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Add "divert" behaviour #15345

pwagland opened this Issue October 07, 2012 · 5 comments

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pwagland Jack Nagel Mike McQuaid Adam Vandenberg

One of the really nice things about dpkg is dpkg-divert. This allows you to specify that a certain file should not be installed in its normal location, but rather should be diverted elsewhere. This can be incredibly handy when you want to override only part of a package, or if you want the original file, just in a different location.

In my case, I need svn to be "diverted" to svn.real, since svn is a script that knows about some local differences in my environment, however it still call svn.real to do the real work.

I am not sure how to mark this as a feature request, but that is what it is, it is not really an "issue" per se.

Mike McQuaid

Can't you just put your svn before the Homebrew svn in the PATH?


Hmm. I was so fixated on the other solution… to answer your question, yes I could, given that I am hardcoding the name svn.real at the moment, I could just as easily hardcode in /usr/local/svn. It does mean that I need to add a new directory to my $PATH, but that is not a huge issue.

I still think that this could be useful functionality, but in my case I can easily work around it. I am happy to close the issue if you do not think that this would be more generally useful.

Adam Vandenberg

Also: HOMEBREW_SVN (see man brew)

Jack Nagel

You can also brew unlink svn and then use $(brew --prefix svn) (or just hardcode /usr/local/opt/bin/svn).

Jack Nagel

Closing because there are already multiple ways to accomplish this.

Jack Nagel jacknagel closed this October 09, 2012
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