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postgresql: adding --universal support. #14775

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(Using the same post-configure patches that MacPorts uses).

See additional discussion on previous pull request #14111.


This needs to be rebased on master.

@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 postgresql: adding --universal support.
(Using the same post-configure patches that MacPorts uses).

Okay, rebased on master in 37b923b.


Presumably these can't be applied as patches because they depend on system-specific post-configure settings?

You're welcome to object to this patch - I don't have a position on it one way or another.

I am just doing what MacPorts does and it makes universal binaries. A better approach would be to upstream something into Postgresql but I don't think that is likely to happen anytime soon.

If you just want to maintain this as a wiki note, or open issue for user reference, or pull it, either way is good for me...

Btw, I think these are safe to apply on all Mac OS X architectures.

Can you try and submit them upstream? Also, these need to be in the patches block. Closing until at least the latter is fixed.

Upstream does not appear interested in supporting a universal build in this manner -- I have linked previously to their conversations on the subject when MacPorts was trying to implement this years ago.

Regarding the patches block, these patches are post-configure, something I've explained several times, and thus need to be done where they are, rather than the patches block, I believe.

I've scratched my itch, and I've rebased this patch four times already per request. I'm sorry if you aren't interested in it even though it works well and is how MacPorts does it. I am probably not going to open another issue, if any of your users are interested in this patch, it will be available in the issue archive.

@mikemcquaid mikemcquaid closed this
erg commented

Why is this closed? I opened the original issue #14032 and that got closed for #14111 which got closed for this one -- which is now closed!

Having universal support on postgresql is really important to me.

Should I open another issue? Please advise...

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Commits on Nov 25, 2012
  1. @mrjbq7

    postgresql: adding --universal support.

    mrjbq7 authored
    (Using the same post-configure patches that MacPorts uses).
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Showing with 6 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +6 −0 Library/Formula/postgresql.rb
6 Library/Formula/postgresql.rb
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ class Postgresql < Formula
depends_on 'libxml2' if MacOS.version == :leopard # Leopard libxml is too old
depends_on 'ossp-uuid' unless build.include? 'without-ossp-uuid'
+ option :universal
option '32-bit'
option 'without-ossp-uuid', 'Build without OSSP uuid'
option 'no-python', 'Build without Python support'
@@ -63,6 +64,11 @@ def install
system "./configure", *args
+ if build.universal?
+ system "curl | ed - ./src/include/pg_config.h"
+ system "curl | ed - ./src/interfaces/ecpg/include/ecpg_config.h"
+ end
system "make install-world"
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