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Option to remove poll support from Python #4548

ynadji opened this Issue · 8 comments

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See the commit here: ynadji@14bc293

It's obviously not a perfect solution, but:
1.) It's what Apple does.
2.) It's what Macports does.
3.) It's been a bug in python since 2009 and I doubt it'll get fixed anytime soon.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Apple has an ed script[*] they use to perform this regex as well as other options. I only included the POLL regex as I was weary of removing too much and breaking python further down the road.


Commit text:

Add option to python formula to remove poll

Apple's implementation of poll does not support devices, which causes socket
operations that rely on a properly functioning poll to fail with Errno 35 [2].
This creates an option to strip out poll entirely, which is what Apple does
for the binaries they package with the OS [1].



When does this error manifest itself? Using twisted?


Most of the time I see it is when socket.sendall is used. Searching google for "errno 35 python mac os x" shows the error in a variety of projects. I haven't seen or personally encountered this problem in Twisted.


Seems reasonable to me if Apple do it. There an upstream bug for this?



@adamv adamv closed this

fyi, closed issue 5154 as "will not fix"


Interesting. That pushes a lot of the burden on large app/library developers to support OS X. Nonetheless, the option should remain in homebrew.


Do Apple still do this? That's the only thing that convinces me this is still worth doing.


@ynadji: Yes, it's strange this was not dealt with by python. I totally agree the option should remain in Homebrew. It's necessary for some third party libraries - I came across this because I couldn't get a library that used simple socket calls to upload files to work.

@mikemcquaid: Apple does still appear to do this.

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