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Services command results in startup errors when run with sudo #26214

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Mo Lawson Adam Vandenberg Mike McQuaid Jan-Henrik Bruhn Bo Jeanes Chad Catlett Jack Nagel
Mo Lawson

I've just started using the brew services commands and ran into problems when I tried to use them with sudo to have a few services (dnsmasq and nginx) launch at startup (e.g. sudo brew services start dnsmasq)

In both cases, I didn't get any errors from the services commands directly, but neither service would actually start. I checked out the system logs, and both services were exiting with error codes when launchd tried to start them.

It appears to be a permissions/ownership problem caused by my user name being added to the generated plist file here. I updated those lines to skip making the UserName edits if the command has been run as root. That has fixed the issue for me, and the non-sudo version of the command still works, as well, but I'm not sure if the assumption I've made in these changes is a valid one for all cases.

Thanks for taking a look! And here is the output the config, etc. commands.

Adam Vandenberg adamv added the integration label
Mo Lawson

Any chance I could get someone to take a look at this PR? If it needs more info or clarification, I'd be happy to do that.

Adam Vandenberg

@Homebrew/owners who owns the services command?

Mike McQuaid

@adamv No-one, it seems. I don't think any of us use it. I wonder about having such things in Contributions, honestly.

Adam Vandenberg

I suggest it be ejected to a separate repository maintained by those that use it or wrote it.

Ping @jhbruhn

Not sure who else to ping from the file history.

Adam Vandenberg adamv added the contrib label
Jan-Henrik Bruhn

Uhm, AFAIK I never touched brew services. @adamv perhaps you opened brew-server? That's the only command I contributed to.

Adam Vandenberg

Sorry, I read the wrong file.

Adam Vandenberg

Ping @bjeanes & @chadcatlett - any interest in maintaining this command in an external repo?

Bo Jeanes

I use it, but I consider the feature mostly broken. I really want a nice way to do it, but don't want to maintain it. +1 for removing it. It can be excavated and extracted later by those who are sufficiently motivated (possibly future me).

Chad Catlett

I agree. While I do use it, it has a lot of issues. I'd say remove it until something better can come along, or someone creates something in their own repo.

Adam Vandenberg adamv self-assigned this
Adam Vandenberg adamv removed their assignment
Jack Nagel

Closing because of #28657.

Jack Nagel jacknagel closed this
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Commits on Jan 27, 2014
  1. Mo Lawson
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Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 Library/Contributions/cmd/brew-services.rb
4 Library/Contributions/cmd/brew-services.rb
@@ -348,9 +348,9 @@ def generate_plist(data = nil)
gsub(%r{(<key>Label</key>\s*<string>)[^<]*(</string>)}, '\1' + label + '\2')
# and force fix UserName, if necessary
- if formula.startup_user != "root" && data =~ %r{<key>UserName</key>\s*<string>root</string>}
+ if !ServicesCli.root? && formula.startup_user != "root" && data =~ %r{<key>UserName</key>\s*<string>root</string>}
data = data.gsub(%r{(<key>UserName</key>\s*<string>)[^<]*(</string>)}, '\1' + formula.startup_user + '\2')
- elsif ServicesCli.root? && formula.startup_user != "root" && data !~ %r{<key>UserName</key>}
+ elsif !ServicesCli.root? && formula.startup_user != "root" && data !~ %r{<key>UserName</key>}
data = data.gsub(%r{(</dict>\s*</plist>)}, " <key>UserName</key><string>#{formula.startup_user}</string>\n\\1")
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