib: migrate from core.
hugs98.rb Add hugs98
iulib.rb iulib: modernize autotools deps
jscoverage.rb Use patch DSL
jstalk.rb Add jstalk
justniffer.rb Add justniffer
jwhois.rb Use patch DSL
kde-phonon.rb kde-phonon 4.7.1
kdebase-runtime.rb kdebase-runtime: replace md5 with sha1
kdelibs.rb Fix audit warnings
kismet.rb Add kismet
libdlna.rb Add libdlna
libqxt.rb libqxt: retired from main Homebrew
librets.rb Fix audit warnings
llvm31.rb Add llvm31 and llvm32
llvm32.rb Add llvm31 and llvm32
lmutil.rb lmutil: move from homebrew-binary
luarocks.rb luarocks: boneyard ye go
maatkit.rb Fix audit warnings
mailtomutt.rb Fix audit warnings
memcachedb.rb Fix audit warnings
metalua.rb Boneyarding Metalua
metapixel.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
mlkit.rb mlkit: modernize autotools deps
mlton.rb Move mlton, mlton, urweb to the boneyard.
mpio.rb Move mpio and msgpack-rpc to boneyard
msgpack-rpc.rb Move mpio and msgpack-rpc to boneyard
mydumper.rb Move mydumper to the boneyard
mysqlreport.rb Import mysqlreport
o-make.rb Use patch DSL
oxygen-icons.rb oxygen-icons 4.11.4
pan.rb Add pan
pathfinder.rb Move coremod, dbslayer, pathfinder, tcpurify to boneyard
pjsip.rb More pjsip to the boneyard.
plowshare3.rb plowshare3: boneyard
pngwriter.rb Fix audit warnings
pulse.rb pulse: remove bottles
pure.rb pure: welcome to the boneyard!
pyenv-pip-rehash.rb pyenv-pip-rehash: boneyarded
qfits.rb Add qfits
qimageblitz.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
shared-desktop-ontologies.rb Fix audit warnings
shark.rb Add shark added
sitecopy.rb sitecopy 0.16.6 (boneyarding)
solfege.rb add solfege
soprano.rb Fix audit warnings
strigi.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
syslog-ng.rb syslog-ng
tcpurify.rb Move coremod, dbslayer, pathfinder, tcpurify to boneyard
tex-live.rb tex-live: use resource
texmacs.rb TeXmacs
tmap.rb Import tmap
urweb.rb urweb: modernize autotools deps
ushare.rb add ushare
wkhtmltopdf.rb Fix audit warnings
woof.rb woof: replace md5 with sha1

Homebrew Boneyard

This repository contains formulae that were removed from other repositories. Common reasons for retiring formulae to the boneyard include lack of upstream maintenance or problems integrating with Homebrew's packaging requirements. Broken formulae are migrated here as an alternative to allowing hard work and valuable knowledge to fade into git history.

With a little work, some of these formulae could be restored to the main repositories, but they are not actively maintained or kept up-to-date in this repository.

Welcome to the boneyard, perhaps you can dig up something interesting!

How do I install these formulae?

brew install homebrew/boneyard/<formula>

Or brew tap homebrew/boneyard and then brew install <formula>.

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.

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