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Find file Copy path
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cask 'miniconda' do
version '4.6.14'
sha256 '2ec958508139289df3b5e2c10257311af4f0ebf39242f61d39f11e7fa14ebb40'
# was verified as official when first introduced to the cask
url "{version}"
name 'Continuum Analytics Miniconda'
homepage ''
auto_updates true
container type: :naked
installer script: {
executable: "Miniconda3-#{version}",
args: ['-b', '-p', "#{caskroom_path}/base"],
binary "#{caskroom_path}/base/condabin/conda"
uninstall delete: "#{caskroom_path}/base"
zap trash: [
caveats <<~EOS
Please run the following to setup your shell:
conda init "$(basename "${SHELL}")"
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