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Warning: You have uncommitted modifications to Homebrew's core. #11761

chrishough opened this Issue · 13 comments

I have been troubleshooting how to remove my final homebrew doctor error message and I can not seem to get rid of it:

Warning: You have uncommitted modifications to Homebrew's core.
Unless you know what you are doing, you should run: cd /usr/local && git reset --hard

Stack Overflow:

Yes, I run the "cd /usr/local && git reset --hard" message but it never goes away. I discovered this trying to figure out when I can not get brew install mysql to run.


Can you cd /usr/local, perform git status, and paste the output to


OK, these seem to be files which exist in your repo that have been removed from Homebrew. Check over the list to make sure that none of them are files you created that you don't want to lose, then do:

git clean -df

This will delete ALL these files and directories, so double-check that there's nothing of yours there before you do!

If you git status again, you should see that the working tree is clean and brew doctor will be clean.


yep, I am good go to "Your system is raring to brew." Thank you

@chrishough chrishough closed this

Thanks, that worked for me!!!!!


@mistydemeo Thanks -- yep, same for me!


Also worked for me. Thanks.


Didn't know about this "git clean -df" command. It's working for me as well, had uncomitted change there. Many thanks !


Thanks! Worked for me too.


Thanks! Worked for me too.


Just a word of caution on git clean: unlike git reset it will destroy files that aren't part of Homebrew. We have a pretty good .gitignore file that will check the destructive effects, but always, always run git clean -dn first to do a "dry run" and make sure there is nothing important that is about to get blown away.

If you can't tell which files are important, then just skip the clean---getting rid of a doctor warning is not worth the risk of blowing your fingers off.



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