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Latest commit c3438ae @drn drn committed with dunn tmux: remove examples directory from HEAD install
Closes #49020.

Signed-off-by: Alex Dunn <>
Sorry, we had to truncate this directory to 1,000 files. 2,457 entries were omitted from the list.
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a2ps.rb a2ps: update 4.14 bottle.
a52dec.rb a52dec: add 0.7.4 bottle.
aacgain.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aalib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aamath.rb Formula files style updates.
aap.rb aap: audit fix
aardvark_shell_utils.rb aardvark_shell_utils: add conflict with coreutils
abcde.rb abcde: don't patch head
abcl.rb abcl: bottle unneeded
abcm2ps.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
abcmidi.rb abcmidi: update 2015-08-06 bottle.
abduco.rb Formula files style updates.
abi-compliance-checker.rb Formula files style updates.
abnfgen.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
abook.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ace.rb ace: update 6.3.3 bottle.
aces_container.rb aces_container: add 1.0.1 bottle.
ack.rb ack: audit fixes
acme.rb acme: update 0.91 bottle.
acmetool.rb acmetool: update 0.0.34_1 bottle.
acpica.rb acpica: update 20151218 bottle.
activemq-cpp.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
activemq.rb activemq: bottle unneeded
admesh.rb admesh: update 0.98.2 bottle.
adns.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
adplug.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
advancecomp.rb advancecomp: follow homepage redirect
aescrypt-packetizer.rb aescrypt-packetizer: update 3.10 bottle.
aescrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aeskeyfind.rb aeskeyfind: audit fix
aespipe.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afflib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afio.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afl-fuzz.rb afl-fuzz: update 1.96b bottle.
afsctool.rb afsctool: add 1.6.4 bottle.
aften.rb Formula files style updates.
agda.rb agda: simplify formula
agedu.rb agedu: add 20151213 bottle.
aget.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aggregate.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aha.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ahcpd.rb Formula files style updates.
aiccu.rb aiccu: add 20070115 bottle.
aide.rb aide: add 0.15.1 bottle.
aircrack-ng.rb aircrack-ng: update 1.1_2 bottle.
airspy.rb airspy: add 1.0.6 bottle.
akka.rb akka: restore https url
alac.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
aldo.rb aldo: add 0.7.7 bottle.
algernon.rb algernon: update 0.86_1 bottle.
algol68g.rb algol68g: update 2.8.2 bottle.
align.rb align: conflicts with speech-tools
allegro.rb allegro 5.1.13 (devel)
alpine.rb alpine: update 2.20 bottle.
alure.rb alure: nit
amap.rb amap: update 5.4_1 bottle.
amazon-ecs-cli.rb amazon-ecs-cli: update 0.2.0 bottle.
amdatu-bootstrap.rb amdatu-bootstrap 9
ammonite-repl.rb ammonite-repl: update 0.5.4 bottle.
amtterm.rb amtterm: use https urls
analog.rb analog: audit fixes
android-ndk.rb android-ndk: conflicts with crystax-ndk
android-platform-tools.rb android-platform-tools: audit fixes
android-sdk.rb android-sdk: audit fixes
anjuta.rb anjuta: update 3.18.2 bottle.
ansible-cmdb.rb ansible-cmdb: update 1.11 bottle.
ansible.rb ansible: update bottle.
ansifilter.rb ansifilter: update 1.12 bottle.
ansiweather.rb ansiweather 1.07
ant-contrib.rb ant-contrib: bottle unneeded
ant.rb ant: update 1.9.6 bottle.
antigen.rb antigen: bottle unneeded
antiword.rb antiword: stop recommending non-permanent prefix
antlr.rb antlr: don't hardcode prefix/version in wrapper
anttweakbar.rb anttweakbar: update 1.16 bottle.
aoeui.rb aoeui: add 1.6 bottle.
apache-archiva.rb apache-archiva: bottle unneeded
apache-drill.rb apache-drill 1.4.0
apache-forrest.rb apache-forrest: add 0.9 bottle.
apache-opennlp.rb apache-opennlp: bottle unneeded
apache-spark.rb apache-spark 1.6.0
apachetop.rb apachetop: update 0.12.6 bottle.
apcupsd.rb apcupsd: add 3.14.13 bottle.
ape.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
apel.rb apel: formula-specific directory in site-lisp
apg.rb apg: update 2.2.3 bottle.
apgdiff.rb Formula files style updates.
apib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
apktool.rb apktool: bottle unneeded
apngasm.rb apngasm: update 3.1.6 bottle.
apollo.rb apollo: use secure maven resource url
app-engine-go-32.rb app-engine-go-32: add symlink for gocode
app-engine-go-64.rb app-engine-go-64: add symlink for gocode
app-engine-java.rb app-engine-java 1.9.30
app-engine-python.rb app-engine-python 1.9.30
apparix.rb apparix: update 11-062 bottle.
appledoc.rb appledoc: add 2.2.1 bottle.
appscale-tools.rb appscale-tools: update 2.6.0 bottle.
apr-util.rb apr-util: use opt_lib/opt_include helpers
apr.rb apr: update 1.5.2 bottle.
apt-cacher-ng.rb apt-cacher-ng: prefer mirrorservice mirror
apt-dater.rb apt-dater: use an https homepage url
aptly.rb aptly: update 0.9.5 bottle.
aqbanking.rb aqbanking: update 5.5.1 bottle.
arabica.rb Formula files style updates.
arangodb.rb arangodb: update 2.8.1 bottle.
archey.rb archey: audit fixes
archivemail.rb archivemail: add 0.9.0 bottle.
argon2.rb argon2: add 20151206 bottle.
argp-standalone.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
argtable.rb Formula files style updates.
argus-clients.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
argus.rb argus: update bottle.
argyll-cms.rb argyll-cms: update 1.8.3 bottle.
aria2.rb aria2: update 1.19.3 bottle.
arm.rb arm: audit fixes
arp-scan.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
arp-sk.rb Formula files style updates.
arping.rb arping: update 2.16 bottle.
arpoison.rb arpoison: update 0.7 bottle.
arpon.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
arss.rb Formula files style updates.
artifactory-cli-go.rb artifactory-cli-go: update 1.3.0 bottle.
artifactory.rb artifactory 4.4.3
arx.rb arx: simplify formula
ascii.rb audit fixes: A: ascii, asciidoc, atool, autotrace, avce00, avra, avrdude
asciidoc.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
asciinema.rb asciinema: update 1.1.1 bottle.
asciitex.rb asciitex: add 0.21 bottle.
asio.rb asio: use https homepage
asm6.rb asm6: audit fixes
asn1c.rb asn1c: homepage fixed
aspcud.rb aspcud: update 1.9.1 bottle.
aspell.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
assh.rb assh: add 2.2.0 bottle.
assimp.rb assimp: update 3.1.1 bottle.
astyle.rb astyle: update 2.05.1 bottle.
at-spi2-atk.rb at-spi2-atk: update 2.18.1 bottle.
at-spi2-core.rb at-spi2-core: update 2.18.3 bottle.
atdtool.rb Formula files style updates.
aterm.rb aterm: update 2.8 bottle.
atf.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
atk.rb atk: update 2.18.0_1 bottle.
atkmm.rb atkmm: update 2.24.2 bottle.
atomicparsley.rb atomicparsley: update 0.9.6 bottle.
atool.rb atool: update 0.39.0 bottle.
ats2-postiats.rb ats2-postiats: update 0.2.4 bottle.
aubio.rb aubio: fix python build error.
audiofile.rb audiofile: --with-test added
augeas.rb augeas: update 1.4.0 bottle.
aurora-cli.rb aurora-cli: update 0.11.0 bottle.
auto-scaling.rb aws-as: bottle unneeded
autobench.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
autocode.rb autocode: update 1.1.4 bottle.
autoconf-archive.rb autoconf-archive: update 2015.09.25 bottle.
autoconf.rb autoconf: update 2.69 bottle.
autoenv.rb autoenv: bottle unneeded
autogen.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
autojump.rb autojump: add 22.3.0 bottle.
automake.rb automake: audit fixes
automoc4.rb Formula files style updates.
automysqlbackup.rb automysqlbackup: use secure homepage
autopano-sift-c.rb autopano-sift-c: add 2.5.1 bottle.
autopsy.rb autopsy: bottle unneeded
autossh.rb autossh: update 1.4e bottle.
autotrace.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
avce00.rb audit fixes: A: ascii, asciidoc, atool, autotrace, avce00, avra, avrdude
avian.rb avian: update 1.2.0 bottle.
avidemux.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
aview.rb Formula files style updates.
avra.rb avra: update 1.3.0 bottle.
avrdude.rb avrdude: update 6.2 bottle.
avro-c.rb avro-c: add 1.7.7 bottle.
avro-cpp.rb avro-cpp: add 1.7.7 bottle.
avro-tools.rb avro-tools: bottle unneeded
awf.rb awf: audit fixes
aws-apigateway-importer.rb aws-apigateway-importer: use new java_cache env
aws-cfn-tools.rb aws-cfn-tools: bottle unneeded
aws-cloudsearch.rb aws-cloudsearch: bottle unneeded
aws-elasticache.rb aws-elasticache: bottle unneeded
aws-elasticbeanstalk.rb aws-elasticbeanstalk: update 3.7.3 bottle.
aws-sns-cli.rb aws-sns-cli: bottle unneeded
awscli.rb awscli: update 1.10.1 bottle.
axel.rb axel: update 2.4 bottle.
azure-cli.rb azure-cli: update 0.9.13 bottle.
b43-fwcutter.rb b43-fwcutter: add 019 bottle.
babeld.rb babeld: update 1.6.2 bottle.
babl.rb babl: update 0.1.14 bottle.
backupninja.rb backupninja: add 1.0.1 bottle.
bacula-fd.rb bacula-fd: update 7.0.5 bottle.
bagit.rb bagit: bottle unneeded
balance.rb balance: add 3.57 bottle.
bam.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
baobab.rb baobab: update 3.18.1 bottle.
bar.rb bar: bottle unneeded
baresip.rb baresip: update 0.4.17 bottle.
base64.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
basex.rb basex 8.4
bash-completion.rb bash-completion: add another patch link
bash-git-prompt.rb bash-git-prompt 2.4.1
bash-preexec.rb bash-preexec 0.2.3
bash.rb bash: audit fixes
bashdb.rb bashdb: add 4.3-0.91 bottle.
bashish.rb Formula files style updates.
batik.rb batik: bottle unneeded
bats.rb audit fixes: B: backupninja - bigdata
bazaar.rb bazaar: update 2.7.0 bottle.
bazel.rb bazel: update 0.1.5 bottle.
bbcolors.rb batch http->https fixes
bbe.rb bbe: use https homepage
bbftp-client.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bchunk.rb Formula files style updates.
bcpp.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bcrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bdw-gc.rb bdw-gc: add head
beansdb.rb Formula files style updates.
beanstalk.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bear.rb bear: update 2.1.2 bottle.
bee.rb bee: bottle unneeded
beecrypt.rb beecrypt: update 4.2.1_4 bottle.
berkeley-db.rb berkeley-db: update 6.1.26 bottle.
berkeley-db4.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
betty.rb betty: bottle unneeded
bfg.rb bfg 1.12.8
bgpdump.rb bgpdump: update bottle.
bgpq3.rb bgpq3: update 0.1.31 bottle.
bgrep.rb bgrep: HEAD added
bib-tool.rb bib-tool: update 2.63 bottle.
bibclean.rb bibclean: update 2.17 bottle.
bibtex2html.rb bibtex2html: update 1.98 bottle.
bibtexconv.rb bibtexconv: self-reference removed in test
bibutils.rb bibutils: update 5.6 bottle.
bigdata.rb bigdata 1.5.3
bigloo.rb bigloo: use secure homepage
bind.rb bind: update 9.10.3-P3 bottle.
binkd.rb binkd: add 1.0.4 bottle.
binutils.rb binutils: update 2.25.1 bottle.
binwalk.rb binwalk: style nit
bip.rb bip: update 0.8.9_1 bottle.
bison.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bitchx.rb bitchx: audit fix
bitlbee.rb bitlbee: update 3.4.1_1 bottle.
bitrise.rb bitrise: update 1.2.4 bottle.
bittwist.rb bittwist: add 2.0 bottle.
blahtexml.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
blazeblogger.rb blazeblogger: update 1.2.0 bottle.
blink1.rb blink1: update 1.98 bottle.
blitz.rb Formula files style updates.
blitzwave.rb Formula files style updates.
blockhash.rb blockhash: update 0.1 bottle.
bltool.rb Remove indefinite article from description
blucat.rb formulae: various audit fixes
blueutil.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bmake.rb bmake: update 20150606 bottle.
bmon.rb bmon: update 3.8 bottle.
bogofilter.rb Formula files style updates.
bokken.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bonnie++.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
boost-bcp.rb boost-bcp: update 1.60.0 bottle.
boost-build.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
boost-python.rb boost-python: update 1.60.0 bottle.
boost.rb boost: update 1.60.0_1 bottle.
boot-clj.rb boot-clj 2.5.2
boot2docker.rb boot2docker: update 1.8.0_1 bottle.
botan.rb botan: update 1.10.12 bottle.
box2d.rb box2d: add 2.3.1 bottle.
boxes.rb boxes: update 1.1.2 bottle.
bpm-tools.rb bpm-tools: add 0.3 bottle.
brag.rb brag: bottle unneeded
brew-gem.rb brew-gem v0.6.1
brew-pip.rb Overhaul, simplify and cleanup documentation.
briss.rb briss: bottle unneeded
bro.rb bro: update 2.4.1 bottle.
brotli.rb brotli: update 0.3.0 bottle.
browser.rb browser: bottle unneeded
bsdconv.rb Formula files style updates.
bsdiff.rb Formula files style updates.
bsdmake.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bsdsfv.rb Formula files style updates.
bsponmpi.rb bsponmpi: add 0.3 bottle.
btparse.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
btpd.rb btpd: audit fixes
buildapp.rb buildapp: update 1.5.5 bottle.
bulk_extractor.rb bulk_extractor: update 1.5.5_1 bottle.
bullet.rb bullet: update 2.83.6 bottle.
bup.rb bup: update 0.27 bottle.
burl.rb burl: bottle unneeded
burp.rb burp: audit fixes
bvi.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bwctl.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
bwm-ng.rb bwm-ng: use https urls
byacc.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
byobu.rb byobu: audit fixes
bzr-fastimport.rb bzr-fastimport: update 0.13.0_1 bottle.
c-ares.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
c-kermit.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cabal-install.rb cabal-install: Allow clang for Lion and above.
cabextract.rb cabextract: update 1.6 bottle.
cabocha.rb cabocha: audit fixes
cadaver.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
caddy.rb caddy: update 0.8.1 bottle.
cadubi.rb cadubi: bottle unneeded
caf.rb caf: use --without-test
cairo.rb cairo: update 1.14.6 bottle.
cairomm.rb cairomm: update 1.12.0 bottle.
cake.rb cake 0.8.0
calabash.rb calabash: bottle unneeded
calc.rb calc: audit fixes
calcurse.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
camellia.rb Formula files style updates.
camlistore.rb camlistore: update 0.9 bottle.
camlp4.rb camlp4: update 4.02.3+6 bottle.
camlp5.rb camlp5: audit fix
capnp.rb capnp: update 0.5.3 bottle.
capstone.rb capstone: update 3.0.4 bottle.
carina.rb carina: update 1.1.1 bottle.
carthage.rb carthage: update 0.13 bottle.
cask.rb cask 0.7.4
casperjs.rb casperjs 1.1-beta4 (devel)
cassandra.rb cassandra: add test block
catimg.rb catimg: add 2.2.1 bottle.
cattle.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
caudec.rb caudec: audit fix
cayley.rb cayley: update 0.4.1_1 bottle.
cbmbasic.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cc65.rb cc65: audit fixes
ccache.rb ccache: update 3.2.3 bottle.
ccal.rb ccal: add 2.5.3 bottle.
ccat.rb ccat: update 1.1.0 bottle.
ccd2iso.rb ccd2iso: add 0.3 bottle.
ccextractor.rb ccextractor: update 0.78 bottle.
cclive.rb Formula files style updates.
ccm.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cconv.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ccrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cctools-headers.rb cctools-headers: audit fix
cctools.rb cctools: audit fix
ccze.rb ccze: add 0.2.1 bottle.
cd-discid.rb cd-discid: prefer berkeley mirror
cdargs.rb cdargs: add 1.35 bottle.
cdb.rb cdb: update 0.75 bottle.
cdecl.rb Formula files style updates.
cdiff.rb cdiff 0.9.8
cdk.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cdlabelgen.rb cdlabelgen: add 4.3.0 bottle.
cdparanoia.rb cdparanoia: use an https homepage url
cdpr.rb cdpr: add 2.4 bottle.
cdrdao.rb cdrdao: update two links in comments
cdrtools.rb cdrtools 3.02a06 (devel)
center-im.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
cereal.rb cereal: use --with-test
cern-ndiff.rb cern-ndiff: use https homepage
ceylon.rb ceylon: use new java_cache env
cf.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cfengine.rb cfengine: update 3.8.0 bottle.
cfitsio.rb cfitsio: update 3.370 bottle.
cflow.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cfr-decompiler.rb cfr-decompiler 0.110
cfssl.rb cfssl: add 1.1.0 bottle.
cfv.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cgal.rb cgal: update 4.7 bottle.
cgdb.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cgrep.rb cgrep: simplify formula
cgvg.rb cgvg: update 1.6.3 bottle.
chadwick.rb chadwick: audit fix
chaiscript.rb chaiscript: add 5.7.1 bottle.
chapel.rb chapel: update 1.12.0 bottle.
charm-tools.rb charm-tools: update 1.11.1 bottle.
chcase.rb chcase: bottle unneeded
cheat.rb cheat: update 2.1.18 bottle.
check.rb check: update homepage URL
check_postgres.rb check_postgres: use https urls
checkbashisms.rb checkbashisms: bottle unneeded
checkstyle.rb checkstyle: bottle unneeded
cherokee.rb cherokee: audit fix
chgems.rb Formula files style updates.
chibi-scheme.rb chibi-scheme: update 0.7.3 bottle.
chicken.rb chicken: update 4.10.0 bottle.
chinadns-c.rb chinadns-c: update 1.3.2 bottle.
chipmunk.rb chipmunk: use https urls
chisel.rb chisel 1.4.0
chkrootkit.rb chkrootkit: prefer berkeley debian mirror
chmlib.rb chmlib: update 0.40 bottle.
choose-gui.rb choose-gui: add 1.0 bottle.
choose.rb choose: update 0.1.0 bottle.
chordii.rb chordii: add 4.5.1 bottle.
chromaprint.rb chromaprint: update 1.3 bottle.
chrome-cli.rb chrome-cli: update 1.5.0 bottle.
chromedriver.rb chromedriver 2.21
chruby-fish.rb chruby-fish: update 0.7.2 bottle.
chruby.rb Formula files style updates.
chuck.rb chuck: update bottle.
cidrmerge.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cifer.rb cifer: add 1.2.0 bottle.
cig.rb cig: update 0.1.5 bottle.
cimg.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cityhash.rb Formula files style updates.
cjdns.rb cjdns: update 17.1 bottle.
cksfv.rb cksfv: add 1.3.14 bottle.
clamav.rb clamav: audit fixes
clamz.rb Formula files style updates.
clang-format.rb clang-format: update 2016-01-05 bottle.
clang-omp.rb clang-omp: audit fix
clasp.rb clasp: update 3.1.3 bottle.
class-dump.rb class-dump: update 3.5 bottle.
classads.rb classads: add 1.0.10 bottle.
clean.rb Formula files style updates.
clearlooks-phenix.rb clearlooks-phenix: bottle unneeded
clens.rb Formula files style updates.
cless.rb cless: simplify formula
clhep.rb clhep: update bottle.
clib.rb clib: update 1.7.0 bottle.
cliclick.rb Formula files style updates.
clipper.rb clipper: add 0.2_1 bottle.
clipsafe.rb clipsafe: add 1.1 bottle.
clisp.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
cln.rb cln: use --without-test
cloc.rb cloc: add HEAD.
clockywock.rb clockywock: add 0.3.1a bottle.
clog.rb clog: audit fix
clojurescript.rb clojurescript 1.7.228
cloog.rb cloog: update 0.18.4 bottle.
closure-compiler.rb closure-compiler: update 20151216 bottle.
closure-linter.rb closure-linter: update 2.3.19 bottle.
cloud-watch.rb cloud-watch: bottle unneeded
cloudbees-sdk.rb cloudbees-sdk: bottle unneeded
clozure-cl.rb clozure-cl 1.11
clpbar.rb Formula files style updates.
clucene.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
clutter-gst.rb clutter-gst: update 3.0.14 bottle.
clutter-gtk.rb clutter-gtk: update 1.6.6 bottle.
clutter.rb clutter: update 1.24.2 bottle.
cmake.rb cmake: update 3.4.3 bottle.
cmatrix.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cmigemo.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cmocka.rb cmocka: update 1.0.1 bottle.
cmockery.rb cmockery: add 0.1.2 bottle.
cmockery2.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cmu-pocketsphinx.rb Formula files style updates.
cmu-sphinxbase.rb Formula files style updates.
cmuclmtk.rb Formula files style updates.
cmus.rb cmus: Add jack support
cntlm.rb Formula files style updates.
coccinelle.rb coccinelle: update 1.0.4 bottle.
cocot.rb Formula files style updates.
coda-cli.rb coda-cli: bottle unneeded
codec2.rb codec2: add 0.5 bottle.
codemod.rb codemod 20151117 (import from head-only)
codequery.rb codequery: make test compatible with sandbox
cogl.rb cogl: update 1.22.0 bottle.
coin.rb Formula files style updates.
collada-dom.rb collada-dom: fix spacing
collectd.rb collectd: enable write_riemann plugin via option
colordiff.rb colordiff: update 1.0.16 bottle.
colormake.rb colormake: bottle unneeded
colorsvn.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
colortail.rb colortail: add 0.3.4 bottle.
commonmark.rb commonmark: update 0.24.1 bottle.
compcert.rb compcert: update 2.5 bottle.
compface.rb Formula files style updates.
concurrencykit.rb concurrencykit: update 0.5.1 bottle.
confuse.rb confuse: update 2.8 bottle.
conserver.rb Formula files style updates.
consul-template.rb consul-template: update 0.12.0 bottle.
consul.rb consul: add head
contacts.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
convertlit.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
convmv.rb convmv: add 2.0 bottle.
cookiecutter.rb cookiecutter: update 1.3.0 bottle.
coq.rb coq: audit fixes
corectl.rb corectl: update 0.5.4 bottle.
corelocationcli.rb corelocationcli: add 2.0.0 bottle.
coreutils.rb coreutils: update 8.25 bottle.
corkscrew.rb corkscrew: add 2.0 bottle.
coturn.rb coturn: update bottle.
couchdb-lucene.rb couchdb-lucene: update 1.0.2 bottle.
couchdb.rb couchdb: update 1.6.1_4 bottle.
couchpotatoserver.rb couchpotatoserver: bottle unneeded
cowpatty.rb cowpatty: add 4.6 bottle.
cowsay.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cpanminus.rb cpanminus 1.7040
cpansearch.rb Formula files style updates.
cpmtools.rb cpmtools: update 2.20 bottle.
cpp-netlib.rb cpp-netlib: update 0.11.2 bottle.
cppcheck.rb cppcheck: update 1.72 bottle.
cppcms.rb cppcms: a few style tweaks.
cppformat.rb cppformat: update 2.0.0 bottle.
cppi.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cpprestsdk.rb cpprestsdk: add missing whitespace.
cpptest.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cppunit.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cpputest.rb Formula files style updates.
cproto.rb cproto: update 4.7m bottle.
cpulimit.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cputhrottle.rb cputhrottle: update 20100515 bottle.
cracklib.rb cracklib: update 2.9.5 bottle.
crash.rb crash: use secure resource url
creduce.rb creduce: audit fix
crf++.rb crf++: add 0.58 bottle.
crm114.rb crm114: add 20100106 bottle.
cromwell.rb cromwell 0.17
cronolog.rb cronolog: update 1.6.2 bottle.
crosstool-ng.rb crosstool-ng: update 1.22.0 bottle.
crunch.rb crunch: update 3.6 bottle.
crush-tools.rb crush-tools: conflict with 'num-utils' added
cryptol.rb cryptol: update 2.3.0 bottle.
cryptopp.rb cryptopp: bump revision
crystal-lang.rb crystal-lang: style nit
crystax-ndk.rb crystax-ndk 10.3.1
cscope.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
csfml.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
csmith.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cspice.rb cspice: audit fixes
css-crush.rb css-crush: bottle unneeded
cssembed.rb cssembed: bottle unneeded
csshx.rb csshx: bottle unneeded
csup.rb audit fixes: C 06: csup - cups-pdf
csv-fix.rb Formula files style updates.
csvprintf.rb csvprintf: add 1.0.3 bottle.
csync.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ctags.rb ctags: spacing
ctail.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ctemplate.rb ctemplate: use https urls
ctl.rb ctl: update 1.5.2_1 bottle.
ctorrent.rb ctorrent: add 3.3.2_1 bottle.
ctunnel.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cubeb.rb cubeb: add 0.2 bottle.
cuetools.rb cuetools: update 1.4.1 bottle.
cunit.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cups-pdf.rb audit fixes: C 06: csup - cups-pdf
curaengine.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
curl.rb curl: update 7.47.1 bottle.
curlish.rb Remove indefinite article from description
curlpp.rb curlpp: update 0.7.3 bottle.
cutter.rb cutter: update 1.2.5 bottle.
cuty_capt.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cvc4.rb cvc4: use https url
cvs.rb cvs: use "apply" for patching
cvs2svn.rb cvs2svn: fix strict audit.
cvsps.rb Formula files style updates.
cvsutils.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cvsync.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cweb.rb cweb: update 3.64ad bottle.
cxxtest.rb cxxtest: audit fix
czmq.rb czmq: update 3.0.2_3 bottle.
d-bus.rb d-bus: use secure url
daemon.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
daemonize.rb Formula files style updates.
daemonlogger.rb daemonlogger: update 1.2.1 bottle.
daemontools.rb daemontools: update 0.76 bottle.
dante.rb dante: use https urls
daq.rb daq: update 2.0.6 bottle.
dar.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
darcs.rb darcs: update 2.10.3 bottle.
dark-mode.rb dark-mode: update 1.0.1 bottle.
darkhttpd.rb darkhttpd: add 1.12 bottle.
darkice.rb Formula files style updates.
darkstat.rb darkstat: update 3.0.719 bottle.
dash.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dasm.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
datetime-fortran.rb datetime-fortran: add 1.4.2 bottle.
dateutils.rb dateutils: update 0.3.3 bottle.
datomic.rb datomic 0.9.5344
davix.rb davix: update 0.5.0 bottle.
davmail.rb davmail: bottle unneeded
dbacl.rb Formula files style updates.
dbus-glib.rb dbus-glib: use secure url
dbxml.rb dbxml: update 6.0.18 bottle.
dc3dd.rb dc3dd: add 7.1.614 bottle.
dcadec.rb dcadec: add 0.1.0 bottle.
dcal.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dcd.rb dcd: update 0.7.5 bottle.
dcfldd.rb Formula files style updates.
dcled.rb dcled: add 2.2 bottle.
dcmtk.rb dcmtk: remove dead option
dcraw.rb dcraw: update 9.26.0 bottle.
ddar.rb ddar: audit fixes
ddate.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ddclient.rb ddclient: use secure homepage
ddrescue.rb ddrescue: update 1.20 bottle.
debianutils.rb debianutils: update 4.5.1 bottle.
deheader.rb deheader: add 1.2 bottle.
deis.rb deis: update 1.12.2 bottle.
deisctl.rb deisctl: update 1.12.2 bottle.
deja-gnu.rb deja-gnu: add 1.5.3 bottle.
delta.rb delta: update 2006.08.03 bottle.
denominator.rb denominator: bottle unneeded
dependency-check.rb dependency-check 1.3.4
depqbf.rb depqbf: update 4.01 bottle.
desk.rb desk 0.4.1
desktop-file-utils.rb desktop-file-utils: update 0.22 bottle.
detox.rb detox: audit fixes
devd.rb devd: update 0.3_1 bottle.
devhelp.rb devhelp: add 3.18.1 bottle.
devil.rb devil: audit fix
devtodo.rb Formula files style updates.
dex.rb dex: update 1.0 bottle.
dex2jar.rb dex2jar: bottle unneeded
dfc.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dfix.rb dfix: update 0.3.1 bottle.
dfmt.rb dfmt: update 0.4.4 bottle.
dfu-programmer.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dfu-util.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dhcpdump.rb dhcpdump: add 1.8 bottle.
dhcping.rb dhcping, dnstracer: add mirrors
dhex.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
di.rb di: add 4.36 bottle.
dialog.rb dialog: update 1.2-20150920 bottle.
dict.rb Formula files style updates.
diction.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dieharder.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
diff-pdf.rb diff-pdf: update 0.2_7 bottle.
diffoscope.rb diffoscope: use upstream committed patch.
diffuse.rb diffuse went quartz-only
digitemp.rb digitemp: add 3.7.1 bottle.
dirac.rb Formula files style updates.
dircproxy.rb Formula files style updates.
direnv.rb direnv: update 2.7.0 bottle.
dirmngr.rb dirmngr: sync mirror with other gnupg formulae
dirt.rb dirt: add 1.0 bottle.
disco.rb disco: audit fixes
discodex.rb Formula files style updates.
discount.rb discount: update 2.1.8a bottle.
disktype.rb disktype: fix bottle misplacement
distcc.rb distcc: fix strict audit.
distribution.rb distribution 1.2.2
ditaa.rb ditaa: bottle unneeded
djbdns.rb djbdns: update 1.05 bottle.
djview4.rb djview4: update 4.10.5 bottle.
djvu2pdf.rb djvu2pdf: bottle unneeded
djvulibre.rb djvulibre: update 3.5.27 bottle.
dlite.rb dlite 1.1.3 (new formula)
dmalloc.rb Formula files style updates.
dmd.rb dmd: update 2.070.0_1 bottle.
dmtx-utils.rb Formula files style updates.
dns2tcp.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dnscrypt-proxy.rb dnscrypt-proxy: update 1.6.1 bottle.
dnscrypt-wrapper.rb dnscrypt-wrapper: update 0.2_2 bottle.
dnsmap.rb Formula files style updates.
dnsmasq.rb dnsmasq: update 2.75 bottle.
dnsperf.rb dnsperf: use secure homepage url and follow redir
dnsrend.rb dnsrend: update 0.08 bottle.
dnstop.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dnstracer.rb dhcping, dnstracer: add mirrors
dnstwist.rb dnstwist: update 1.02 bottle.
docbook-xsl.rb docbook-xsl: update 1.78.1_1 bottle.
docbook.rb Overhaul, simplify and cleanup documentation.
docbook2x.rb Formula files style updates.
docker-cloud.rb docker-cloud: add 1.0.1 bottle.
docker-compose.rb docker-compose: update 1.6.0 bottle.
docker-machine-driver-xhyve.rb docker-machine-driver-xhyve: make docker-machine recommended
docker-machine-parallels.rb docker-machine-parallels: update 1.1.1_1 bottle.
docker-machine.rb docker-machine: update 0.6.0 bottle.
docker-swarm.rb docker-swarm: update 1.1.0 bottle.
docker.rb docker: update 1.10.0 bottle.
dockutil.rb dockutil: bottle unneeded
dockviz.rb dockviz: add 0.3 bottle.
doctl.rb doctl: update 0.0.16 bottle.
doitlive.rb doitlive: update 2.4.0 bottle.
dos2unix.rb dos2unix 7.3.3-beta2 (devel)
double-conversion.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
doublecpp.rb Formula files style updates.
doubledown.rb doubledown: bottle unneeded
dovecot.rb dovecot: update 2.2.21 bottle.
doxygen.rb doxygen: update 1.8.11 bottle.
doxymacs.rb doxymacs: add 1.8.0 bottle.
dpkg.rb dpkg: prefer berkeley debian mirror
drake.rb drake: update 1.0.1 bottle.
drip.rb Formula files style updates.
dromeaudio.rb dromeaudio: add 0.3.0 bottle.
dropbear.rb dropbear: update 2015.71 bottle.
dsd.rb dsd: don't patch head
dsh.rb dsh: use https urls
dshb.rb dshb: add 0.1.0 bottle.
dsocks.rb dsocks: add 1.8 bottle.
dspdfviewer.rb dspdfviewer: audit fix
dtach.rb Formula files style updates.
dtc.rb dtc: prefer berkeley debian mirror
dterm.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dtrx.rb Formula files style updates.
dub.rb dub: use https homepage
duck.rb duck: update bottle.
duff.rb Formula files style updates.
duo_unix.rb duo_unix: update 1.9.17 bottle.
duplicity.rb duplicity: update 0.7.06_1 bottle.
duply.rb duply 1.11.1
dupseek.rb dupseek: add 1.3 bottle.
duti.rb formulae: various audit fixes
dvd+rw-tools.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdauthor.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdbackup.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdrtools.rb formulae: various audit fixes
dvorak7min.rb dvorak7min: update 1.6.1 bottle.
dvtm.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dwarf.rb dwarf: needs gcc-4.9 to compile
dwarfutils.rb dwarfutils: add 20150507 bottle.
dwatch.rb Formula files style updates.
dwdiff.rb dwdiff: update 2.1.0_1 bottle.
dxflib.rb dxflib: update bottle.
dxpy.rb dxpy: update 0.172.0 bottle.
dyld-headers.rb dyld-headers 360.18
dylibbundler.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dynamips.rb Formula files style updates.
dynamodb-local.rb dynamodb-local 2016-01-07_1.0
e2fsprogs.rb e2fsprogs: update 1.42.13 bottle.
easy-git.rb easy-git: bottle unneeded
ebook-tools.rb ebook-tools: update 0.2.2_1 bottle.