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clang segmentation fault during mpfr install #15061

boriskro opened this Issue · 14 comments

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boriskro bytecruncher Lars Bilke Adam Vandenberg Samuel John Paul Stodghill Max Howell

I cannot install mpfr. I have all the latest updates for Xcode/command-line tools/homebrew and 'brew doctor' runs cleanly.

Any ideas?


I got the same problem. It is possible that mpfr is broken with the new Xcode/command line tools because I successfully compiled it with the previous version. Probably new patches are needed.

Lars Bilke

For me adding the option --use-llvm to brew install worked.


You're right, adding --use-llvm worked. Apparently there was something wrong with make and that is why I got "Error: Failed executing: make" (build environment issue perhaps?) before. Thanks!


Adding --use-llvm worked here as well. Thanks!

boriskro boriskro closed this
Adam Vandenberg adamv reopened this
Adam Vandenberg

Reopening until we address this.

Samuel John

Confirmed. I also get the segmentation fault.

@adamv MacPorts adds --disable-thread-safe to configure. Not sure, if we want that.

Using --env=std fixes this segmentation fault for me. Here is the log of a successful build (you'll have to click "raw" because it's long).

So if anyone can confirm that --env=std solves this, I can add env :std into the formula.

Paul Stodghill

I can confirm that "brew install --env=std mpfr" works for me on OSX 10.8.2 with Xcode 4.5.1.

Samuel John

@pvstodghill thanks. I did a PR.

Max Howell

Superenv passes more flags to clang than stdenv, I guess in this case we expose a bug in clang because of it. Don't close this, I need to look into it.

Adam Vandenberg

Should I pull the pull request in the meantime?

Adam Vandenberg

Probably fixed in 137d488

Adam Vandenberg adamv closed this
Samuel John

I need to look into it. -- @mxcl

Did you had the chance to do so already?

Samuel John

On 10.8.3 (Xcode-only) with Clang: 4.2 build 425 can build this with superenv.

Glenn Hammonds rghammonds referenced this issue in mistydemeo/tigerbrew

mpfr failed to build on 10.4.11 #15

Timothy Molinari molinari referenced this issue from a commit
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Nick Saika nesv referenced this issue from a commit in nesv/homebrew
Samuel John samueljohn mpfr: With clang build 425 it works in superenv
See #15061
Rajeev Jain rajeeja referenced this issue from a commit
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