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Versioned formulae for the Homebrew package manager
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allegro4.rb allegro4 doesn't build on 10.9+
allegro5.rb Allegro 5.0.11
android-ndk-r10c.rb Fix audit warnings
android-ndk-r9d.rb android-ndk-r9d
ansible14.rb ansible14: add 1.4.5 bottle.
antlr2.rb Convert to sha1
appledoc20.rb appledoc2{0,1,2} fail with clang 503
appledoc21.rb appledoc2{0,1,2} fail with clang 503
appledoc22.rb appledoc22: add 2.2.1 bottle.
autoconf213.rb Fix audit warnings
autoconf264.rb Fix audit warnings
automake112.rb Fix audit warnings
bash-completion2.rb bash-completion2: resolves issue with spaces in file/directory names
bind99.rb bind99: update 9.9.7 bottle.
bison27.rb Fix audit warnings
boost149.rb Compile boost149 without signals library
boot2docker141.rb boot2docker141: add 1.4.1 bottle.
cassandra-0.6.rb Convert to sha1
cassandra10.rb Added formula for Cassandra 1.0 branch
cassandra12.rb Cassandra 1.2.19
cassandra20.rb cassandra20 2.0.11
clojure14.rb Remove some HEAD-related code
cloog-ppl015.rb Catch up with upstream audit changes
cloog018.rb Fix bottle block fields
coq83.rb Catch up with upstream audit changes
cvsps2.rb New formula: cvsps2
docker133.rb docker133: update 1.3.3 bottle.
docker141.rb docker141: add 1.4.1 bottle.
doxygen1831.rb Doxygen
drush4.rb Update homepage for drush{4,5}.
drush5.rb Update homepage for drush{4,5}.
eigen2.rb eigen2: Version 2 of eigen
elasticsearch-0.20.rb elasticsearch 0.20.6
elasticsearch090.rb Remove HEAD-related code where it's unused
elasticsearch11.rb elastichsearch11: use opt_prefix
elasticsearch12.rb elasticsearch12: add 1.2.4 bottle.
elasticsearch13.rb elasticsearch13: add 1.3.9 bottle.
erlang-r13.rb Fix audit warnings
erlang-r14.rb Remove test option from erlang formulae
erlang-r15.rb Remove test option from erlang formulae
erlang-r16.rb OpenSSL: No-ssl2
gawk3.rb Fix audit warnings
gcc43.rb gcc43: add 4.3.6 bottle.
gcc44.rb gcc44: add 4.4.7 bottle.
gcc45.rb gcc45: add 4.5.4 bottle.
gcc46.rb gcc46: add 4.6.4 bottle.
gcc47.rb gcc47: add 4.7.4 bottle.
gcc48.rb Fix audit warnings
gcc49.rb gcc49: add 4.9.2_1 bottle.
giflib5.rb Fix audit warnings
git-tf-2.0.2.rb git-tf 2.0.2
glfw2.rb Fix audit warnings
glfw3.rb glfw3: fix tests installation
gmp4.rb gmp4: fix mirrors
gnupg21.rb gnupg21: remove redundant curl dependency
go12.rb go12: add 1.2.2 bottle.
gradle110.rb gradle 1.6, 1.8, 1.10
gradle112.rb Gradle 1.12
gradle16.rb gradle 1.6, 1.8, 1.10
gradle18.rb gradle 1.6, 1.8, 1.10
gradle20.rb gradle 2.0 and 2.1
gradle21.rb gradle 2.0 and 2.1
grails13.rb Convert to sha1
grails20.rb grails 2.0.4
grails21.rb New formula: Grails 2.1.x
grails22.rb add Grails 2.2, based on Grails 2.1
grails223.rb Grails 2.2.3
grails224.rb Grails 2.2.4
grails23.rb Add grails 2.3.x
gsl114.rb Fix audit warnings
gst-ffmpeg010.rb gst-ffmpeg010: style nit
gst-plugins-bad010.rb Import gstreamer 0.10.x
gst-plugins-base010.rb Import gstreamer 0.10.x
gst-plugins-good010.rb gst-plugins-good: add cairo dependency
gst-plugins-ugly010.rb gst-plugins-ugly010: really fix amr flags
gst-python010.rb Fix audit warnings
gst-rtsp010.rb gst-rtsp010: use configure directly
gstreamer010.rb Use patch DSL
guile18.rb Fix audit warnings
hadoop0202.rb hadoop: fix audit warning
hadoop121.rb hadoop 1.2.1
hadoop25.rb Rename to hadoop25
hdf4.rb hdf4: add 4.2.10 bottle.
imagemagick-ruby186.rb imagemagick-ruby186: update URL and hash.
isl011.rb isl011: add PPC bottles
isl012.rb isl012: update comment
jboss-as5.rb Address URL audits
jboss-forge1.rb jboss-forge 1.4.4
jenkins-lts.rb jenkins-lts: Add jenkins-lts-cli binary
jetty76.rb jetty76 7.6.16
jetty8.rb jetty 8.1.15.v20140411
jpeg6b.rb jpeg: fix audit warning
jpeg9.rb Use patch DSL
json-c010.rb json-c010 0.10
kafka080.rb kafka 0.8.0
ledger26.rb Ledger 2.6.3
leptonica169.rb Use new-style test definitions
libcouchbase1.rb Use new-style test definitions
libdvdcss12.rb Add libdvdcss 1.2.13.
libgee08.rb Fix audit warnings
libmpc08.rb libmpc08: fix bottle block
libotr4.rb libotr 4.0.0
libpng12.rb libpng12 1.2.52
libpqxx3.rb libpqxx3: add 3.1.1 bottle.
libuv0.rb libuv0: add 0.10.36 bottle.
llvm-gcc28.rb llvm-gcc28: fix homepage.
llvm33.rb Revert "llvm3[345]: fix --with-asan build"
llvm34.rb Revert "llvm3[345]: fix --with-asan build"
llvm35.rb llvm35: update 3.5.1 bottle.
llvm36.rb llvm36: add 3.6.0 bottle.
log4cplus10.rb Fix audit warnings
lua53.rb lua53: add 5.3.0 bottle.
mapnik071.rb Switch away from deprecated symbol deps
maven2.rb maven2: fix download URL
maven30.rb Fix audit warnings
maven31.rb Fix audit warnings
mkvtoolnix58.rb version numbers are not floating-point numbers
mongodb24.rb mongodb24 2.4.12
mpfr2.rb mpfr2: add PPC bottles
mysql51.rb Use patch DSL
mysql55.rb mysql55: use homebrew openssl
node010.rb node010: add 0.10.36 bottle.
node04.rb node04: add 0.4.12_1 bottle.
node06.rb node06: add 0.6.21_1 bottle.
node08.rb node08: add 0.8.26_1 bottle.
nu0.rb Use File.exist? instead of File.exists?
open-mpi16.rb Use patch DSL
openjpeg20.rb Switch away from deprecated symbol deps
openjpeg21.rb openjpeg21: fix audit
openssl098.rb openssl098: update 0.9.8ze bottle.
openssl101.rb openssl101: add 1.0.1l bottle.
percona-server55.rb percona-server55: style cleanup
perl514.rb Creating a version for Perl 5.14.
perl516.rb Creating a version for Perl 5.16.
perl518.rb perl 5.18.2
phantomjs17.rb Address URL audits
phantomjs182.rb Address URL audits
phantomjs192.rb phantomjs 1.9.2
phantomjs198.rb phantomjs198: add 1.9.8 bottle.
play12.rb play 1.2.7
play13.rb play13: add 1.3.0 bottle.
play22.rb play22 2.2.6
plowshare3.rb Fix audit warnings
postgis15.rb Catch up with upstream audit changes
postgis20.rb Use patch DSL
postgresql8.rb postgresql8: add 8.4.21_1 bottle.
postgresql9.rb postgresql9: update 9.0.17_1 bottle.
postgresql91.rb postgresql91: update 9.1.13_1 bottle.
postgresql92.rb postgresql92: add 9.2.8_1 bottle.
postgresql93.rb postgresql93: update 9.3.5 bottle.
povray36.rb Use patch DSL
ppl011.rb ppl011: disable demo programs
ppl10.rb ppl10: disable demo programs
protobuf240a.rb Fix audit warnings
protobuf241.rb Fix audit warnings
protobuf250.rb Fix audit warnings
qt52.rb qt52 5.2.1
rabbitmq30.rb add formula for rabbitmq 3.0.4, used by Heroku/Bigwig
raptor1.rb Raptor v1
redis1310.rb Fix audit warnings
redis24.rb Address URL audits
redis26.rb redis26: fix typo
riak132.rb riak 1.3.2
ruby182.rb ruby182: further openssl patches
ruby186.rb ruby186: further openssl patches
ruby192.rb Port ruby packaging changes from core
ruby193.rb Port ruby packaging changes from core
ruby20.rb Port ruby packaging changes from core
ruby21.rb ruby 2.1
scala210.rb scala: Mark old scala versions keg-only
scala29.rb scala: Mark old scala versions keg-only
solr14.rb Clean up solr* fomulae.
solr36.rb solr: add startup plist
sonar4.rb sonar4: add 4.5.4 bottle.
squid2.rb squid2: keep ephemeral files out of the keg
subversion16.rb Fix audit warnings
subversion17.rb enable neon version check for subversion17. with neon 0.30.0, ra_neon…
swig304.rb swig304: add 3.0.4 bottle.
tomcat6.rb tomcat 6.0.43
tomcat7.rb tomcat7 7.0.59
unison232.rb unison232: add 2.32.52 bottle.
v8-315.rb v8-315: fix style nits
valgrind36.rb Use new-style test definitions
valgrind38.rb Use new-style test definitions
varnish3.rb Varnish v3
zeromq22.rb Fix audit warnings
zeromq3.rb Remove HEAD-related code where it's unused
zeromq32.rb Fix audit warnings


These formulae provide multiple versions of existing packages, or newer versions of packages that are too incompatible to go in Homebrew/homebrew yet (Such as GnuPG21).

How do I install these formulae?

Just brew tap homebrew/versions and then brew install <formula>.

If the formula conflicts with one from Homebrew/homebrew or another tap, you can brew install homebrew/versions/<formula>.

You can also install via URL:

brew install<formula>.rb

Acceptable Formulae.

You can read Homebrew’s Acceptable Formulae document here. There are some differences between Homebrew/homebrew and here:

  • Versions formulae cannot have head or devel sections.
  • Versions formulae can depend on other versions formulae.
  • Please remove any existing bottle block in your formula prior to submission.
  • If copied from Homebrew/homebrew prior formulae please remove any deprecated options and fix any issues raised by brew audit —strict.


First, please run brew update and brew doctor.

Second, read the Troubleshooting Checklist.

If you don’t read these it will take us far longer to help you with your problem.

More Documentation

brew help, man brew or check our documentation.


Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license.

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