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class RakudoStar < Formula
desc "Perl 6 compiler"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "a4914220b58de6b3298adfc80d740a1fb69dbb1fed6155e563eb0a9d4b63a346"
bottle do
sha256 "04b613aac2b3458114675aa632a9bd0d0ef533b12492d2bdf88c3f329a0f1229" => :mojave
sha256 "161857fada5e6f84449ef8c4c1c1094ea69539c3319ca40245f96cce79298332" => :high_sierra
sha256 "b6842c2ae742ea34d15ba4f14cfaded5ee982f7f830469ea1e81e5dd84e44f08" => :sierra
depends_on "gmp"
depends_on "icu4c"
depends_on "libffi"
depends_on "pcre"
conflicts_with "parrot"
def install
libffi = Formula["libffi"]
ENV.remove "CPPFLAGS", "-I#{libffi.include}"
ENV.prepend "CPPFLAGS", "-I#{libffi.lib}/libffi-#{libffi.version}/include"
ENV.deparallelize # An intermittent race condition causes random build failures.
system "perl", "", "--prefix=#{prefix}",
"--backends=moar", "--gen-moar"
system "make"
# make install runs tests that can hang on sierra
# set this variable to skip those tests
system "make", "install"
# Panda is now in share/perl6/site/bin, so we need to symlink it too.
bin.install_symlink Dir[share/"perl6/site/bin/*"]
# Move the man pages out of the top level into share.
# Not all backends seem to generate man pages at this point (moar does not, parrot does),
# so we need to check if the directory exists first.
mv "#{prefix}/man", share if"#{prefix}/man")
test do
out = `#{bin}/perl6 -e 'loop (my $i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) { print $i }'`
assert_equal "0123456789", out
assert_equal 0, $CHILD_STATUS.exitstatus