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dff2bc1 Sep 17, 2018
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class Curl < Formula
desc "Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server"
homepage ""
url ""
mirror ""
sha256 "a308377dbc9a16b2e994abd55455e5f9edca4e31666f8f8fcfe7a1a4aea419b9"
bottle do
cellar :any
sha256 "466c569323a76f17b29ce21f6dcc38e0d2575e8f263195c58db20b0cf663d400" => :mojave
sha256 "88c61c4bb10839a504f0373cbdfd7b6fda8627506f9f53d92f89f520d63341f8" => :high_sierra
sha256 "7876b046aa58db7398d6775aa28ba542838ee6296b7cbfaec611868439f97683" => :sierra
sha256 "2d66448ff6604c870365565e7a61eb8e384a67c3146f866e367bc3c893d2641f" => :el_capitan
head do
url ""
depends_on "autoconf" => :build
depends_on "automake" => :build
depends_on "libtool" => :build
keg_only :provided_by_macos
option "with-rtmpdump", "Build with RTMP support"
option "with-libssh2", "Build with scp and sftp support"
option "with-c-ares", "Build with C-Ares async DNS support"
option "with-gssapi", "Build with GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication support."
option "with-libmetalink", "Build with libmetalink support."
option "with-nghttp2", "Build with HTTP/2 support (requires OpenSSL)"
deprecated_option "with-rtmp" => "with-rtmpdump"
deprecated_option "with-ssh" => "with-libssh2"
deprecated_option "with-ares" => "with-c-ares"
# HTTP/2 support requires OpenSSL 1.0.2+ or LibreSSL 2.1.3+ for ALPN Support
# which is currently not supported by Secure Transport (DarwinSSL).
if MacOS.version < :mountain_lion || build.with?("nghttp2")
depends_on "openssl"
option "with-openssl", "Build with OpenSSL instead of Secure Transport"
depends_on "openssl" => :optional
depends_on "pkg-config" => :build
depends_on "c-ares" => :optional
depends_on "libmetalink" => :optional
depends_on "libssh2" => :optional
depends_on "nghttp2" => :optional
depends_on "rtmpdump" => :optional
def install
system "./buildconf" if build.head?
# Allow to build on Lion, lowering from the upstream setting of 10.8
ENV.append_to_cflags "-mmacosx-version-min=10.7" if MacOS.version <= :lion
args = %W[
# cURL has a new firm desire to find ssl with PKG_CONFIG_PATH instead of using
# "--with-ssl" any more. "when possible, set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
# variable instead of using this option". Multi-SSL choice breaks w/o using it.
if MacOS.version < :mountain_lion || build.with?("openssl") || build.with?("nghttp2")
ENV.prepend_path "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", "#{Formula["openssl"].opt_lib}/pkgconfig"
args << "--with-ssl=#{Formula["openssl"].opt_prefix}"
args << "--with-ca-bundle=#{etc}/openssl/cert.pem"
args << "--with-ca-path=#{etc}/openssl/certs"
args << "--with-darwinssl"
args << "--without-ca-bundle"
args << "--without-ca-path"
args << (build.with?("libssh2") ? "--with-libssh2" : "--without-libssh2")
args << (build.with?("libmetalink") ? "--with-libmetalink" : "--without-libmetalink")
args << (build.with?("gssapi") ? "--with-gssapi" : "--without-gssapi")
args << (build.with?("rtmpdump") ? "--with-librtmp" : "--without-librtmp")
if build.with? "c-ares"
args << "--enable-ares=#{Formula["c-ares"].opt_prefix}"
args << "--disable-ares"
system "./configure", *args
system "make", "install"
libexec.install "lib/"
test do
# Fetch the curl tarball and see that the checksum matches.
# This requires a network connection, but so does Homebrew in general.
filename = (testpath/"test.tar.gz")
system "#{bin}/curl", "-L", stable.url, "-o", filename
filename.verify_checksum stable.checksum
system libexec/"", "test.pem"
assert_predicate testpath/"test.pem", :exist?
assert_predicate testpath/"certdata.txt", :exist?