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Can't install Homebrew on latest Macbook air #20883

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I ran $ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

Nathaniels-MacBook-Air:~ nathanieloffer$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"
==> This script will install:

Press ENTER to continue or any other key to abort
==> Downloading and Installing Homebrew...
Warning: Install the "Command Line Tools for Xcode":
==> Installation successful!
You should run `brew doctor' before you install anything.
Now type: brew help
Nathaniels-MacBook-Air:~ nathanieloffer$ brew doctor
Warning: Experimental support for using Xcode without the "Command Line Tools".
You have only installed Xcode. If stuff is not building, try installing the
"Command Line Tools for Xcode" package provided by Apple.
You must: brew install git

Warning: An outdated version of Git was detected in your PATH.
Git 1.7.10 or newer is required to perform checkouts over HTTPS from GitHub.
Please upgrade: brew upgrade git
You must: brew install git

Warning: No developer tools installed
You should install the Command Line Tools:
Nathaniels-MacBook-Air:~ nathanieloffer$ brew install git
Warning: No developer tools installed
You should install the Command Line Tools:
==> Downloading
Already downloaded: /Library/Caches/Homebrew/git-
==> make prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/git/ CC=cc CFLAGS=-Os -w -pipe -march=native -Qunused-arguments -mmacosx-version-min=10.8 LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib install
Failed to execute: make
Error: Homebrew doesn't know what compiler versions ship with your version
of Xcode (dunno). Please brew update and if that doesn't help, file
an issue with the output of brew --config:



These open issues may also help:
Nathaniels-MacBook-Air:~ nathanieloffer$

This is the final command

Nathaniels-MacBook-Air:~ nathanieloffer$ brew --config
You must: brew install git
ORIGIN: (none)
HEAD: (none)
HOMEBREW_CELLAR: /usr/local/Cellar
CPU: quad-core 64-bit dunno
OS X: 10.8.4-x86_64
Clang: N/A
X11: N/A
System Ruby: 1.8.7-358
Perl: /usr/bin/perl
Python: /usr/bin/python
Ruby: /usr/bin/ruby => /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby

Any assistance with correcting these errors will be most appreciated


Do you have Xcode installed?


I don't believe so. I unless it is installed as part of Homebrew I know I haven't installed it myself


You'll need Xcode to be able to compile anything (such as git).


Okay I'm installing xcode now seems like overkill installing a full ide just to enable compiling but if that's what it takes

Homebrew member

The other option is the Apple Command Line Development Tools (or CLT for short).

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