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:two_women_holding_hands: System duplicate formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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Latest commit 7a70972 @BrewTestBot BrewTestBot committed with dunn nano: update 2.5.2 bottle.
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LICENSE LICENSE added general updates, cleanup.
apple-gcc42.rb apple-gcc42: desc added
awk.rb awk: desc added
bc.rb bc: add 1.06 bottle.
bzip2.rb bzip2: update 1.0.6_1 bottle.
diffstat.rb diffstat: update 1.60 bottle.
diffutils.rb diffutils: add 3.3 bottle.
ed.rb ed: update 1.12 bottle.
expect.rb expect: desc added
file-formula.rb file-formula: update 5.25 bottle.
gpatch.rb gpatch: update 2.7.5 bottle.
gperf.rb gperf: add 3.0.4 bottle.
grep.rb grep: desc added
groff.rb groff: add 1.22.3 bottle.
gzip.rb gzip: update 1.6 bottle.
heimdal.rb heimdal: desc added
krb5.rb krb5: update 1.14 bottle.
lapack.rb lapack: update 3.6.0 bottle.
less.rb less: desc added
libedit.rb libedit: update 20150325-3.1 bottle.
libiconv.rb libiconv: desc added
libpcap.rb libpcap: update 1.7.4 bottle.
lsof.rb lsof: add 4.88 bottle.
m4.rb m4: add 1.4.17 bottle.
make.rb make: update 4.1 bottle.
nano.rb nano: update 2.5.2 bottle.
ncurses.rb ncurses: update 6.0_1 bottle.
openldap.rb openldap: update 2.4.43 bottle.
openssh.rb openssh: update 7.1p2 bottle.
rsync.rb rsync: update 3.1.2 bottle.
screen.rb screen: desc & test added
srm.rb srm: add 1.2.15 bottle.
tcl-tk.rb tcl-tk: desc added
tcpdump.rb tcpdump: update 4.7.4 bottle.
units.rb units: add 2.01 bottle.
unzip.rb unzip: desc added
whois.rb whois: update 5.2.11 bottle.
xar.rb xar: desc added
zlib.rb zlib: update 1.2.8 bottle.

Homebrew Dupes

These formulae duplicate software provided by OS X, though may provide more recent or bugfix versions.

How do I install these formulae?

brew install homebrew/dupes/<formula>

Or brew tap homebrew/dupes and then brew install <formula>.

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.

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