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gnuplot + pango/cairo: font too small #16305

jtakimoto opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I installed gnuplot (with cairo+pango+wxWidgets), but any of the cairo-based terminals
(wxt, pngcairo, pdfcairo) doesn't work properly. If I try

gnuplot> set term wxt font "Times,12"
gnuplot> plot sin(x)

then no label is drawn in the plot because fonts are too small (using other fonts doesn't help). I can get normal output only if I use very large fontscale, for example

gnuplot> set term wxt fontscale 20
gnuplot> replot

Could anyone confirm this?
I first installed gnuplot by myself on OSX 10.8, and then installed via Homebrew on OSX 10.6. Both behave similarly.

I've reported this problem to the following gnuplot Traker Support Request #3589100
but haven't got any help yet.


Should we pull that pango commit referenced in the bug report?


pango 1.32.4 ( fixes this bug, that's the same bug as #11901
since we now have pango 1.32.6, I changed the pango formula, upgraded to 1.32.6 and got another bug.
thus, I tried pango 1.32.5 and it seems to work just fine with gnuplot.
This is my solution. I'll try to report the new bug to the pango community.


Update to Pango is pending: #16900.


Uh oh, I didn't search for it! I'm sorry and thank you!


Closing as an upstream bug.

@adamv adamv closed this
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