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Commits on Aug 15, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    tbb: Adding macports mirror

    samueljohn authored
    Closes #21913
  2. @samueljohn

    Unlinked brewed python -> use system python

    samueljohn authored
    Up to now a brewed Python, even if not linked, was preferred over
    and external Python, so that you had to completely `brew rm python`
    to have a formula link against external (mostly system) Python.
    From now on it is okay to `brew unlink python`.
Commits on Aug 14, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    brew reinstall: Reuse options from last time

    samueljohn authored
    Now, we can finally stop stuggesting to
        `brew rm <foo>` and then `brew install <foo> <with-your-preferred options>
    So `brew reinstall` will honor all options that have been recorded
    into the INSTALL_RECEIPT.json plus if `--build-bottle` was used.
  2. @samueljohn

    Keg should link symlinks directly.

    samueljohn authored
    If the `src` in the Cellar of a formula is a symlink to another dir
    in the same Cellar (for example `Frameworks/QtGui.framework` is a
    symlink to `lib/QtGui.framework`), then we should make a symlink
    directly instead of possibly creating an empty dir.
    This is needed because Ruby's `find` does not follow symlinks (newer
    versions can, but we have to support 10.8 for a long time).
    Currently this probably only occurs for Qt, where we put symlinks
    into the Cellar/Frameworks and the frameworks linking code is a bit
    special to create a directory to "merge" together different versions
    of the same framework from different formulae. See `python` and
    `python3`; both install `Python.framework` and only one can be the
    `Current` but the other should still be put into
    `Python.framework/Versions`. Therefore `Python.framework` has to
    be a dir and no symlink.
Commits on Aug 13, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    Remove the p4 -> perforce alias

    samueljohn authored
    Perforce is now in homebrew/binary.
Commits on Aug 12, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    neko: Fix path for libneko.dylib

    samueljohn authored
    `@executable_path` in the binaries was
    incorrect. so moving to lib/neko/libneko.dylib
    fixes this.
  2. @samueljohn

    vim: Build with system python on Xcode-only Macs

    samueljohn authored
    Also end the crazy loads of options.
    Note, that if both `--with-foo` and `--without-foo` are defined as
    options, then `build.with? 'foo'` does not work as expected for
    `:recommended` options.
    Fixes #21825
Commits on Aug 9, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    python: Use patch (from upstream) instead of inreplace

    samueljohn authored
    This patch is different than my earlier ad-hoc solution, but it took
    some time until upstream devs came up with the proper fix. However, we
    can't directly link to the patch (from the mercurial web repo), as it
    also changes the NEWS text and the patch fails to apply. Further, the
    mercurial repo is only http (no "s").
  2. @samueljohn

    qt5: bottles

    samueljohn authored
  3. @samueljohn

    qt5: Fix link for non in-place builds

    samueljohn authored
    Qt5 5.1.0 links two Webkit related libs into the temporary build dir.
    Fixes #20020
Commits on Aug 8, 2013
  1. @samueljohn

    rebar: --HEAD added

    samueljohn authored
  2. @samueljohn
  3. @samueljohn
  4. @samueljohn

    Revert "python: Remove outdated fix"

    samueljohn authored
    This reverts commit 59ebdf6.
  5. @samueljohn

    python3: --with-brewed-tk needs :x11 if --with-x11

    samueljohn authored
    When tcl-tk was installed `--with-x11`, python needs
    to `depends_on :x11`, otherwise tcl-tk ships an
    included versions of X11.
  6. @samueljohn

    python: Use PythonInstalled#binary

    samueljohn authored
    This simplyfies the formula a bit.
    Also rearrange the line to be more logically grouped. Hopefully.
  7. @samueljohn

    python: Remove outdated fix

    samueljohn authored
    Since 2.7.5 the `python-config --ldflags` is not fixed but Python does
    not use the Makefile any longer for this. We fix this now in our
  8. @samueljohn
  9. @samueljohn

    pyside-tools: --HEAD

    samueljohn authored
    Also use `python.site_packages`.
  10. @samueljohn

    pyside: 1.2.0, --HEAD

    samueljohn authored
    Needed a patch fix moc_qpytextobject.cxx not found
    use `include` for `ALTERNATE_QT_INCLUDE_DIR`.
    Point to Qt src dir.
  11. @samueljohn

    pyqt5: Improve test

    samueljohn authored
  12. @samueljohn

    pyqt: Use the new configure-ng and improve python2/3

    samueljohn authored
    Improve handling of conflicting files (between 2.x and 3.x).
    If only installing for one of these two versions, there is no conflict
    to handle.
    Update the test code to work with both python versions.
    Indentation fix.
  13. @samueljohn

    python3: reuse PythonInstalled better

    samueljohn authored
    We can use `PythonInstalled#binary`.
    typo fix.
  14. @samueljohn
  15. @samueljohn
  16. @samueljohn

    python3: setuptools 0.9.8

    samueljohn authored
  17. @samueljohn

    python: setuptools 0.9.8

    samueljohn authored
  18. @samueljohn
  19. @samueljohn

    qt5: Default to build in-place and preserve the src

    samueljohn authored
    Needed for debug symbols.
    PySide needs the source for documentation generation.
    Closes #20020
  20. @samueljohn

    qt: Fix Framework symlinks

    samueljohn authored
  21. @samueljohn

    qt: typo

    samueljohn authored
  22. @samueljohn

    qt: Default to build in-place and preserve the src

    samueljohn authored
    Needed for debug symbols.
    PySide needs the source for documentation generation.
    Closes #20020
  23. @samueljohn

    sip: We don't need sip and sip3 binaries

    samueljohn authored
    They are both identical. Difference lies in the config and libs.
  24. @samueljohn

    Don't hard-code PYTHONPATH for `brew test`

    samueljohn authored
    This rules out any possibility to test Python 3.x software as the
    PYTHONPATH is used by any Python and `brew test pyqt --with-python3`
    fails because it picks up the `pyqt` module fomr Python 2.x's
    site-packages. Upstream tells us not to set the PYTHONPATH and then
    starting another (major) python version.
  25. @samueljohn
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