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Can't install any version of PHP with Homebrew on Mac OS X 9.2 #1137

colinmurphy opened this Issue May 5, 2014 · 5 comments


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colinmurphy commented May 5, 2014

I had PHP version 5.4 installed via homebrew but when I ran brew install php55 it caused serious issues.

I tried everything like brew update, brew upgrade, brew doctor, brew tap --repair. I re-installed Xcode and the Command Line Tools and eventually I had to revert to the original version of PHP that comes with a Mac and also install Mcrypt manually using this tutorial -

So when I type brew --config, brew doctor I get the following -

As far as I can tell its a compiling issue and any help would be great. The warnings for brew doctor come from the fact I have manually installed mcrypt.


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lucasmichot commented May 5, 2014

@colinmurphy , this seems clearly related to #1056.
This 2 comments should help you:


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pitpit commented May 16, 2014

I had the same issue installing php5.4 after Maverick upgrade. The following solves the issue:

brew deps php54 | xargs brew rm
brew install php54

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colinmurphy commented May 18, 2014

Thanks @lucasmichot and @pitpit for your help. Apologies for the delay in getting back.
I have tried everything you mentioned and I also even updated Mavericks to 10.9.3 and still it won't install. It is also the same for PHP 5.3 and 5.4.

I also tried uninstalling homebrew and re installing homebrew and no luck and also tried re installing command line tools and Xcode. I am unsure on what else I can try.


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colinmurphy commented Jun 6, 2014

I have now resolved the issue.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the homebrew when I typed brew doctor I got the following error:

"Warning: You have an outdated version of /usr/bin/install_name_tool installed.
This will cause binary package installations to fail.
This can happen if you install osx-gcc-installer or RailsInstaller.
To restore it, you must reinstall OS X or restore the binary from
the OS packages."

So after some searching I came to this ticket - Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#26544 which someone said that when you update Xcode and the command line tools the file "install_name_tool" was not being updated.

So you could either re-install OSX or get the file from a backup. As I did not have a backup or did not want to re-install OSX I asked a colleague if he could give me his file as he was running homebrew on MAC OSX 10.9.3. .

So once I removed and replaced the file it worked :).

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue and if someone wants my install_name_tool please get in contact and I will email you on the file.

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colinmurphy commented Jun 15, 2014

I wrote a blog on how I fixed the issue here - I hope this will help someone who ran into the same problems as I did.

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