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:video_game: Games formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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Failed to load latest commit information. general updates, cleanup.
abuse.rb abuse: add 0.8 bottle.
angband.rb angband: add 3.5.1 bottle.
arx-libertatis.rb arx-libertatis 1.1.2
avanor.rb avanor: fix build on clang
bastet.rb bastet: add 0.43.1 bottle.
brogue.rb Fix more audit warnings
c10t.rb c10t: use double quotes
cataclysm.rb cataclysm: update 0.C bottle.
cgoban.rb Added cgoban
cheops.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
chocolate-doom.rb chocolate-doom: style nits
ckan.rb ckan: unbottle
color-code.rb color-code 0.7.2
dopewars.rb Fix audit warnings
dosbox.rb dosbox: modernize deps
dwarf-fortress.rb dwarf-fortress: add caveats for retina users
einstein.rb Fix more audit warnings
ems-flasher.rb ems-flasher: add 0.03 bottle.
exult.rb exult: modernize autotools deps
fairymax.rb Fix more audit warnings
fceux.rb fceux: add 2.2.2_2 bottle.
freeciv.rb freeciv: update 2.5.0_1 bottle.
frobtads.rb frobtads: update to new upstream HEAD repo
frotz.rb Fix audit warnings
fuego.rb fuego: add 1.1.SVN bottle.
glulxe.rb glulxe 0.5.2
gnu-chess.rb gnu-chess: add 6.2.1 bottle.
gnu-go.rb Address URL-related audit failures
gnu-shogi.rb Fix more audit warnings
go-gui.rb Fix audit warnings
hedgewars.rb hedgewars: add 0.9.21 bottle.
homeworlds.rb homeworlds 20141022
inform6.rb inform6: modernize autotools deps
jnethack.rb jnethack 3.4.3-0.11
lcs.rb lcs 4.07.4b
libtcod.rb libtcod: update URL
mame.rb mame: update 0.162 bottle.
mapcrafter.rb mapcrafter: add 1.5.4 bottle.
mednafen.rb mednafen: update bottle.
minetest.rb minetest: update 0.4.12 bottle.
mkhexgrid.rb mkhexgrid: simplify gd dep
moon-buggy.rb Fix audit warnings
mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2.rb Address URL-related audit failures
mupen64plus.rb mupen64plus: add 2.5 bottle.
myman.rb myman 2009-10-30
naga.rb naga: add 1.0 bottle.
nazghul.rb nazghul: add 0.7.1 bottle.
nethack.rb nethack*: use Etc to determine username
nethack4.rb nethack4: update 4.3.0-beta2 bottle.
nethacked.rb Address URL-related audit failures
netris.rb netris: use patch DSL
ninvaders.rb ninvaders: fix build on gcc-4.2
omega.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
open-tyrian.rb Address URL-related audit failures
openclonk.rb openclonk: add 6.0 bottle.
openttd.rb openttd: use https urls
pioneers.rb pioneers: add 15.3 bottle.
ppsspp.rb ppsspp: update 1.0.1 bottle.
puzzles.rb puzzles: add 10274 bottle.
residualvm.rb residualvm: add 0.2.1 bottle.
robotfindskitten.rb Fix audit warnings
rogue.rb rogue: ensure var/rogue is created
roll.rb Update roll to 2.0.2
rom-tools.rb rom-tools: update 0.162 bottle.
scummvm.rb scummvm: modernize deps
ski.rb ski: add 6.9 bottle.
slashem.rb slashem: fix user detection
snescom.rb snescom: add bottle.
stockfish.rb stockfish: add 6 bottle.
stone-soup.rb stone-soup: remove redundant xz dep
stormlib.rb stormlib: add 9.10 bottle.
supertux.rb Fix more audit warnings
tty-solitaire.rb tty-solitaire: add 0.2.0 bottle.
ucon64.rb ucon64: add 2.0.0 bottle.
uggconv.rb Use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for formulae.
unnethack.rb unnethack: fix download url, update HEAD URL
vitetris.rb Fix more audit warnings
wesnoth.rb wesnoth: add devel
wumpus.rb wumpus: add 1.6 bottle.
xboard.rb xboard: add 4.7.3 bottle.
xmoto.rb xmoto: modernize deps
xu4.rb Fix more audit warnings

Homebrew Games

How do I install these formulae?

brew install homebrew/games/<formula>

Or brew tap homebrew/games and then brew install <formula>.

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.

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