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mtr causes brew doctor to say there's unresolved dependencies with --no-gtk #8957

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I've just installed homebrew and after installing mtr with:

brew install mtr --no-gtk

, brew doctor claims there are missing dependencies for mtr.

mtr: pkg-config, gettext, libffi, libiconv, glib, jpeg, libtiff, jasper, gdk-pixbuf, pango, atk, gtk+

MTR works just fine and it seems all those dependencies are of GTK.


brew missing (which doctor is using) only checks against the "default" depends_on set.

Need to update it to check against the installed-options set, now that we are writing install receipts.


This is made somewhat difficult by the fact that dependencies are determined when the class is loaded, so just pushing the used_options onto ARGV isn't enough.


Also note that if you say brew missing mtr --no-gtk it does the right thing.


Brew missing should take the install receipt into account when detecting dependencies. Problem with current brew implementation is that we'd have to fake out ARGV per formula.

In my "options refactor", there's a new build_options (don't like the name) ivar in Formula that is preferred over ARGV for things like "build head". Could mass-migrate all option checking in that branch, and move away from direct usage of the ARGV global in formulae themselves.


Should be addressed by the work in #13923.

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