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:1234: Versioned formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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LICENSE LICENSE added README: clarify submission rules
allegro4.rb allegro4: desc & test added
android-ndk-r10c.rb android-ndk-r10c: desc added
android-ndk-r10d.rb android-ndk-r10d: bottle unneeded
android-ndk-r9d.rb android-ndk-r9d: desc added
ansible14.rb ansible14: desc added
ansible18.rb ansible18: add 1.8.4 bottle.
ansible19.rb ansible19: add 1.9.4 bottle.
antlr2.rb antlr2: desc added
antlr3.rb antlr3 3.4 (new formula)
apache-spark121.rb apache-spark121: desc added
apache-spark131.rb apache-spark131: bottle unneeded
apache-spark141.rb apache-spark141: bottle unneeded
appledoc20.rb appledoc20: desc added
appledoc21.rb appledoc21: desc added
appledoc22.rb appledoc22: desc added
astyle204.rb astyle204: minor nits
autoconf213.rb autoconf213: desc added
autoconf264.rb autoconf264: desc added
automake112.rb Remove root_url if bintray
bash-completion2.rb bash-completion2: update 2.1_2 bottle.
bind99.rb bind99: update 9.9.8-P3 bottle.
bison27.rb bison27: desc added
boost149.rb boost149: desc added
boost150.rb boost150: desc added
boost155.rb boost155: desc added
boot2docker133.rb boot2docker133: desc added
boot2docker141.rb boot2docker141: desc added
boot2docker162.rb boot2docker162: nits
camlp5-606.rb Remove root_url if bintray
cassandra-0.6.rb cassandra06: bottle unneeded
cassandra10.rb cassandra10: bottle unneeded
cassandra12.rb cassandra12: bottle unneeded
cassandra20.rb cassandra20: bottle unneeded
cassandra21.rb cassandra21: update 2.1.7 bottle.
cassandra22.rb cassandra22: update cassandra-driver to 3.0.0.
clojure14.rb clojure14: bottle unneeded
cloog-ppl015.rb Remove root_url if bintray
cloog018.rb cloog018: update 0.18.0 bottle.
cmake28.rb cmake28: desc added
cmake30.rb cmake30: desc added
cmake31.rb cmake31: desc added
coq83.rb coq83: desc added
cvsps2.rb cvsps2: desc added
docker133.rb SHA256 bottles
docker141.rb SHA256 bottles
docker150.rb Remove root_url if bintray
docker162.rb docker162: add conflicts_with
docker171.rb docker171: add 1.7.1 bottle.
doxygen1831.rb Remove root_url if bintray
drush4.rb drush4: bottle unneeded
drush5.rb drush5: bottle unneeded
duplicity06.rb duplicity06: desc added
eigen2.rb eigen2: desc added
elasticsearch17.rb elasticsearch 1.7.5
elasticsearch21.rb elasticsearch 2.1.2
erlang-r13.rb erlangs: add conflict
erlang-r14.rb various: automated style fixes
erlang-r15.rb erlangs: add conflict
erlang-r16.rb erlangs: add conflict
erlang-r17.rb erlang-r17: fix duped bottles
freetds091.rb freetds091: add 0.91.112 bottle.
gawk3.rb gawk3: desc added
gcc43.rb gcc43: audit fixes
gcc44.rb gcc44: audit fixes
gcc45.rb gcc45: doesn't build on El Cap
gcc46.rb gcc46: audit fixes
gcc47.rb gcc47: desc added
gcc48.rb gcc48: update 4.8.5 bottle.
gcc49.rb gcc49: add 4.9.3 bottle.
gcc5.rb gcc5: update 5.2.0 bottle.
gcc6.rb gcc6: update 6-20160124 bottle.
gdal111.rb gdal111: desc added
gecode373.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gegl02.rb gegl02: add 0.2.0 bottle.
giflib5.rb giflib5: update 5.1.1 bottle.
git-tf-2.0.2.rb git-tf-2.0.2: bottle unneeded
glfw2.rb Remove root_url if bintray
glfw3.rb glfw3: update 3.1.2 bottle.
gmp4.rb gmp4: update 4.3.2 bottle.
gnupg21.rb gnupg21: update 2.1.11 bottle.
gnuplot4.rb gnuplot4: desc added
gnutls34.rb gnutls34: update 3.4.8 bottle.
go12.rb go12: update 1.2.2 bottle.
go13.rb go13: update 1.3.3 bottle.
go14.rb go14: add 1.4.3 bottle.
gradle110.rb gradle110: desc & test added
gradle112.rb gradle112: desc & test added
gradle16.rb gradle16: desc & test added
gradle18.rb gradle18: desc & test added
gradle20.rb gradle20: desc & test added
gradle21.rb gradle21: desc & test added
gradle221.rb gradle221: desc & test added
gradle24.rb gradle24: desc & test added
gradle26.rb gradle26: use newer url
gradle27.rb gradle27: use newer url
gradle28.rb gradle28 2.8 (new formula)
grails13.rb grails13: desc & test added
grails20.rb grails20: desc & test added
grails21.rb grails21: desc & test added
grails22.rb grails22: desc & test added
grails223.rb grails223: desc & test added
grails224.rb grails224: desc & test added
grails23.rb grails23: desc & test added
gsl114.rb gsl114: desc added
gst-ffmpeg010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-plugins-bad010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-plugins-base010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-plugins-good010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-plugins-ugly010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-python010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gst-rtsp010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
gstreamer010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
guile18.rb guile18: added test
hadoop0202.rb hadoop0202: ssl/tls + sha256
hadoop121.rb hadoop121: ssl/tls + sha256
hadoop25.rb hadoop25: ssl/tls + sha256
hdf4.rb Remove root_url if bintray
hive010.rb hive010: desc added
hive011.rb hive011: desc added
imagemagick-ruby186.rb Remove root_url if bintray
influxdb08.rb influxdb08: add 0.8.8 bottle.
iojs.rb iojs: add 3.3.1 bottle.
isl011.rb isl011: update 0.11.1 bottle.
isl012.rb isl012: desc added
isl014.rb isl014: desc added
jboss-as5.rb jboss-as5: desc added
jboss-forge1.rb jboss-forge1: desc added
jenkins-lts.rb jenkins-lts 1.642.1
jetty76.rb jetty76: add 7.6.17.v20150415 bottle.
jetty8.rb jetty8: desc added
jpeg6b.rb Remove root_url if bintray
jpeg9.rb jpeg9: desc added
jruby168.rb jruby168 1.6.8 (new formula)
jruby1721.rb jruby1721 1.7.21 (new formula)
jruby9000.rb jruby9000 (new formula)
json-c010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
jython253.rb jython253: add conflicts_with
kafka080.rb kafka080: ssl/tls + sha256
kettle54.rb kettle54 (new formula)
kibana41.rb kibana41: add 4.1.4 bottle.
kibana43.rb kibana43: minor style nits
ledger26.rb ledger26: desc added
leptonica169.rb leptonica169: desc added
libcouchbase1.rb libcouchbase1: desc added
libdvdcss12.rb Remove root_url if bintray
libgee08.rb Remove root_url if bintray
libidn2.rb libidn2: add 0.10 bottle.
libmongoclient-legacy.rb libmongoclient-legacy: update 1.1.0 bottle.
libmpc08.rb libmpc08: update 0.8.1 bottle.
libotr4.rb libotr4: desc added
libpng12.rb libpng12: update 1.2.54 bottle.
libpqxx3.rb libpqxx: desc added
libuv0.rb libuv0: desc added
libxc21.rb libxc21: add 2.1.0 bottle.
libxml278.rb Remove root_url if bintray
llvm-gcc28.rb llvm-gcc28: desc added
llvm33.rb llvm33: use sha256 for a patch
llvm34.rb llvm34: audit fixes
llvm35.rb llvm35: update 3.5.1 bottle.
llvm36.rb llvm36: use dry-run for codesign check
llvm37.rb llvm37: style nit
log4cplus10.rb log4cplus10: desc added
logstash21.rb logstash 2.1.2
lua53.rb lua53: update 5.3.2_1 bottle.
lz4r117.rb lz4r117: add r117 bottle.
mapnik2.rb mapnik2: update 2.2.0_1 bottle.
mariadb100.rb mariadb100: add 10.0.22 bottle.
maven2.rb maven2: ssl/tls + sha256
maven30.rb maven30: ssl/tls + sha256
maven31.rb maven31: ssl/tls + sha256
maven32.rb maven32: add desc
mkvtoolnix58.rb mkvtoolnix58: desc added
mongodb24.rb Remove root_url if bintray
mongodb26.rb mongodb26: update 2.6.11 bottle.
mono3.rb mono3: update 3.12.1 bottle.
mpfr2.rb mpfr2: update 2.4.2 bottle.
mysql51.rb mysql51: desc added
mysql55.rb mysql55: fix broken startup advice
mysql56.rb mysql56: add 5.6.27 bottle.
nasm21106.rb Remove root_url if bintray
nettle3.rb nettle3: update 3.1.1 bottle.
nifi021.rb nifi021 0.2.1 (new formula)
node010.rb node010: update 0.10.42 bottle.
node012.rb node012: update 0.12.10 bottle.
node04.rb Remove root_url if bintray
node06.rb Remove root_url if bintray
node08.rb node08: fix dev_tools_path reference.
node4-lts.rb node4-lts: update 4.3.0 bottle.
nu0.rb nu0: audit fixes
objective-caml312.rb Remove root_url if bintray
open-mpi16.rb Remove root_url if bintray
openjpeg20.rb openjpeg20: desc added
openjpeg21.rb openjpeg21: desc added
openssl101.rb openssl101: update 1.0.1r bottle.
percona-server55.rb percona-server55: update 5.5.41-37.0 bottle.
perl514.rb perl514: desc added
perl516.rb perl516: desc added
perl518.rb perl518: desc added
phantomjs17.rb phantomjs17: desc added
phantomjs182.rb phantomjs: automated audit fixes
phantomjs192.rb phantomjs: automated audit fixes
phantomjs198.rb SHA256 bottles
play12.rb Remove root_url if bintray
play13.rb play13 1.3.2
play22.rb play22: use sha256
postgis15.rb postgis15: desc added
postgis20.rb postgis20: desc added
postgresql8.rb postgresql8: desc added
postgresql9.rb Remove root_url if bintray
postgresql91.rb Remove root_url if bintray
postgresql92.rb Remove root_url if bintray
postgresql93.rb Remove root_url if bintray
postgresql94.rb postgresql94: add 9.4.5 bottle.
povray36.rb povray36: desc added
ppl011.rb Remove root_url if bintray
ppl10.rb Remove root_url if bintray
protobuf240a.rb Remove root_url if bintray
protobuf241.rb Remove root_url if bintray
protobuf250.rb Remove root_url if bintray
protobuf260.rb protobuf260: add 2.6.0 bottle.
qt52.rb qt52: desc added
rabbitmq30.rb rabbitmq30: desc added
raptor1.rb raptor1: desc added
redis1310.rb redis1310: desc added
redis24.rb redis24: desc added
redis26.rb Remove root_url if bintray
redis28.rb Remove root_url if bintray
riak132.rb riak132: desc added
ruby182.rb ruby182: desc added
ruby186.rb ruby186: desc added
ruby187.rb ruby187: update 1.8.7-p374_1 bottle.
ruby192.rb ruby192: desc added
ruby193.rb ruby193: update 1.9.3-p551_2 bottle.
ruby20.rb ruby20: update 2.0.0-p648 bottle.
ruby21.rb ruby21: update 2.1.8 bottle.
ruby22.rb ruby22: fix minor cosmetic issue
saxon6.rb saxon6 6.5.5 (new formula)
scala210.rb scala210: desc added
scala29.rb scala29: desc added
selenium-server-standalone245.rb selenium-server-standalone245 2.45.0 (new formula)
solr14.rb solr14: add conflicts_with
solr36.rb solr36: add conflicts_with
solr4.rb solr4: add conflicts_with
sonar4.rb sonar4: audit fixes
squid2.rb squid2: desc added
subversion16.rb Remove root_url if bintray
subversion17.rb Remove root_url if bintray
subversion18.rb subversion18: update 1.8.13 bottle.
swig2.rb swig2: desc added
swig304.rb swig304: desc added
syncthing010.rb Remove root_url if bintray
thrift090.rb thrift090: update 0.9.0 bottle.
tomcat6.rb tomcat6: add desc
tomcat7.rb tomcat7 7.0.67
unison232.rb unison232: desc added
unison240.rb unison240: desc added
v8-315.rb v8-315: update bottle.
valgrind36.rb valgrind36: use sha256 for a patch
valgrind38.rb valgrind38: add 3.8.1 bottle.
varnish3.rb varnish3: desc added
virtuoso616.rb virtuoso616: desc added
zeromq22.rb zeromq22: desc added
zeromq3.rb zeromq3: desc & test added
zeromq32.rb zeromq32: desc added
zeromq405.rb zeromq405: add 4.0.5 bottle.


These formulae provide multiple versions of existing packages, or newer versions of packages that are too incompatible to go in Homebrew/homebrew yet (Such as GnuPG21).

How do I install these formulae?

Just brew tap homebrew/versions and then brew install <formula>.

If the formula conflicts with one from Homebrew/homebrew or another tap, you can brew install homebrew/versions/<formula>.

You can also install via URL:

brew install<formula>.rb

Acceptable Formulae.

Please note that homebrew/versions is currently in the process of major changes in what we support, how long for and on what basis.

Versions is not intended to be used for all and any old versions you personally require for xyz project; formulae submitted here should be expected to be used by a reasonable number of people and supported by contributors long-term.

You may wish to consider hosting your own tap for formulae you wish to personally support that do not meet the above standards.

You can read Homebrew’s Acceptable Formulae document here. There are some differences between Homebrew/homebrew and here:

  • Versions formulae must not exceed +/-2 versions from the current stable release.
  • Versions formulae usually do not have head or devel sections.
  • Versions formulae can depend on other versions formulae.
  • If copied from Homebrew/homebrew prior formulae please remove any deprecated options and fix any issues raised by brew audit --strict.
  • If a newer/older version exists in Homebrew/homebrew please add a conflicts_with line, like this.


First, please run brew update and brew doctor.

Second, read the Troubleshooting Checklist.

If you don’t read these it will take us far longer to help you with your problem.

More Documentation

brew help, man brew or check our documentation.


Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license.

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