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Build failure on OS X 10.5 Leopard #373

mcdado opened this Issue · 7 comments

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First of all, I'm sorry for all my fellow Leopard users. Unfortunately, some of us are still stuck here.

In relationship to #33 and #64, PHP will not build on OS X 10.5 due to a documented bug.

This was patched earlier in homebrew-php, but probably due to code cleanup, it was reverted.


I'll take a look at this soon. Sorry about the bug.


Do you need me to submit a pull request for this again? I can do one for both 5.3.x and 5.4.x if you wish. May take a few days to get sorted out though.


Yes please.


Working on it now.

The patch is returning a "patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line" error but it still applies itself correctly. Might need a second pair of eyes on the patch:


Running into a problem with Homebrew's formula system: abstract-php formula has a patches method, which is called corrected for the php54 formula, however not for php53. The only difference I can see is that php53.rb has a patches method of its own. Does only one patches method in the formula class hierarchy get called during installation? Any ideas how I can debug what's happening here?

At the very least, I can add the patch to the separate php5x.rb formulae for now, however I would like to know if we could refactor this to be in abstract-php since it makes more sense to me to have this necessary upstream patch in one place only.


You can call super in a method to get the contents of the parent class method.

I would actually kill suhosin support. It's blocking the update to the latest 5.3 release and suhosin isn't even being updated anymore. Hell, I don't know why you're running suhosin in the first place, you should be using PHP 5.4.


I didn't remove the suhosin patch in my commit because I figured out the correct syntax to get the ancestor calls to patches working. If that patch is removed from php53.rb, we can remove the entire patches implementation in that formula, as the AbstractPhp#patches will be called instead automatically.

Here is what I've got, which works, but there are some warts around the patch itself: #412

@mcdado You may wish to see #411 if you are trying to build 5.4.x, as my bugfix alone is not enough to get that version of PHP to build on OS 10.5. I'll submit another pull request for my proposed change shortly.

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