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b801cc6 Oct 12, 2018
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class Node < Formula
desc "Platform built on V8 to build network applications"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "c6552b95062f5e9f3a27da6fdb57914ab4b27a9aa2e783fb050791166554d059"
head ""
bottle do
sha256 "3e7f1ac18b4a85516c39aab2868f8a76f7bc69702ba699bdaf70241c9e7545fa" => :mojave
sha256 "62e1d5f41d409a30f79e60a59361af7be2f0b5f0be72deb50f8e93301cbd5855" => :high_sierra
sha256 "7585bb55f736b2aa166b3f35607c9bef9752004c2782fe1103233fbe89986f5d" => :sierra
option "with-openssl@1.1", "Build against Homebrew's OpenSSL instead of the bundled OpenSSL"
option "without-npm", "npm will not be installed"
option "without-icu4c", "Build with small-icu (English only) instead of system-icu (all locales)"
deprecated_option "with-openssl" => "with-openssl@1.1"
depends_on "pkg-config" => :build
depends_on "python@2" => :build
depends_on "icu4c" => :recommended
depends_on "openssl@1.1" => :optional
# Per upstream - "Need g++ 4.8 or clang++ 3.4".
fails_with :clang if MacOS.version <= :snow_leopard
fails_with :gcc_4_0
fails_with :gcc_4_2
("4.3".."4.7").each do |n|
fails_with :gcc => n
# We track major/minor from upstream Node releases.
# We will accept *important* npm patch releases when necessary.
resource "npm" do
url ""
sha256 "a48e0b4471d72936afb598ebde0e07076598ac8647c2e9ebe891db5d6fbf2952"
def install
# Never install the bundled "npm", always prefer our
# installation from tarball for better packaging control.
args = %W[--prefix=#{prefix} --without-npm]
args << "--with-intl=system-icu" if build.with? "icu4c"
args << "--shared-openssl" << "--openssl-use-def-ca-store" if build.with? "openssl@1.1"
args << "--tag=head" if build.head?
system "./configure", *args
system "make", "install"
if build.with? "npm"
# Allow npm to find Node before installation has completed.
ENV.prepend_path "PATH", bin
bootstrap = buildpath/"npm_bootstrap"
bootstrap.install resource("npm")
system "node", bootstrap/"bin/npm-cli.js", "install", "-ddd", "--global",
"--prefix=#{libexec}", resource("npm").cached_download
# The `package.json` stores integrity information about the above passed
# in `cached_download` npm resource, which breaks `npm -g outdated npm`.
# This copies back over the vanilla `package.json` to fix this issue.
cp bootstrap/"package.json", libexec/"lib/node_modules/npm"
# These symlinks are never used & they've caused issues in the past.
rm_rf libexec/"share"
bash_completion.install bootstrap/"lib/utils/" => "npm"
def post_install
return if build.without? "npm"
node_modules = HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"lib/node_modules"
# Kill npm but preserve all other modules across node updates/upgrades.
rm_rf node_modules/"npm"
cp_r libexec/"lib/node_modules/npm", node_modules
# This symlink doesn't hop into homebrew_prefix/bin automatically so
# we make our own. This is a small consequence of our
# bottle-npm-and-retain-a-private-copy-in-libexec setup
# All other installs **do** symlink to homebrew_prefix/bin correctly.
# We ln rather than cp this because doing so mimics npm's normal install.
ln_sf node_modules/"npm/bin/npm-cli.js", HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npm"
ln_sf node_modules/"npm/bin/npx-cli.js", HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npx"
# Let's do the manpage dance. It's just a jump to the left.
# And then a step to the right, with your hand on rm_f.
%w[man1 man5 man7].each do |man|
# Dirs must exist first:
mkdir_p HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"share/man/#{man}"
rm_f Dir[HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"share/man/#{man}/{npm.,npm-,npmrc.,package.json.,npx.}*"]
cp Dir[libexec/"lib/node_modules/npm/man/#{man}/{npm,package.json,npx}*"], HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"share/man/#{man}"
(node_modules/"npm/npmrc").atomic_write("prefix = #{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}\n")
def caveats
if build.without? "npm"
Homebrew has NOT installed npm. If you later install it, you should supplement
your NODE_PATH with the npm module folder:
test do
path = testpath/"test.js"
path.write "console.log('hello');"
output = shell_output("#{bin}/node #{path}").strip
assert_equal "hello", output
output = shell_output("#{bin}/node -e 'console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat(\"en-EN\").format(1234.56))'").strip
assert_equal "1,234.56", output
if build.with? "icu4c"
output = shell_output("#{bin}/node -e 'console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat(\"de-DE\").format(1234.56))'").strip
assert_equal "1.234,56", output
if build.with? "npm"
# make sure npm can find node
ENV.prepend_path "PATH", opt_bin
assert_equal which("node"), opt_bin/"node"
assert_predicate HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npm", :exist?, "npm must exist"
assert_predicate HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npm", :executable?, "npm must be executable"
npm_args = ["-ddd", "--cache=#{HOMEBREW_CACHE}/npm_cache", "--build-from-source"]
system "#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/bin/npm", *npm_args, "install", "npm@latest"
system "#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/bin/npm", *npm_args, "install", "bufferutil" unless head?
assert_predicate HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npx", :exist?, "npx must exist"
assert_predicate HOMEBREW_PREFIX/"bin/npx", :executable?, "npx must be executable"
assert_match "< hello >", shell_output("#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/bin/npx cowsay hello")