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class Fuego < Formula
desc "Collection of C++ libraries for the game of Go"
homepage ""
url "", :revision => 1981
version "1.1.SVN"
head ""
bottle do
sha256 "1003e5ae3e78fccc72bd692b016f54024b6fad2af4b6320b812edb22e9378fed" => :yosemite
sha256 "630d1d66b5681901d3518211e27f2ddd8d41e1681e866c14af41be26f5841e89" => :mavericks
sha256 "bc778dcbd03afa63e30a049eb982c7c45ec932b273201a878c875c9d0ca2835c" => :mountain_lion
depends_on "autoconf" => :build
depends_on "automake" => :build
depends_on "boost"
def install
system "autoreconf", "-fvi"
system "./configure", "--disable-dependency-tracking",
system "make", "install"
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