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brew doctor fail on 10.6.8 (undefined method 'keg_only') #16053

gordol opened this Issue · 10 comments

6 participants

Thomas Gordon Lowrey IV Zendy Wongso Jim Hart Andrew Krawchyk Chris Buryta Jack Nagel
Zendy Wongso

I have the same problem. I can do brew doctor early on today, but just now I did brew update and then I have the same error message when I tried to run brew doctor

Jim Hart

Same problem here as well. My config is virtually identical to the one posted by Diwoka at the gist above.

Andrew Krawchyk

+1 for 10.8.2

Chris Buryta

+1 10.8.2 (osx) with 0.9.3 (brew)

Jack Nagel

Where does "ComposerRequirement" come from?

Error: undefined method `keg_only?' for #<ComposerRequirement:0x101209d18 @tags=["composer-requirement"]>
Jack Nagel

This is a problem with brew tap, files in the requirements directory of homebrew-php are getting symlinked into Library/Formula and Formula.factory is trying to load them as formulae.

Chris Buryta

I did just update/upgrade php54 / composer before getting this error, and removing any of the *-requirement files from /usr/local/Library/Formula got me back brewing for now.

Zendy Wongso

I did brew update just now. And it seems brew doctor back to normal.

Jack Nagel

Rolling this into #16121.

Jack Nagel jacknagel closed this
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