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System duplicate formulae for the Homebrew package manager

branch: master Tap with no cap(italization)
ab.rb Use new patch syntax
apple-gcc42.rb Fix audit warnings
apr-util.rb Catch up with upstream audit changes
apr.rb Switch to new patch syntax
awk.rb awk: don't use change_make_var
diffstat.rb diffstat: Update to v1.58. Use version-specific URL.
diffutils.rb diffutils 3.3
ed.rb ed: simplify test
expect.rb Use new patch syntax
fetchmail.rb Fix audit warnings
file-formula.rb Switch to new patch syntax
gdb.rb gdb: modernize
gpatch.rb patch 2.7.1
gperf.rb gperf: use predefined keg-only reason
grep.rb grep 2.20
groff.rb groff: add with-gpresent option
gzip.rb Use new patch syntax
heimdal.rb Fix audit warnings
lapack.rb Improve the lapack library build
less.rb less: add option to use pcre (instead of posix) for regex
libiconv.rb Use new patch syntax
libpcap.rb libpcap 1.4.0
lsof.rb lsof 4.87
m4.rb m4 1.4.17
make.rb make 4.0
nano.rb nano 2.3.2
ncurses.rb Use new patch syntax
openldap.rb Fix audit warnings
openssh.rb Fix audit warnings
rsync.rb rsync: whitespace
screen.rb screen: update raw Gist URL
tcl-tk.rb tcl-tk: adapt upstream changes for ObjC-GC
tcpdump.rb tcpdump 4.4.0
tidy.rb Update autotools deps
units.rb Use block-form test
unzip.rb Fix audit warnings
whois.rb whois 5.1.4
zlib.rb Switch to new patch syntax


These formulae duplicate software provided by OS X, though may provide more recent or bugfix versions.

How do I install these formulae?

Just brew tap homebrew/dupes and then brew install <formula>.

If the formula conflicts with one from mxcl/master or another tap, you can brew install homebrew/dupes/<formula>.

You can also install via URL:

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew, or the Homebrew wiki.

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