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couchdb 1.1.0 install failure #7024

rybesh opened this Issue · 22 comments

13 participants

Ryan Shaw Adam Vandenberg Simon Leblanc Steve Wart Damion McDunn Dave Cottlehuber Stephan Hoyer Matt J. Sorenson vish86 David Everitt Chris Ballinger Fabricio Quagliariello Nathan Vander Wilt
Ryan Shaw

Install fails at:

/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/install.rb:38:in `dump': no marshal_dump is defined for class StringIO (TypeError)

brew install -v couchdb:
brew doctor:

Adam Vandenberg

Gist your brew --config please.

Ryan Shaw

After removing and re-installing Erlang, now "brew install couchdb" just hangs (or maybe it's just taking a really long time).

Ryan Shaw

But "brew install -v couchdb" runs without problems, and the install completes. Weird.

Adam Vandenberg adamv closed this
Simon Leblanc

Same problem here:

  1. install was hanging
  2. I killed it (Ctrl-C)
  3. I retried (without -v) and it worked fine
Steve Wart

same here. hangs during make, so maybe there's a circular dependency

Damion McDunn

yup - hung for 2hrs on make. (had no idea how long it should take)

Thank you rybesh, simleb. killed it, and it and "brew install -v couchdb" was finished in 35 seconds.

Dave Cottlehuber

for completeness, I've never had this for CouchDB any version. Would be interested to know what version of erlang was used and if there are any brew logs available.

Stephan Hoyer

same here

Matt J. Sorenson

This just happened to me; I clean-installed Lion just a week ago. If it helps...

erl -version
Erlang (SMP,ASYNC_THREADS,HIPE) (BEAM) emulator version 5.9


Same thing happened to me as well, Killed it and reinstalled with a -v and finished in 30 seconds. Thanks for your comments!

Dave Cottlehuber

@vish86 for clarity is this after installing 1.2.0 from the new recipes?

In particular I'd like to know if the instructions in were done - i.e. this happens on the newer R15B01 erlang as well.

Not sure if I can help resolve it as I've never had the issue myself.

David Everitt

Same hang - with a first install of homebrew - brew install couchdb hung at make install. Killed the job, brew install -v couchdb completed in 90 seconds. OS X 10.5.8, Erlang R15B01.

Dave Cottlehuber

@DaveEveritt thanks, if I understand this you are using homebrew for the first time, and a (relatively) old Mac OS X version? What C compiler or XCode version? Until somebody catches a log of this happening, I don't see much chance of tracking this down.

David Everitt

Yes, installed Homebrew today to get CouchDB easily. It's Leopard, XCode 3.1.4, gcc -v Target: i686-apple-darwin9 [...] gcc version 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5493). Let me know if you need more, like my terminal readout, which I can save...

David Everitt

On killing the process, there were some (possibly) interesting messages - see the bottom of this terminal readout of brew install couchdb.

Dave Cottlehuber
David Everitt

Before I try that - I ran brew doctor and the results are here (plenty of warnings). Although one states that homebrew isn't installed to /usr/local, it's there - and working - at /usr/local/homebrew ? BTW I previously used /usr/local for other installs (mysql, mongo...)

Chris Ballinger

It hung for me as well on make install while installing version 1.2.0. I was able to fix it by running brew install -v couchdb. Thanks!

Fabricio Quagliariello

Same here, trying to install 1.2.0 on Mountain Lion.

It hung on make install as well.
Running brew install -v couchdb fixed it.
Thanks a lot @rybesh

Adam Vandenberg adamv reopened this
Adam Vandenberg

Please open a new issue if there are install failures; this is a very old bug about a previous version.

Adam Vandenberg adamv closed this
Nathan Vander Wilt

This is still happening with CouchDB 1.4.0-1, not sure I have much to contribute to a new issue, but I don't think it has much to do with Erlang or the like. The build was simply hung with a few libtool processes just sitting there. ^C and then try again, it quickly finished up without issue.

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