PHP_CodeSniffer doesn't appear in "pear list" after install #486

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shrop commented Mar 3, 2013

This is most likely not a homebrew-php problem, but I can't seen to find any mention of this issue out there. Just wondering if anyone has a thought on this.

I am running homebrew-php php 5.3.21 and have confirmed that I am using the homebrew-php pear. After I run pear install PHP_CodeSniffer, I do not see it in the list of installed packages with pear list. I am pretty sure it use to appear there. Another related issue is that pear uninstall PHP_CodeSniffer results in pear telling me that PHP_Code Sniffer is not installed.

phpcs is working for me, but I think it is odd that I can't list or uninstall it via pear. Thanks.


josegonzalez commented Mar 4, 2013

It's installed via homebrew, so it probably isn't under the pear directories, thus not detected. Maybe we should just add a message to the post-install about that?

Yeah, it would be listed or uninstalled with pear, but you can list or uninstall it with homebrew :D


shrop commented Mar 4, 2013


Thanks for the info. I think I found my issue. I had php53 and php54 installed. pear was set to look at php54's php.ini. When I switched that, PHP_CodeSniffer is showing up quite fine. Thanks man!

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