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# OCaml does not preserve binary compatibility across compiler releases,
# so when updating it you should ensure that all dependent packages are
# also updated by incrementing their revisions.
# Specific packages to pay attention to include:
# - camlp4
# - opam
# Applications that really shouldn't break on a compiler update are:
# - mldonkey
# - coq
# - coccinelle
# - unison
class Ocaml < Formula
desc "General purpose programming language in the ML family"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "f45bf720aadf5c6408400d5179b92ea7130b7e55e501a1768c2d136ef69f9f0f"
revision 1
head "", :branch => "trunk"
bottle do
cellar :any
sha256 "e570566296d4ebb49297d267aa01d46ef36cfcf2c4b88e57ac6eb8e1a2832423" => :mojave
sha256 "e662192a30ee7cc037f3665fa68680a35b00a4760c49fb12ccce01d61aa5a977" => :high_sierra
sha256 "ae0a24f0e8d52b1253d84703060bff3e1a3db657d882459936cde97c3834a357" => :sierra
sha256 "35d04c6e3b52a99b08e21ab0002992df2dd014a6ab53e857165893438591bf99" => :el_capitan
pour_bottle? do
# The ocaml compilers embed prefix information in weird ways that the default
# brew detection doesn't find, and so needs to be explicitly blacklisted.
reason "The bottle needs to be installed into /usr/local."
satisfy { HOMEBREW_PREFIX.to_s == "/usr/local" }
option "with-x11", "Install with the Graphics module"
option "with-flambda", "Install with flambda support"
depends_on :x11 => :optional
# Doesn't apply cleanly so cherry-picked the necessary part of:
# Fixes:
patch :DATA
def install
ENV.deparallelize # Builds are not parallel-safe, esp. with many cores
# the ./configure in this package is NOT a GNU autoconf script!
args = ["-prefix", HOMEBREW_PREFIX.to_s, "-with-debug-runtime", "-mandir", man]
args << "-no-graph" if build.without? "x11"
args << "-flambda" if build.with? "flambda"
system "./configure", *args
system "make", "world.opt"
system "make", "install", "PREFIX=#{prefix}"
test do
output = shell_output("echo 'let x = 1 ;;' | #{bin}/ocaml 2>&1")
assert_match "val x : int = 1", output
assert_match HOMEBREW_PREFIX.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/ocamlc -where")
diff --git a/typing/ b/typing/
index f24e46d15a2f77b685800e9d8096b083ae58087a..9f21bf2913164effb3acdf227904c5df3c28a370 100644
--- a/typing/
+++ b/typing/
@@ -4132,6 +4132,8 @@ and subtype_row env trace row1 row2 cstrs =
let row1 = row_repr row1 and row2 = row_repr row2 in
let r1, r2, pairs =
merge_row_fields row1.row_fields row2.row_fields in
+ let r1 = if row2.row_closed then filter_row_fields false r1 else r1 in
+ let r2 = if row1.row_closed then filter_row_fields false r2 else r2 in
let more1 = repr row1.row_more
and more2 = repr row2.row_more in
match more1.desc, more2.desc with