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class Apr < Formula
desc "Apache Portable Runtime library"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "e2e148f0b2e99b8e5c6caa09f6d4fb4dd3e83f744aa72a952f94f5a14436f7ea"
bottle do
cellar :any
sha256 "277c42fcf2f5ca298a14279d1325f58da89ee4ec2132b3ccca9bf8dfdc354c48" => :catalina
sha256 "3a245185ed7280d1a19e7c639786b4c21dd0088878be8ac87ca58510eb5c9cc1" => :mojave
sha256 "4d01f24009ea389e2c8771c5c0bc069ae09c0f5812d7fdb0d0079106c3fc0838" => :high_sierra
sha256 "a49a1725c76754297c0f9a268423ee9a1772d23d264360504cc3401a21d2aa7e" => :sierra
keg_only :provided_by_macos, "Apple's CLT package contains apr"
def install
ENV["SED"] = "sed" # prevent libtool from hardcoding sed path from superenv
# The internal libtool throws an enormous strop if we don't do...
# Stick it in libexec otherwise it pollutes lib with a .exp file.
system "./configure", "--prefix=#{libexec}"
system "make", "install"
bin.install_symlink Dir["#{libexec}/bin/*"]
rm Dir[libexec/"lib/*.la"]
# No need for this to point to the versioned path.
inreplace libexec/"bin/apr-1-config", libexec, opt_libexec
test do
assert_match opt_libexec.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/apr-1-config --prefix")
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