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Have you:

  • Followed the guidelines in our Contributing document?
  • Checked to ensure there aren't other open Pull Requests for the same update/change?
  • Run brew audit --strict --online <formula> (where <formula> is the name of the formula you're submitting) and corrected all errors?
  • Built your formula locally prior to submission with brew install <formula>?

New formula:

We will no longer accept new formula in homebrew-science, as this tap is being phased out. Please consider submitting your formulae to or host it in your own tap (

Updates to existing formula: have you

  • Removed the revision line, if any, when bumping the version number?
  • Added/bumped the revision number if the changes affect the precompiled bottles?
  • Not altered the bottle section?
  • Checked that the tests still pass?