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referencing formula with dot in specific Tap #31052

NikolausDemmel opened this Issue · 2 comments

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It seems there is a problem when referencing a formula that contains a dot character in a tap:

$ brew install nikolausdemmel/simulation/ogre1.9 -d
Error: No available formula for nikolausdemmel/simulation/ogre1.9

Formula with no dot works:

$ brew install nikolausdemmel/simulation/ogre
Warning: ogre-1.7.4 already installed, it's just not linked

Not mentioning tap also works:

$ brew install ogre1.9
Warning: ogre1.9-1.9.1-devel already installed
@jacknagel jacknagel added the bug label

I think this is the only change required, but I could be mistaken.

diff --git a/Library/Homebrew/tap_constants.rb b/Library/Homebrew/tap_constants.rb
index 3550a06..2aed188 100644
--- a/Library/Homebrew/tap_constants.rb
+++ b/Library/Homebrew/tap_constants.rb
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # match expressions when taps are given as ARGS, e.g. someuser/sometap
 HOMEBREW_TAP_ARGS_REGEX = %r{^([\w-]+)/(homebrew-)?([\w-]+)$}
 # match taps' formula, e.g. someuser/sometap/someformula
-HOMEBREW_TAP_FORMULA_REGEX = %r{^([\w-]+)/([\w-]+)/([\w+-]+)$}
+HOMEBREW_TAP_FORMULA_REGEX = %r{^([\w-]+)/([\w-]+)/([\w+-.]+)$}
 # match taps' directory path, e.g. HOMEBREW_LIBRARY/Taps/someuser/sometap
 HOMEBREW_TAP_DIR_REGEX = %r{#{Regexp.escape(HOMEBREW_LIBRARY.to_s)}/Taps/([\w-]+)/([\w-]+)}
 # match taps' formula path, e.g. HOMEBREW_LIBRARY/Taps/someuser/sometap/someformula
@jacknagel jacknagel closed this in 184e4d5

That works for me. Thanks for the quick fix!

@aerickson aerickson referenced this issue from a commit in aerickson/homebrew
@jacknagel jacknagel A period is a valid formula name character
Fixes #31052.
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