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class Vim < Formula
desc "Vi \"workalike\" with many additional features"
homepage ""
# *** Vim should be updated no more than once every 7 days ***
url ""
sha256 "dc1c067422946bb9099e9c841bf420e888cc5613759265073c3c8881d09165a9"
head ""
bottle :disable, "To use the user's Python."
# We only have special support for finding depends_on :python, but not yet for
# :ruby, :perl etc., so we use the standard environment that leaves the
# PATH as the user has set it right now.
env :std
option "override-system-vi", "Override system vi"
option "disable-nls", "Build vim without National Language Support (translated messages, keymaps)"
option "with-client-server", "Enable client/server mode"
LANGUAGES_OPTIONAL = %w[lua mzscheme python3 tcl]
LANGUAGES_DEFAULT = %w[perl python ruby]
option "with-python3", "Build vim with python3 instead of python[2] support"
LANGUAGES_OPTIONAL.each do |language|
option "with-#{language}", "Build vim with #{language} support"
LANGUAGES_DEFAULT.each do |language|
option "without-#{language}", "Build vim without #{language} support"
depends_on :python => :recommended
depends_on :python3 => :optional
depends_on "lua" => :optional
depends_on "luajit" => :optional
depends_on :x11 if build.with? "client-server"
conflicts_with "ex-vi",
:because => "vim and ex-vi both install bin/ex and bin/view"
def install
ENV["LUA_PREFIX"] = HOMEBREW_PREFIX if build.with?("lua") || build.with?("luajit")
# vim doesn't require any Python package, unset PYTHONPATH.
if build.with?("python") && which("python").to_s == "/usr/bin/python" && !MacOS.clt_installed?
# break -syslibpath jail
ln_s "/System/Library/Frameworks", buildpath
ENV.append "LDFLAGS", "-F#{buildpath}/Frameworks"
opts = []
opts << "--enable-#{language}interp" if build.with? language
if opts.include?("--enable-pythoninterp") && opts.include?("--enable-python3interp")
# only compile with either python or python3 support, but not both
# (if vim74 is compiled with +python3/dyn, the Python[3] library lookup segfaults
# in other words, a command like ":py3 import sys" leads to a SEGV)
opts -= %W[--enable-pythoninterp]
opts << "--disable-nls" if build.include? "disable-nls"
opts << "--enable-gui=no"
if build.with? "client-server"
opts << "--with-x"
opts << "--without-x"
if build.with? "luajit"
opts << "--with-luajit"
opts << "--enable-luainterp"
# XXX: Please do not submit a pull request that hardcodes the path
# to ruby: vim can be compiled against 1.8.x or 1.9.3-p385 and up.
# If you have problems with vim because of ruby, ensure a compatible
# version is first in your PATH when building vim.
# We specify HOMEBREW_PREFIX as the prefix to make vim look in the
# the right place (HOMEBREW_PREFIX/share/vim/{vimrc,vimfiles}) for
# system vimscript files. We specify the normal installation prefix
# when calling "make install".
system "./configure", "--prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}",
system "make"
# If stripping the binaries is enabled, vim will segfault with
# statically-linked interpreters like ruby
system "make", "install", "prefix=#{prefix}", "STRIP=true"
bin.install_symlink "vim" => "vi" if build.include? "override-system-vi"
test do
# Simple test to check if Vim was linked to Python version in $PATH
if build.with? "python"
vim_path = bin/"vim"
# Get linked framework using otool
otool_output = `otool -L #{vim_path} | grep -m 1 Python`.gsub(/\(.*\)/, "").strip.chomp
# Expand the link and get the python exec path
vim_framework_path =
system_framework_path = `python-config --exec-prefix`.chomp
assert_equal system_framework_path, vim_framework_path
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