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LLVM: Update to 3.1 #12529

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Bob Aman Samuel John 2bits Elliot Saba cycld Mike McQuaid
Bob Aman

However, this removes the bottles for Lion and Snow Leopard which are still on 3.0.

Samuel John

@sporkmonger, it works for me. Hashes are ok, compiles fine unless I add --shared but I think that is an issue either with 3.0 version, too, or has to do with my Xcode-only setup.

I don't know much about bottles.

ping @adamv, @mikemcquaid ?

Bob Aman

Actually, I'm pretty sure I needed to use --shared when I installed it. Can someone else chime in and see if they're having issues with that?

Samuel John

Tested again.

LLVM 3.0 builds with brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit :-)
LLVM 3.1 fails with brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit :-(


llvm[2]: Linking Release+Asserts unit test VMCore (without symbols)
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "llvm::DominatorTreeBase<llvm::BasicBlock>::isReachableFromEntry(llvm::BasicBlock const*) const", referenced from:
      llvm::(anonymous namespace)::DPass::runOnFunction(llvm::Function&) in DominatorTreeTest.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

My config.log

It can be due to my Xcode only setup (see #10510). I have to double check with my other Mac that has the Command Line Tools for Xcode installed.

Samuel John

And here the full output.

Samuel John

I just tested to compile llvm 3.1 with adding ENV.no_optimization and surprisingly the build went fine o.O

... that is the direction to investigate further.

/cc @2Bits


Try compiling it with llvm :-)
It works then, while it fails with clang on my system too, 10.7.4 w/XCode 4.3.3.

brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit --use-llvm
Samuel John

@2bits using --use-llvm when building llvm was no problem. But the point is that I can make ffmpeg build successfully if I add ENV.no_optimization to the llvm.rb formula. Can you verify this?

I think that was your initial question, right? So, I suspect it to be some too aggresive optimization?

Samuel John

@2bits oh, now I mixed the two threads. Of course here it's about compiling llvm with --shared (and the other options still on).

I'll try with --use-llvm as you suggest.

Samuel John

@2bits yep, using either options lead to a successful compilation:

  • brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit --use-llvm
  • brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit
    with ENV.no_optimization.
Samuel John

Am I the only one (OS X 10.7.4 with latest Xcode) where the plain brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit fails with the llvm 3.1 from this pull request? And also using --HEAD fails with tat options.

Samuel John

@sporkmonger could you test that again with these options I used?


while it fails with clang on my system too, 10.7.4 w/XCode 4.3.3.

brew install llvm --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit

Samuel John

So what do we do now?
The default optimization of homebrew currently is -Os and if that brakes clang 3.1+ we can either

  • go with --use-llvm i.e. we need a fails_with :clang block for this llvm.rb formula or
  • ENV.no_optimization

does anybody know what llvm/clang/Apple suggest here? Is there some info in a INSTALL.txt or so @sporkmonger?


So what do we do now?

Try building this software without Homebrew to see how it optimizes. There is a page on that explains how to build it. I would prefer to force llvm rather than go with no optimization, but we still have some questions we should answer, now that we've come this far.

Samuel John

Side note: We can get rid of --all-targets, because:

Controls which targets will be built and linked into llc. The default value for target_options is "all" which builds and links all available targets. The value "host-only" can be specified to build only a native compiler (no cross-compiler targets available). The "native" target is selected as the target of the build host. You can also specify a comma separated list of target names that you want available in llc. The target names use all lower case. The current set of targets is:
arm, cpp, hexagon, mblaze, mips, mipsel, msp430, powerpc, ptx, sparc, spu, x86, x86_64, xcore. -- link

Samuel John

Using clang to build llvm seems fine:

We routinely use GCC 4.2 (and higher) or Clang. link

Samuel John

Any update on this?
I'd go with @2bits and declare llvm 3.1 to build with --use-llvm and then pull this.

@sporkmonger could you integrate the fails_with :clang block?


Nice link. It says they use gcc to compile llvm and clang. So we have to build that too? :-)

Samuel John
Bob Aman

I'm running on 10.6.8 and XCode 3.2.2, so I don't know I'm the best person to test these. I ran with --with-clang --analyzer --shared --all-targets --rtti --jit options, no errors, everything worked fine.


@sporkmonger If you have a few minutes to spare, test your clang by using it to build ffmpeg.

Bob Aman

@2bits Confirmed. ffmpeg builds just fine with my clang.


That's a good sign. Even if ML is coming out this week by the rumor and if it has clang-4.0, this would still be good to accept so that we have a 3.1 reference commit in brew version llvm

Elliot Saba

I just confirmed that this formula compiles properly on my 10.8 machine with Xcode 4.4 (and the corresponding CLT).


Hi, i just opened another pull request with an update to llvm 3.1, and some option cleanup.
Please look here:

Your pull request will likely need some iterations, as you have two commits, and you need to at least squash them.

Bob Aman

@cycld Looks like you've already done all the work. Any reason we shouldn't just double-check your commit, close this pull request and merge yours instead?

Mike McQuaid

Let's move this to #13895. @sporkmonger thanks for your hard work which helped get there.

Mike McQuaid mikemcquaid closed this
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Commits on May 31, 2012
  1. Bob Aman

    LLVM: Update to 3.1

    sporkmonger authored
  2. Apparently you can't have old bottles hanging around if they haven't …

    Bob Aman authored
    …been updated.
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13 Library/Formula/llvm.rb
@@ -10,24 +10,19 @@ def build_jit?; ARGV.include? '--jit'; end
class Clang < Formula
homepage ''
- url ''
- md5 '43350706ae6cf05d0068885792ea0591'
+ url ''
+ md5 '59bf2d3120a3805f27cafda3823caaf8'
head ''
class Llvm < Formula
homepage ''
- url ''
- md5 'a8e5f5f1c1adebae7b4a654c376a6005'
+ url ''
+ md5 '16eaa7679f84113f65b12760fdfe4ee1'
head ''
- bottle do
- sha1 'f6feaab7d1e4f45cd5f0b63d465e65f491fcc27c' => :lion
- sha1 '0b4a9baac5cd07192f992ef3621371e9cde3979a' => :snowleopard
- end
def patches
# changes the link options for the shared library build
# to use the preferred way to build libraries in Mac OS X
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