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Closes Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#40948.

Signed-off-by: Dominyk Tiller <>
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guoxiao authored and DomT4 committed Jun 21, 2015
1 parent da47e4c commit 18d99c51865c2d73bc83ce642f9ed3cc66665d50
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  1. +12 −6 Formula/jruby.rb
@@ -1,26 +1,32 @@
require "formula"
class Jruby < Formula
desc "Ruby implementation in pure Java"
homepage ""
url ""
sha1 "a3296d1ae9b9aa78825b8d65a0d2498b449eaa3d"
url ""
sha256 "70bbd607b44c355b2de275cf24f6e4f724b30ef0affdcc31bc755717ccb9045a"
devel do
url ""
sha256 "b5c2bf5d4b22eba8ca62fe120aad682b8420454c12a426791a06f8efe6b90641"
version ""
depends_on :java => "1.7+"
def install
# Remove Windows files
rm Dir["bin/*.{bat,dll,exe}"]
cd "bin" do
# Prefix a 'j' on some commands to avoid clashing with other rubies
%w{ast rake rdoc ri testrb}.each { |f| mv f, "j#{f}" }
%w[ast rake rdoc ri testrb].each { |f| mv f, "j#{f}" }
# Delete some unnecessary commands
rm "gem" # gem is a wrapper script for jgem
rm "irb" # irb is an identical copy of jirb
# Only keep the OS X native libraries
rm_rf Dir["lib/jni/*"] - ["lib/jni/Darwin"]
libexec.install Dir['*']
libexec.install Dir["*"]
bin.install_symlink Dir["#{libexec}/bin/*"]

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