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class Emojify < Formula
desc "Emoji on the command-line :scream:"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "a75d49d623f92974d7852526591d5563c27b7655c20ebdd66a07b8a47dae861c"
head ""
bottle :unneeded
def install
bin.install "emojify"
test do
input = "Hey, I just :raising_hand: you, and this is :scream: , but here's my :calling: , so :telephone_receiver: me, maybe?"
expected = "Hey, I just πŸ™‹ you, and this is 😱 , but here's my πŸ“² , so πŸ“ž me, maybe?"
assert_equal(expected, shell_output("#{bin}/emojify \"#{input}\"").strip)
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