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class PostgresqlAT95 < Formula
desc "Object-relational database system"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "3e2cd5ea0117431f72c9917c1bbad578ea68732cb284d1691f37356ca0301a4d"
bottle do
rebuild 1
sha256 "f1c97a44291531e70d037b91f82d9a902456fa31cc6bbd873a72b95ea335c4d5" => :mojave
sha256 "67ebc5e4f2232d9dad5be6216df6e0230133c5d03b768372b815250d179edf40" => :high_sierra
sha256 "03880c89fae2a5c0939147cc2c95ef35f325f945719afbb534f3bf86ee5859a1" => :sierra
sha256 "00907721406b25d94072d18e0c0cd927b2ac5be9a13681c17e90e9de07b1cd27" => :el_capitan
keg_only :versioned_formula
option "without-perl", "Build without Perl support"
option "without-tcl", "Build without Tcl support"
option "with-dtrace", "Build with DTrace support"
option "with-python", "Build with Python3 (incompatible with --with-python@2)"
option "with-python@2", "Build with Python2 (incompatible with --with-python)"
deprecated_option "with-python3" => "with-python"
depends_on "openssl"
depends_on "readline"
depends_on "python" => :optional
depends_on "python@2" => :optional
fails_with :clang do
build 211
cause "Miscompilation resulting in segfault on queries"
def install
ENV.prepend "LDFLAGS", "-L#{Formula["openssl"].opt_lib} -L#{Formula["readline"].opt_lib}"
ENV.prepend "CPPFLAGS", "-I#{Formula["openssl"].opt_include} -I#{Formula["readline"].opt_include}"
# avoid adding the SDK library directory to the linker search path
ENV["XML2_CONFIG"] = "xml2-config --exec-prefix=/usr"
args = %W[
args << "--with-perl" if build.with? "perl"
which_python = nil
if build.with?("python") && build.with?("python@2")
odie "Cannot provide both --with-python and --with-python@2"
elsif build.with?("python") || build.with?("python@2")
args << "--with-python"
which_python = which(build.with?("python") ? "python3" : "python2.7")
ENV["PYTHON"] = which_python
# The CLT is required to build Tcl support on 10.7 and 10.8 because
# is not part of the SDK
if build.with?("tcl") && (MacOS.version >= :mavericks || MacOS::CLT.installed?)
args << "--with-tcl"
if File.exist?("#{MacOS.sdk_path}/System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/")
args << "--with-tclconfig=#{MacOS.sdk_path}/System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework"
args << "--enable-dtrace" if build.with? "dtrace"
args << "--with-uuid=e2fs"
# As of Xcode/CLT 10.x the Perl headers were moved from /System
# to inside the SDK, so we need to use `-iwithsysroot` instead
# of `-I` to point to the correct location.
if DevelopmentTools.clang_build_version >= 1000
inreplace "configure",
"-iwithsysroot $perl_archlibexp/CORE"
inreplace "contrib/hstore_plperl/Makefile",
"-iwithsysroot $(perl_archlibexp)/CORE"
inreplace "src/pl/plperl/GNUmakefile",
"-iwithsysroot $(perl_archlibexp)/CORE"
system "./configure", *args
system "make"
dirs = %W[datadir=#{pkgshare} libdir=#{lib} pkglibdir=#{lib}]
# Temporarily disable building/installing the documentation.
# Postgresql seems to "know" the build system has been altered and
# tries to regenerate the documentation when using `install-world`.
# This results in the build failing:
# `ERROR: `osx' is missing on your system.`
# Attempting to fix that by adding a dependency on `open-sp` doesn't
# work and the build errors out on generating the documentation, so
# for now let's simply omit it so we can package Postgresql for Mojave.
if DevelopmentTools.clang_build_version >= 1000
system "make", "all"
system "make", "-C", "contrib", "install", "all", *dirs
system "make", "install", "all", *dirs
system "make", "install-world", *dirs
def post_install
unless File.exist? "#{var}/#{name}/PG_VERSION"
system "#{bin}/initdb", "#{var}/#{name}"
def caveats; <<~EOS
If builds of PostgreSQL 9 are failing and you have version 8.x installed,
you may need to remove the previous version first. See:
To migrate existing data from a previous major version (pre-9.0) of PostgreSQL, see:
To migrate existing data from a previous minor version (9.0-9.4) of PostgreSQL, see:
You will need your previous PostgreSQL installation from brew to perform `pg_upgrade`.
Do not run `brew cleanup postgresql@9.5` until you have performed the migration.
plist_options :manual => "pg_ctl -D #{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/var/postgresql@9.5 start"
def plist; <<~EOS
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
test do
system "#{bin}/initdb", testpath/"test"
assert_equal pkgshare.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/pg_config --sharedir").chomp
assert_equal lib.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/pg_config --libdir").chomp
assert_equal lib.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/pg_config --pkglibdir").chomp