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mandoc 1.13.3

Closes Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#38968.

Signed-off-by: Misty De Meo <>
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geoff-codes authored and mistydemeo committed Apr 23, 2015
1 parent c62d7ec commit f5f312587247bdc63ae42dee1699f4c88c15ed51
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@@ -0,0 +1,78 @@
class Mandoc < Formula
desc "The mandoc UNIX manpage compiler toolset"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "23ccab4800d50bf4c327979af5d4aa1a6a2dc490789cb67c4c3ac1bd40b8cad8"
head "", :module => "mdocml", :using => :cvs
option "without-sqlite", "Only install the mandoc/demandoc utilities."
option "without-cgi", "Don't build man.cgi (and extra CSS files)."
depends_on "sqlite" => :recommended
def install
localconfig = [
# Sane prefixes.
# Executable names, where utilities would be replaced/duplicated.
# The mdocml versions of the utilities are definitely *not* ready
# for prime-time on Darwin, though some changes in HEAD are promising.
# The "bsd" prefix (like bsdtar, bsdmake) is more informative than "m".
"BINM_MAKEWHATIS=bsdmakewhatis", # default is "makewhatis".
# These are names for *section 7* pages only. Several other pages are
# prefixed "mandoc_", similar to the "groff_" pages.
"MANM_ROFF=mandoc_roff", # This is the only one that conflicts (groff).
"OSNAME='Mac OS X #{MacOS.version}'", # Bottom corner signature line.
# Not quite sure what to do here. The default ("/usr/share", etc.) needs
# sudoer privileges, or will error. So just brew's manpages for now?
"HAVE_MANPATH=0", # Our `manpath` is a symlink to system `man`.
"STATIC=", # No static linking on Darwin.
"HOMEBREWDIR=#{HOMEBREW_CELLAR}" # ? See configure.local.example, NEWS.
localconfig << "BUILD_DB=1" if build.with? "db"
localconfig << "BUILD_CGI=1" if build.with? "cgi"
File.rename("cgi.h.example", "cgi.h") # For man.cgi, harmless in any case.
(buildpath/"configure.local").write localconfig.join("\n")
system "./configure"
# I've tried twice to send a bug report on this to
# In theory, it should show up with:
ENV.deparallelize do
system "make"
system "make", "install"
system "make", "manpage" # Left out of the install for some reason.
bin.install "manpage"
test do
system "mandoc", "-Thtml",

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