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gcc47: Adding cloog and isl

- cloog and isl are loop optimization support libs
- For the head: added --disable-werror because
  making warnings to errors is only recommended
  for devs of gcc.
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1 parent 1336788 commit e91d97aea7d21a5de551ff32293a12137bdd6287 @samueljohn samueljohn committed
Showing with 15 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +15 −7 gcc47.rb
22 gcc47.rb
@@ -18,10 +18,17 @@ class Gcc47 < Formula
option 'enable-objc', 'Enable Objective-C language support'
option 'enable-objcxx', 'Enable Objective-C++ language support'
option 'enable-all-languages', 'Enable all compilers and languages, except Ada'
- option 'enable-nls', 'Build with native language support'
+ option 'enable-nls', 'Build with native language support (localization)'
option 'enable-profiled-build', 'Make use of profile guided optimization when bootstrapping GCC'
option 'enable-multilib', 'Build with multilib support'
+ depends_on 'gmp'
+ depends_on 'libmpc'
+ depends_on 'mpfr'
+ depends_on 'cloog'
+ depends_on 'isl'
+ depends_on 'ecj' if build.include? 'enable-java' or build.include? 'enable-all-languages'
fails_with :clang do
build 421
cause <<-EOS.undent
@@ -36,11 +43,6 @@ class Gcc47 < Formula
- depends_on 'gmp'
- depends_on 'libmpc'
- depends_on 'mpfr'
- depends_on 'ecj' if build.include? 'enable-java' or build.include? 'enable-all-languages'
def install
# Force 64-bit on systems that use it. Build failures reported for some
# systems when this is not done.
@@ -58,6 +60,8 @@ def install
gmp = Formula.factory 'gmp'
mpfr = Formula.factory 'mpfr'
libmpc = Formula.factory 'libmpc'
+ cloog = Formula.factory 'cloog'
+ isl = Formula.factory 'isl'
# Sandbox the GCC lib, libexec and include directories so they don't wander
# around telling small children there is no Santa Claus. This results in a
@@ -78,10 +82,14 @@ def install
+ "--with-cloog=#{cloog.opt_prefix}",
+ "--with-isl=#{isl.opt_prefix}",
- "--enable-lto"
+ "--enable-lto",
+ # a no-op unless --HEAD is built because in head warnings will raise errs.
+ "--disable-werror"
args << '--disable-nls' unless build.include? 'enable-nls'

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