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MacVim, no windows. #13657

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Hi, I just did a recent install of homebrew on m new mac, fully up to date (10.7.4)

I wanted to install MacVim, which install correctly,
brew doctor says that [my] system is raring to brew.

But when launching macvim, it shows no editting window.
Tough, it show a menu, an about screen if asked, when quitting warns that 2 windows are oppened.

Same behavior with HEAD, but tarballs extracted in ~/Download folder works.

Any idea ?


What happens if you download the installer?


Sorry; that what I ment with tarballs extracted in Download. They are napshot that already contains a compiled bundeled version of macvim that I just have to double click.


If the precompiled binaries don't work either, please report the issue to the MacVim project.


No, the precompiled binaries works.

Just the install from homebrew does not.


I wonder if it is related to the Xcode upgrade from a few days ago. I do my own MacVim builds (brew AND non-Homebrew). Suddenly, I've started seeing the same problem and that's the only thing that has changed on the system that seems related.


Same issue here. New Xcode. New command line tools. Then the following commands in order to successfully compile:

sudo xcodebuild -license
sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/


@tub78 Didn't work for me. I've executed both commands, but the issue persists after reinstalling macvim. Did you do anything else?


I think he meant, he compiled it successfully but the issue remained.


@junkblocker I see… however, I was able to compile macvim successfully even before I executed these commands, so to me these don't seem to be related to this issue.


Yes, I was too. Nobody is actually saying there weren't able to compile at any point, from the way I read it.


So did I, and that is why I assumed that those commands would give me my MacVim windows back :)


So, I emailed the vim mac list and the solution suggested worked for me. See

for details. Basically, make sure clang is used for both configure and make steps.


@junkblocker Worked for me, too. Thanks :)


I also had the problem of no windows, either by installing macvim with brew or just downloading binaries from the official site.

This happens just after I upgraded my XCode to 4.4, and have not yet upgraded the command line tools to the newest version.

But I've tried two ways that could solve it:

before brew install macvim, do

brew edit macvim

1. put

ENV['CC'] = 'clang'
ENV['CXX'] = 'clang'

instead of the original lines,

or 2. upgrade the command line tools from XCode and then comment out all the four lines:

# ENV['CC'] = nil
# ENV['CFLAGS'] = nil
# ENV['CXX'] = nil
# ENV['CXXFLAGS'] = nil

Then just brew install macvim normally.


@Jimexist that fix does the job! Thanks!


@Jimexist solution number 2 worked for me.

@tub78 tub78 referenced this issue

Macvim failed #13407


Fixed in 2b90f75.

@adamv adamv closed this

I'm experiencing this issue now, 11 months later, on mountain lion with latest xcode and command line tools, on a near-fresh install.

I have installed both the vim and macvim formula.

mvim at a terminal does launch and opens a window, but clicking on the in the dock or in the Applications folder (or in the Cellar) does not open a window (but does launch macvim)

Any advice on what I should do?

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