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# frozen_string_literal: true
require "cli/parser"
module Homebrew
def test_bot_args do
usage_banner <<~EOS
`test-bot` [<options>] <URL>|<formula>:
Test the full lifecycle of a formula change.
switch "--dry-run",
description: "print what would be done rather than doing it."
switch "--keep-logs",
description: "write and keep log files under `./brewbot/`."
switch "--cleanup",
description: "clean all state from the Homebrew directory. Use with care!"
switch "--skip-setup",
description: "don't check if the local system is set up correctly."
switch "--junit",
description: "generate a JUnit XML test results file."
switch "--no-bottle",
description: "run `brew install` without `--build-bottle`."
switch "--keep-old",
description: "run `brew bottle --keep-old` to build new bottles for a single platform."
switch "--skip-relocation",
description: "run `brew bottle --skip-relocation` to build new bottles that don't require relocation."
switch "--HEAD",
description: "run `brew install` with `--HEAD`."
switch "--local",
description: "ask Homebrew to write verbose logs under `./logs/` and set `$HOME` to `./home/`"
flag "--tap=",
description: "use the `git` repository of the given tap."
switch "--fail-fast",
description: "immediately exit on a failing step."
switch :verbose,
description: "print test step output in real time. Has the side effect of " \
"passing output as raw bytes instead of re-encoding in UTF-8."
switch "--fast",
description: "don't install any packages, but run e.g. `brew audit` anyway."
switch "--keep-tmp",
description: "keep temporary files written by main installs and tests that are run."
switch "--no-pull",
description: "don't use `brew pull` when possible."
switch "--test-default-formula",
description: "use a default testing formula when not building a tap and no other formulae are specified."
flag "--bintray-org=",
description: "upload to the given Bintray organisation."
flag "--root-url=",
description: "use the specified <URL> as the root of the bottle's URL instead of Homebrew's default."
flag "--git-name=",
description: "set the Git author/committer names to the given name."
flag "--git-email=",
description: "set the Git author/committer email to the given email."
switch "--ci-pr",
description: "use the Homebrew pull request CI options. Implies `--cleanup`: use with care!"
switch "--ci-testing",
description: "use the Homebrew testing CI options. Implies `--cleanup`: use with care!"
switch "--ci-auto",
description: "automatically pick one of the Homebrew CI options based on the environment. "\
"Implies `--cleanup`: use with care!"
switch "--ci-upload",
description: "use the Homebrew CI bottle upload options."
switch "--publish",
description: "publish the uploaded bottles."
switch "--skip-recursive-dependents",
description: "only test the direct dependents."
def test_bot
# Keep this after the .parse to keep --help fast.
require_relative "../lib/test_bot"!
def setup_argv_and_env
jenkins = !ENV["JENKINS_HOME"].nil?
github_actions_self_hosted = !ENV["GITHUB_ACTIONS_HOMEBREW_SELF_HOSTED"].nil?
github_actions = !ENV["GITHUB_ACTIONS"].nil?
if github_actions
ARGV << "--verbose" << "--ci-auto" << "--no-pull"
jenkins_pr = !ENV["ghprbPullLink"].nil?
jenkins_pr ||= !ENV["ROOT_BUILD_CAUSE_GHPRBCAUSE"].nil?
github_actions_pr = ENV["GITHUB_EVENT_NAME"] == "pull_request"
if ARGV.include?("--ci-auto")
ARGV << if jenkins_pr || github_actions_pr
if ARGV.include?("--ci-pr") ||
ARGV << "--cleanup"
ARGV << "--test-default-formula"
ARGV << "--local" if github_actions_self_hosted || jenkins
ARGV << "--junit" if jenkins
ARGV << "--verbose" if ARGV.include?("--ci-upload")
return unless ARGV.include?("--local")
ENV["HOMEBREW_HOME"] = ENV["HOME"] = "#{Dir.pwd}/home"
FileUtils.mkdir_p ENV["HOMEBREW_HOME"]
ENV["HOMEBREW_LOGS"] = "#{Dir.pwd}/logs"
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