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Does "R" belong in Homebrew-Science? #18967

adamv opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I don't have an opinion, just want to know what our policy is.


I think so. I'd like to see basically everything slowly migrate to taps.


Yes. Are there any plans on what the taxonomy of taps should be?


Can brew update detect things moving into taps and act accordingly? If not, is there a way to list all installed kegs which don't have formulae, so that moved formulae can be singled out?

I'm thinking I wouldn't notice R moving into a tap and further down the line would wonder why I'm stuck at 3.0.0 after several releases.


Yes, R is science, I would agree.

I could imagine a doctor check as a first step, that checks the tapped_from":"mxcl/master" (or other tap) and warns if that tap is not tapped.


(Someone should move R if we want to move it.)

@adamv adamv closed this
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