python31 with --universal fails #62

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This issue is analogous to Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#15241. There is a simple fix (see below), though I am not sure that it is the preferred fix. I have not tried to install any of the other python formulae in homebrew-versions, but it seems that python25 and python26 also have this issue, whereas python32 does not.

diff --git a/python31.rb b/python31.rb
index 72950e0..0793ce1 100644
--- a/python31.rb
+++ b/python31.rb
@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ class Python31 < Formula
     args = ["--prefix=#{prefix}", "--with-computed-gotos"]

     if ARGV.include? '--universal'
+      ENV.universal_binary
       args << "--enable-universalsdk=/" << "--with-universal-archs=intel"

You are right.
However, I should rework the python31 and python32 to meet the new python3 formula from mxcl/homebrew as the older formulae are kind of outdated (and even conflicting with python3).

@samueljohn samueljohn was assigned Mar 19, 2013
@adamv adamv added a commit that closed this issue Mar 7, 2014
@adamv adamv Redact old Python versions.
Python support in Homebrew is tricky to get right, and the way the
most-recent versions of Python 2.7.x and 3.x are handled in core
change over time.

These older versions of Python have not kept up-to-date with these
layout changes, and have installation problems as-is.

In addition, these versions may not be getting important security
updates any more.

Removing these from the versions repo; if they are still needed
by any users they should be handled in a (different) external tap.

Closes #84.
Closes #62.
Closes #229.
Closes #167.
Closes Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#27208
@adamv adamv closed this in 4fec135 Mar 7, 2014
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