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There is no "zlib" formula in homebrew (only in dupes tap), so I switched to the native one.

+1 Just ran into this myself


brew tap homebrew/dupes. It's in the readme.

zlib from dupes is required on Mountain Lion, and rather than deal with inconsistencies between environments because of libraries used in the compile step, I made it required everywhere.

Unless you can convince me otherwise, -1.


I'm on Mountain Lion and it works for me.


Doesn't work for others. It works just fine if you brew tap. Is there a reason why you can't run one more command?


Don't understand you, but ok :)
I have ML and no dupes tap and no zlib installed.

@silentroach silentroach closed this Aug 8, 2012

Ah, I hadn't noticed the README changed recently. Using brew tap homebrew/dupes worked for me, and I can see why it would be better just to require it everywhere rather than trying to do some switching based on the environments.



@silentroach I mean that for some users on Mountain Lion, after either an Upgrade or Clean Install, zlib from dupes is required because the zlib on their system is borked. Rather than only sometimes require it, I always require it.


Maybe we need to check the ability to build php with native zlib?

arnehuo commented Sep 1, 2012

When I read all posts,I are confused to why to use homebrew . I rather use homebrew than macport ,because homebrew try to depend on the system libs.

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