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require 'formula'
class Vim < Formula
homepage ''
# Get stable versions from hg repo instead of downloading an increasing
# number of separate patches.
url '', :tag => 'v7-3-632'
version '7.3.632'
head ''
def install
# Why are we specifying HOMEBREW_PREFIX as the prefix?
# To make vim look for the system vimscript files in the
# right place, we need to tell it about HOMEBREW_PREFIX.
# The actual install location will still be in the Cellar.
# This way, user can create /usr/local/share/vim/vimrc
# or /usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles and they won't end up
# in the Cellar, and be removed when vim is upgraded.
system "./configure", "--prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}",
system "make"
# Even though we specified HOMEBREW_PREFIX for configure,
# we still want to install it in the Cellar location.
system "make", "install", "prefix=#{prefix}"
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