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Latest commit b2db15b @BrewTestBot BrewTestBot committed with mikemcquaid mkvtoolnix: update 8.6.0 bottle.
Sorry, we had to truncate this directory to 1,000 files. 2,325 entries were omitted from the list.
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a2ps.rb a2ps: update 4.14 bottle.
a52dec.rb a52dec: add 0.7.4 bottle.
aacgain.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aalib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aamath.rb Formula files style updates.
aap.rb aap: add 1.094 bottle.
aardvark_shell_utils.rb aardvark_shell_utils: add conflict with coreutils
abcde.rb abcde: prefer berkeley debian mirror
abcl.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
abcm2ps.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
abcmidi.rb abcmidi: update 2015-08-06 bottle.
abduco.rb Formula files style updates.
abi-compliance-checker.rb Formula files style updates.
abnfgen.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
abook.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ace.rb ace: use an https homepage url
aces_container.rb aces_container: add 1.0.1 bottle.
ack.rb ack: bottle unneeded
acme.rb acme: update 0.91 bottle.
acpica.rb acpica: update 20150717 bottle.
activemq-cpp.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
activemq.rb activemq: bottle unneeded
admesh.rb admesh: update 0.98.2 bottle.
adns.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
adplug.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
advancecomp.rb advancecomp: follow homepage redirect
aescrypt-packetizer.rb aescrypt-packetizer: update 3.10 bottle.
aescrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aeskeyfind.rb aeskeyfind: update 1.0 bottle.
aespipe.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afflib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afio.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
afl-fuzz.rb afl-fuzz: update 1.95b bottle.
afsctool.rb afsctool: add 1.6.4 bottle.
aften.rb Formula files style updates.
agda.rb agda: assign minimum emacs version
aget.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aggregate.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
aha.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ahcpd.rb Formula files style updates.
aiccu.rb aiccu: use an https url
aide.rb aide: add 0.15.1 bottle.
aircrack-ng.rb aircrack-ng: update 1.1_2 bottle.
airspy.rb airspy: add 1.0.6 bottle.
akka.rb akka: restore https url
alac.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
aldo.rb aldo: add 0.7.7 bottle.
algernon.rb algernon: update 0.86 bottle.
algol68g.rb batch http->https fixes
align.rb align: conflicts with speech-tools
allegro.rb allegro: update 5.0.11 bottle.
alpine.rb alpine: update 2.20 bottle.
alure.rb alure: nit
amap.rb amap: update 5.4_1 bottle.
amazon-ecs-cli.rb amazon-ecs-cli: add 0.1.0 bottle.
ammonite-repl.rb ammonite-repl: add 0.4.8 bottle.
amtterm.rb amtterm: use https urls
analog.rb analog: update 6.0_1 bottle.
android-ndk.rb android-ndk: conflicts with crystax-ndk
android-platform-tools.rb android-platform-tools: bottle unneeded
android-sdk.rb android-sdk: don't need a bottle.
anjuta.rb anjuta: update 3.18.2 bottle.
ansible-cmdb.rb ansible-cmdb: add 1.6 bottle.
ansible.rb ansible 2.0.0-0.6.rc1 (devel)
ansifilter.rb ansifilter: update 1.12 bottle.
ansiweather.rb ansiweather: fix test
ant-contrib.rb ant-contrib: bottle unneeded
ant.rb ant: update 1.9.6 bottle.
antigen.rb antigen: bottle unneeded
antiword.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
antlr.rb antlr: don't hardcode prefix/version in wrapper
anttweakbar.rb anttweakbar: update 1.16 bottle.
aoeui.rb aoeui: add 1.6 bottle.
apache-archiva.rb apache-archiva: bottle unneeded
apache-drill.rb apache-drill 1.2.0
apache-forrest.rb apache-forrest: add 0.9 bottle.
apache-opennlp.rb apache-opennlp: bottle unneeded
apache-spark.rb apache-spark 1.5.2
apachetop.rb apachetop: update 0.12.6 bottle.
ape.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
apel.rb apel: formula-specific directory in site-lisp
apg.rb apg: update 2.2.3 bottle.
apgdiff.rb Formula files style updates.
apib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
apktool.rb apktool: update 2.0.2 bottle.
apngasm.rb apngasm: update 3.1.6 bottle.
apollo.rb apollo: use secure maven resource url
app-engine-go-32.rb app-engine-go-32: conflicts with app-engine-go-64, app-engine-python
app-engine-go-64.rb app-engine-go-64: conflicts with app-engine-go-32, app-engine-python
app-engine-java.rb app-engine-java: bottle unneeded
app-engine-python.rb app-engine-python: add remaining executable symlinks to bin
apparix.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
appledoc.rb appledoc: add 2.2.1 bottle.
appscale-tools.rb appscale-tools: update 2.5.0 bottle.
apr-util.rb apr-util: use opt_lib/opt_include helpers
apr.rb apr: update 1.5.2 bottle.
apt-cacher-ng.rb apt-cacher-ng: update 0.8.6 bottle.
apt-dater.rb apt-dater: use an https homepage url
aptly.rb aptly: update 0.9.5 bottle.
aqbanking.rb aqbanking: update 5.5.1 bottle.
arabica.rb Formula files style updates.
arangodb.rb arangodb: update 2.7.1 bottle.
archey.rb archey 1.5.2
archivemail.rb archivemail: add 0.9.0 bottle.
argp-standalone.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
argtable.rb Formula files style updates.
argus-clients.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
argus.rb argus: update bottle.
argyll-cms.rb argyll-cms: conflicts with num-utils
aria2.rb aria2: update 1.19.2 bottle.
arm.rb arm: bottle unneeded
arp-scan.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
arp-sk.rb Formula files style updates.
arping.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
arpoison.rb arpoison: update 0.7 bottle.
arpon.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
arss.rb Formula files style updates.
artifactory.rb artifactory: bottle unneeded
arx.rb arx: add 0.2.1 bottle.
ascii.rb audit fixes: A: ascii, asciidoc, atool, autotrace, avce00, avra, avrdude
asciidoc.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
asciinema.rb asciinema: update 1.1.1 bottle.
asciitex.rb asciitex: add 0.21 bottle.
asio.rb asio: use https homepage
asm6.rb Formula files style updates.
asn1c.rb asn1c: use an https homepage url
aspcud.rb aspcud: update 1.9.1 bottle.
aspell.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
assimp.rb assimp: update 3.1.1 bottle.
astyle.rb astyle: update 2.05.1 bottle.
at-spi2-atk.rb at-spi2-atk: update 2.18.1 bottle.
at-spi2-core.rb at-spi2-core: update 2.18.3 bottle.
atdtool.rb Formula files style updates.
aterm.rb aterm: update 2.8 bottle.
atf.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
atk.rb atk: update 2.18.0 bottle.
atkmm.rb atkmm: update 2.24.1 bottle.
atomicparsley.rb atomicparsley: update 0.9.6 bottle.
atool.rb atool: update 0.39.0 bottle.
ats2-postiats.rb ats2-postiats: update 0.2.4 bottle.
aubio.rb aubio: use https urls
audiofile.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
augeas.rb augeas: update 1.4.0 bottle.
aurora-cli.rb aurora-cli: add 0.10.0 bottle.
auto-scaling.rb aws-as: bottle unneeded
autobench.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
autocode.rb autocode: use secure url in test
autoconf-archive.rb autoconf-archive: update 2015.02.24 bottle.
autoconf.rb autoconf: update 2.69 bottle.
autoenv.rb autoenv: bottle unneeded
autogen.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
autojump.rb autojump: update repo location.
automake.rb automake: better test
automoc4.rb Formula files style updates.
automysqlbackup.rb automysqlbackup: use secure homepage
autopano-sift-c.rb Formula files style updates.
autopsy.rb autopsy: bottle unneeded
autossh.rb autossh: update 1.4e bottle.
autotrace.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
avce00.rb audit fixes: A: ascii, asciidoc, atool, autotrace, avce00, avra, avrdude
avian.rb avian: update 1.2.0 bottle.
avidemux.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
aview.rb Formula files style updates.
avra.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
avrdude.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
avro-c.rb Formula files style updates.
avro-cpp.rb avro-cpp: add 1.7.7 bottle.
avro-tools.rb avro-tools: bottle unneeded
awf.rb awf: add 1.3.0 bottle.
aws-cfn-tools.rb aws-cfn-tools: bottle unneeded
aws-cloudsearch.rb aws-cloudsearch: bottle unneeded
aws-elasticache.rb aws-elasticache: bottle unneeded
aws-elasticbeanstalk.rb aws-elasticbeanstalk: update 3.6 bottle.
aws-sns-cli.rb aws-sns-cli: bottle unneeded
awscli.rb awscli: update 1.9.9 bottle.
axel.rb axel: update 2.4 bottle.
b43-fwcutter.rb b43-fwcutter: add 019 bottle.
babeld.rb babeld: update 1.6.2 bottle.
babl.rb babl: update 0.1.12 bottle.
backupninja.rb backupninja: add 1.0.1 bottle.
bacula-fd.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bagit.rb bagit: bottle unneeded
balance.rb balance: add 3.57 bottle.
bam.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
baobab.rb baobab: update 3.18.1 bottle.
bar.rb bar: bottle unneeded
baresip.rb baresip: update 0.4.13 bottle.
base64.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
basex.rb basex 8.3.1
bash-completion.rb bash-completion: update 1.3 bottle.
bash-git-prompt.rb bash-git-prompt: bottle unneeded
bash.rb bash: update 4.3.42 bottle.
bashdb.rb bashdb: add 4.3-0.91 bottle.
bashish.rb Formula files style updates.
batik.rb batik: bottle unneeded
bats.rb audit fixes: B: backupninja - bigdata
bazaar.rb bazaar: update 2.6.0_2 bottle.
bazel.rb bazel: update 0.1.1 bottle.
bbcolors.rb batch http->https fixes
bbe.rb Formula files style updates.
bbftp-client.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bchunk.rb Formula files style updates.
bcpp.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bcrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bdw-gc.rb bdw-gc: add head
beansdb.rb Formula files style updates.
beanstalk.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bear.rb bear: update 2.1.2 bottle.
bee.rb bee: bottle unneeded
beecrypt.rb beecrypt: update 4.2.1_4 bottle.
berkeley-db.rb berkeley-db: update 6.1.26 bottle.
berkeley-db4.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
betty.rb betty: bottle unneeded
bfg.rb bfg: bottle unneeded
bgpdump.rb bgpdump: update bottle.
bgpq3.rb bgpq3: update 0.1.31 bottle.
bgrep.rb bgrep: add 0.2 bottle.
bib-tool.rb bib-tool: update 2.61 bottle.
bibclean.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bibtex2html.rb bibtex2html: update 1.98 bottle.
bibtexconv.rb bibtexconv: self-reference removed in test
bibutils.rb bibutils: update 5.6 bottle.
bigdata.rb bigdata: bottle unneeded
bigloo.rb bigloo: use secure homepage
bind.rb bind: update 9.10.3 bottle.
binutils.rb binutils: update 2.25.1 bottle.
binwalk.rb binwalk: remove broken bottle
bip.rb bip: update 0.8.9_1 bottle.
bison.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bitchx.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bitlbee.rb bitlbee: Add libevent option
bitrise.rb bitrise: update 1.2.4 bottle.
bittwist.rb bittwist: add 2.0 bottle.
blahtexml.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
blazeblogger.rb blazeblogger: update 1.2.0 bottle.
blink1.rb blink1: follow redirect, use https in homepage
blitz.rb Formula files style updates.
blitzwave.rb Formula files style updates.
blockhash.rb blockhash: update 0.1 bottle.
bltool.rb Remove indefinite article from description
blucat.rb formulae: various audit fixes
blueutil.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bmake.rb bmake: update 20150606 bottle.
bmon.rb bmon: update 3.8 bottle.
bogofilter.rb Formula files style updates.
bokken.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bonnie++.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
boost-bcp.rb boost-bcp: update 1.59.0 bottle.
boost-build.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
boost-python.rb boost-python: update 1.59.0 bottle.
boost.rb boost: update 1.59.0 bottle.
boot-clj.rb boot-clj 2.4.2
boot2docker.rb boot2docker: update 1.8.0 bottle.
botan.rb botan 1.11.24 (devel)
box2d.rb box2d: add 2.3.1 bottle.
boxes.rb boxes: update 1.1.2 bottle.
bpm-tools.rb bpm-tools: add 0.3 bottle.
brag.rb brag: bottle unneeded
brew-gem.rb brew-gem: bottle unneeded
brew-pip.rb brew-pip: bottle unneeded
briss.rb briss: bottle unneeded
bro.rb bro: update 2.4.1 bottle.
browser.rb browser: bottle unneeded
bsdconv.rb Formula files style updates.
bsdiff.rb Formula files style updates.
bsdmake.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bsdsfv.rb Formula files style updates.
bsponmpi.rb bsponmpi: add 0.3 bottle.
btparse.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
btpd.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
buildapp.rb buildapp: update 1.5.5 bottle.
bulk_extractor.rb bulk_extractor: update 1.5.5_1 bottle.
bullet.rb bullet: update 2.83.6 bottle.
bup.rb bup: add 0.27 bottle.
burl.rb burl: bottle unneeded
burp.rb burp: update 1.4.28 bottle.
bvi.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
bwctl.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
bwm-ng.rb bwm-ng: use https urls
byacc.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
byobu.rb byobu: update 5.94 bottle.
bzr-fastimport.rb bzr-fastimport: update 0.13.0_1 bottle.
c-ares.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
c-kermit.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cabal-install.rb cabal-install: Allow clang for Lion and above.
cabextract.rb cabextract: update 1.6 bottle.
cabocha.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cadaver.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
caddy.rb caddy: update 0.7.5 bottle.
cadubi.rb cadubi: bottle unneeded
caf.rb caf: update 0.14.4 bottle.
cairo.rb cairo: update 1.14.4 bottle.
cairomm.rb cairomm: update 1.12.0 bottle.
cake.rb cake 0.6.0
calabash.rb calabash: bottle unneeded
calc.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
calcurse.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
camellia.rb Formula files style updates.
camlistore.rb camlistore: update 0.8 bottle.
camlp4.rb camlp4: update 4.02.3+6 bottle.
camlp5.rb camlp5: update 6.14 bottle.
capnp.rb capnp: update 0.5.3 bottle.
capstone.rb capstone: update 3.0.4 bottle.
carina.rb carina: update 0.9.1 bottle.
carthage.rb carthage: update 0.10 bottle.
cask.rb cask 0.7.4
casperjs.rb casperjs: update 1.0.4 bottle.
cassandra.rb cassandra: update 2.2.3 bottle.
cattle.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
caudec.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cayley.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cbmbasic.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cc65.rb cc65: add 2.13.3 bottle.
ccache.rb ccache: update 3.2.3 bottle.
ccal.rb ccal: add 2.5.3 bottle.
ccat.rb ccat: update 1.0.0 bottle.
ccd2iso.rb ccd2iso: add 0.3 bottle.
ccextractor.rb ccextractor: update 0.75_1 bottle.
cclive.rb Formula files style updates.
ccm.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cconv.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ccrypt.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cctools-headers.rb Formula files style updates.
cctools.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ccze.rb ccze: add 0.2.1 bottle.
cd-discid.rb cd-discid: add 1.4 bottle.
cdargs.rb cdargs: add 1.35 bottle.
cdb.rb cdb: restore Ruby 1.8 syntax support
cdecl.rb Formula files style updates.
cdk.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cdlabelgen.rb cdlabelgen: add 4.3.0 bottle.
cdparanoia.rb cdparanoia: use an https homepage url
cdpr.rb cdpr: add 2.4 bottle.
cdrdao.rb cdrdao: update two links in comments
cdrtools.rb cdrtools: update 3.01_1 bottle.
center-im.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
cereal.rb cereal: update 1.1.2 bottle.
ceylon.rb ceylon 1.2.0
cf.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cfengine.rb cfengine: update 3.7.0 bottle.
cfitsio.rb cfitsio: use secure urls
cflow.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cfr-decompiler.rb cfr-decompiler 0.110
cfv.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cgal.rb cgal: update 4.6.3 bottle.
cgdb.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cgrep.rb cgrep: update 6.5.10 bottle.
cgvg.rb cgvg: update 1.6.3 bottle.
chadwick.rb chadwick: update 0.6.4 bottle.
chaiscript.rb chaiscript: add 5.7.1 bottle.
chapel.rb chapel: update 1.12.0 bottle.
charm-tools.rb charm-tools: update 1.9.3 bottle.
chcase.rb chcase: bottle unneeded
cheat.rb cheat: update 2.1.18 bottle.
check.rb check: update 0.10.0 bottle.
check_postgres.rb check_postgres: use https urls
checkbashisms.rb checkbashisms: bottle unneeded
checkstyle.rb checkstyle: bottle unneeded
cherokee.rb Formula files style updates.
chgems.rb Formula files style updates.
chibi-scheme.rb chibi-scheme: update 0.7.3 bottle.
chicken.rb chicken: update 4.10.0 bottle.
chinadns-c.rb chinadns-c: update 1.3.2 bottle.
chipmunk.rb chipmunk: use https urls
chisel.rb chisel: bottle unneeded
chkrootkit.rb chkrootkit: prefer berkeley debian mirror
chmlib.rb chmlib: update 0.40 bottle.
choose-gui.rb choose-gui: add 1.0 bottle.
choose.rb choose: update 0.1.0 bottle.
chordii.rb chordii: add 4.5.1 bottle.
chromaprint.rb chromaprint: update 1.2 bottle.
chrome-cli.rb chrome-cli: update 1.5.0 bottle.
chromedriver.rb chromedriver: bottle unneeded
chruby-fish.rb chruby-fish: add 0.6.0 bottle.
chruby.rb Formula files style updates.
chuck.rb chuck: update bottle.
cidrmerge.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cifer.rb cifer: add 1.2.0 bottle.
cig.rb cig: update 0.1.5 bottle.
cimg.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cityhash.rb Formula files style updates.
cjdns.rb cjdns: update 17.1 bottle.
cksfv.rb cksfv: add 1.3.14 bottle.
clamav.rb clamav: update 0.98.7_1 bottle.
clamz.rb Formula files style updates.
clang-format.rb clang-format: update 2015-09-01 bottle.
clang-omp.rb clang-omp: update 2015-04-01 bottle.
clasp.rb clasp: update 3.1.3 bottle.
class-dump.rb class-dump: update 3.5 bottle.
classads.rb classads: add 1.0.10 bottle.
clean.rb Formula files style updates.
clearlooks-phenix.rb clearlooks-phenix: bottle unneeded
clens.rb Formula files style updates.
cless.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
clhep.rb clhep: use https urls
clib.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cliclick.rb Formula files style updates.
clipper.rb Formula files style updates.
clipsafe.rb clipsafe: add 1.1 bottle.
clisp.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
cln.rb cln: update 1.3.4 bottle.
cloc.rb cloc: bottle unneeded.
clockywock.rb clockywock: add 0.3.1a bottle.
clojurescript.rb clojurescript: bottle unneeded
cloog.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
closure-compiler.rb closure-compiler: update 20150901 bottle.
closure-linter.rb closure-linter: update 2.3.19 bottle.
cloud-watch.rb cloud-watch: bottle unneeded
cloudbees-sdk.rb cloudbees-sdk: bottle unneeded
clozure-cl.rb clozure-cl: bottle unneeded
clpbar.rb Formula files style updates.
clucene.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
clutter-gst.rb clutter-gst: update 3.0.14 bottle.
clutter-gtk.rb clutter-gtk: update 1.6.6 bottle.
clutter.rb clutter: update 1.24.2 bottle.
cmake.rb cmake: use sphinx-doc
cmatrix.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cmigemo.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cmocka.rb cmocka: update 1.0.1 bottle.
cmockery.rb cmockery: add 0.1.2 bottle.
cmockery2.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cmu-pocketsphinx.rb Formula files style updates.
cmu-sphinxbase.rb Formula files style updates.
cmuclmtk.rb Formula files style updates.
cmus.rb cmus: Add jack support
cntlm.rb Formula files style updates.
coccinelle.rb rename objective-caml to ocaml
cocot.rb Formula files style updates.
coda-cli.rb coda-cli: bottle unneeded
codemod.rb codemod 20151117 (import from head-only)
codequery.rb Formula files style updates.
cogl.rb cogl: update 1.22.0 bottle.
coin.rb Formula files style updates.
collada-dom.rb collada-dom: new website, add devel and head
collectd.rb collectd: enable write_riemann plugin via option
colordiff.rb colordiff: update 1.0.16 bottle.
colormake.rb colormake: bottle unneeded
colorsvn.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
colortail.rb colortail: add 0.3.4 bottle.
commonmark.rb commonmark: update 0.22.0 bottle.
compcert.rb rename objective-caml to ocaml
compface.rb Formula files style updates.
concurrencykit.rb concurrencykit: update 0.5.0 bottle.
confuse.rb confuse: update 2.8 bottle.
conserver.rb Formula files style updates.
consul-template.rb consul-template: update 0.11.1 bottle.
consul.rb consul: update 0.5.2 bottle.
contacts.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
convertlit.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
convmv.rb convmv: add 2.0 bottle.
cookiecutter.rb cookiecutter: update 1.1.0 bottle.
coq.rb coq: update 8.4pl6_1 bottle.
corelocationcli.rb corelocationcli: add 2.0.0 bottle.
coreutils.rb coreutils: update 8.24 bottle.
corkscrew.rb corkscrew: add 2.0 bottle.
coturn.rb coturn: update bottle.
couchdb-lucene.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
couchdb.rb couchdb: update 1.6.1_4 bottle.
couchpotatoserver.rb couchpotatoserver: bottle unneeded
cowpatty.rb cowpatty: add 4.6 bottle.
cowsay.rb audit fixes: C 04: cloog - cowsay
cpanminus.rb cpanminus: bottle unneeded
cpansearch.rb Formula files style updates.
cpmtools.rb cpmtools: update 2.20 bottle.
cpp-netlib.rb cpp-netlib: update 0.11.2 bottle.
cppcheck.rb cppcheck: update 1.71 bottle.
cppcms.rb cppcms: a few style tweaks.
cppformat.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cppi.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cpptest.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cppunit.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cpputest.rb Formula files style updates.
cproto.rb cproto: update 4.7m bottle.
cpulimit.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cputhrottle.rb cputhrottle: update 20100515 bottle.
cracklib.rb cracklib: update 2.9.5 bottle.
crash.rb crash: use secure resource url
creduce.rb creduce: update 2.3.0_2 bottle.
crf++.rb Formula files style updates.
crm114.rb crm114: add 20100106 bottle.
cronolog.rb cronolog: update 1.6.2 bottle.
crosstool-ng.rb crosstool-ng: set full path for gmake
crunch.rb crunch: update 3.6 bottle.
crush-tools.rb crush-tools: conflict with 'num-utils' added
cryptol.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cryptopp.rb cryptopp: use https urls
crystal-lang.rb crystal-lang: update 0.9.1 bottle.
crystax-ndk.rb crystax-ndk: conflicts with android-ndk
cscope.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
csfml.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
csmith.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cspice.rb cspice: update 65 bottle.
css-crush.rb css-crush: bottle unneeded
cssembed.rb cssembed: bottle unneeded
csshx.rb csshx: bottle unneeded
csup.rb audit fixes: C 06: csup - cups-pdf
csv-fix.rb Formula files style updates.
csvprintf.rb csvprintf: add 1.0.3 bottle.
csync.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ctags.rb audit fixes: C 06: csup - cups-pdf
ctail.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ctemplate.rb ctemplate: use https urls
ctl.rb ctl: update 1.5.2_1 bottle.
ctorrent.rb ctorrent: add 3.3.2_1 bottle.
ctunnel.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cuetools.rb cuetools: update 1.4.1 bottle.
cunit.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cups-pdf.rb audit fixes: C 06: csup - cups-pdf
curaengine.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
curl.rb curl: update 7.45.0 bottle.
curlish.rb Remove indefinite article from description
curlpp.rb curlpp: update 0.7.3 bottle.
cutter.rb cutter: update 1.2.5 bottle.
cuty_capt.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cvc4.rb cvc4: update 1.4_1 bottle.
cvs.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
cvs2svn.rb cvs2svn: fix strict audit.
cvsps.rb Formula files style updates.
cvsutils.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cvsync.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
cweb.rb cweb: update 3.64ad bottle.
cxxtest.rb cxxtest: update 4.4 bottle.
czmq.rb czmq: update 3.0.2_2 bottle.
d-bus.rb d-bus: update 1.10.0 bottle.
daemon.rb formule: migrate various patches (part 1)
daemonize.rb Formula files style updates.
daemonlogger.rb daemonlogger: update 1.2.1 bottle.
daemontools.rb daemontools: add 0.76 bottle.
dante.rb dante: use https urls
daq.rb daq: update 2.0.6 bottle.
dar.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
darcs.rb darcs: update 2.10.2 bottle.
dark-mode.rb dark-mode: update 1.0.1 bottle.
darkhttpd.rb darkhttpd: use https urls
darkice.rb Formula files style updates.
darkstat.rb darkstat: update 3.0.719 bottle.
dash.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dasm.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dateutils.rb dateutils: update 0.3.3 bottle.
datomic.rb datomic: bottle unneeded
davix.rb davix: update 0.5.0 bottle.
davmail.rb davmail: bottle unneeded
dbacl.rb Formula files style updates.
dbus-glib.rb dbus-glib: update 0.104 bottle.
dbxml.rb dbxml: add 6.0.17 bottle.
dc3dd.rb dc3dd: add 7.1.614 bottle.
dcal.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dcd.rb dcd: update 0.7.3 bottle.
dcfldd.rb Formula files style updates.
dcled.rb Formula files style updates.
dcmtk.rb dcmtk: remove dead option
dcraw.rb dcraw: update 9.26.0 bottle.
ddar.rb Formula files style updates.
ddate.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ddclient.rb ddclient: use secure homepage
ddrescue.rb ddrescue: update 1.20 bottle.
debianutils.rb debianutils: update 4.5.1 bottle.
deheader.rb deheader: add 1.2 bottle.
deis.rb deis: update 1.11.1 bottle.
deisctl.rb deisctl: update 1.11.1 bottle.
deja-gnu.rb deja-gnu: add 1.5.3 bottle.
delta.rb delta: update 2006.08.03 bottle.
denominator.rb denominator: bottle unneeded
dependency-check.rb dependency-check: bottle unneeded
depqbf.rb depqbf: update 4.01 bottle.
desk.rb desk: Install shell completion
desktop-file-utils.rb desktop-file-utils: add 0.22 bottle.
detox.rb Formula files style updates.
devd.rb devd: add 0.3 bottle.
devil.rb devil: use secure homepage
devtodo.rb Formula files style updates.
dex.rb dex: update 1.0 bottle.
dex2jar.rb dex2jar: bottle unneeded
dfc.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dfix.rb dfix: update 0.2.2 bottle.
dfmt.rb dfmt: add 0.4.1 bottle.
dfu-programmer.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dfu-util.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dhcpdump.rb dhcpdump: add 1.8 bottle.
dhcping.rb dhcping, dnstracer: add mirrors
dhex.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
di.rb di: add 4.36 bottle.
dialog.rb dialog: update 1.2-20150528 bottle.
dict.rb Formula files style updates.
diction.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dieharder.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
diff-pdf.rb diff-pdf: update 0.2_4 bottle.
diffuse.rb diffuse went quartz-only
dirac.rb Formula files style updates.
dircproxy.rb Formula files style updates.
direnv.rb direnv: update 2.7.0 bottle.
dirmngr.rb dirmngr: sync mirror with other gnupg formulae
dirt.rb dirt: add 1.0 bottle.
disco.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
discodex.rb Formula files style updates.
discount.rb discount: update 2.1.8a bottle.
disktype.rb disktype: fix bottle misplacement
distcc.rb distcc: fix strict audit.
distribution.rb distribution: bottle unneeded
ditaa.rb ditaa: bottle unneeded
djbdns.rb djbdns: add 1.05 bottle.
djview4.rb Formula files style updates.
djvu2pdf.rb djvu2pdf: bottle unneeded
djvulibre.rb djvulibre: update 3.5.27 bottle.
dmalloc.rb Formula files style updates.
dmd.rb dmd: update 2.069.1 bottle.
dmtx-utils.rb Formula files style updates.
dns2tcp.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dnscrypt-proxy.rb dnscrypt-proxy: style cleanup
dnscrypt-wrapper.rb dnscrypt-wrapper: update 0.2_1 bottle.
dnsmap.rb Formula files style updates.
dnsmasq.rb dnsmasq: update 2.75 bottle.
dnsperf.rb dnsperf: use secure homepage url and follow redir
dnsrend.rb dnsrend: update 0.08 bottle.
dnstop.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dnstracer.rb dhcping, dnstracer: add mirrors
dnstwist.rb dnstwist: add 1.01 bottle.
docbook-xsl.rb docbook-xsl: update 1.78.1_1 bottle.
docbook.rb docbook: update 5.0 bottle.
docbook2x.rb Formula files style updates.
docker-compose.rb docker-compose: update 1.5.1 bottle.
docker-machine-parallels.rb docker-machine-parallels: update 1.1.0 bottle.
docker-machine.rb docker-machine: update 0.5.1 bottle.
docker-swarm.rb docker-swarm: update 1.0.0 bottle.
docker.rb docker: update 1.9.1 bottle.
dockutil.rb dockutil: bottle unneeded
dockviz.rb dockviz: add 0.3 bottle.
doctl.rb doctl: update 0.0.16 bottle.
doitlive.rb doitlive: update 2.4.0 bottle.
dos2unix.rb dos2unix: update 7.3.1 bottle.
double-conversion.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
doublecpp.rb Formula files style updates.
doubledown.rb doubledown: bottle unneeded
dovecot.rb dovecot: fix pigeonhole unfinished features option
doxygen.rb doxygen: update 1.8.10 bottle.
doxymacs.rb doxymacs: add 1.8.0 bottle.
dpkg.rb dpkg: prefer berkeley debian mirror
drake.rb drake: update 1.0.1 bottle.
drip.rb Formula files style updates.
dromeaudio.rb dromeaudio: add 0.3.0 bottle.
dropbear.rb dropbear: update 2015.68 bottle.
dsd.rb dsd: don't patch head
dsh.rb dsh: use https urls
dsocks.rb dsocks: add 1.8 bottle.
dspdfviewer.rb dspdfviewer: update 1.13.1_1 bottle.
dtach.rb Formula files style updates.
dtc.rb dtc: prefer berkeley debian mirror
dterm.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
dtrx.rb Formula files style updates.
dub.rb formulae: various audit fixes
duck.rb duck: update bottle.
duff.rb Formula files style updates.
duo_unix.rb duo_unix: update 1.9.17 bottle.
duplicity.rb formulae: various audit fixes
duply.rb duply: bottle unneeded
duti.rb formulae: various audit fixes
dvd+rw-tools.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdauthor.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdbackup.rb Formula files style updates.
dvdrtools.rb formulae: various audit fixes
dvorak7min.rb dvorak7min: update 1.6.1 bottle.
dvtm.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dwarf.rb dwarf: needs gcc-4.9 to compile
dwarfutils.rb dwarfutils: add 20150507 bottle.
dwatch.rb Formula files style updates.
dwdiff.rb dwdiff: update 2.1.0_1 bottle.
dxflib.rb dxflib: update bottle.
dyld-headers.rb dyld-headers: bottle unneeded
dylibbundler.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
dynamips.rb Formula files style updates.
dynamodb-local.rb dynamodb-local: bottle unneeded
e2fsprogs.rb e2fsprogs: update 1.42.13 bottle.
easy-git.rb easy-git: bottle unneeded
ebook-tools.rb ebook-tools: update 0.2.2_1 bottle.
ec2-ami-tools.rb ec2-ami-tools: bottle unneeded
ec2-api-tools.rb ec2-api-tools: bottle unneeded
ecasound.rb Formula files style updates.
echoprint-codegen.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ecj.rb ecj: bottle unneeded
ecl.rb ecl: update 16.0.0 bottle.
ecm.rb audit fixes: E 01: ecm - ejabberd
edelta.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
editorconfig.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ee.rb Formula files style updates.
eet.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
efl.rb audit fixes: E 01: ecm - ejabberd
eigen.rb audit fixes: E 01: ecm - ejabberd
eina.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ejabberd.rb audit fixes: E 01: ecm - ejabberd
ejdb.rb ejdb: update 1.2.10 bottle.
ekg2.rb Formula files style updates.
ekhtml.rb Formula files style updates.
elasticsearch.rb elasticsearch 2.1.0
elb-tools.rb elb-tools: bottle unneeded
elementary.rb audit fixes: E 02: elementary - emscripten
elinks.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
elixir-build.rb audit fixes: E 02: elementary - emscripten
elixir.rb elixir: update 1.1.1 bottle.
emacs-clang-complete-async.rb audit fixes: E 02: elementary - emscripten
emacs.rb emacs: devel is now emacs-25
embryo.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
embulk.rb embulk 0.7.9
emscripten.rb emscripten: update 1.35.9 bottle.
enca.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
enchant.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
enet.rb Formula files style updates.
engine_pkcs11.rb Formula files style updates.
enscript.rb enscript: update 1.6.6 bottle.
ent.rb ent: add 1.0 bottle.
entr.rb entr: update 3.3 bottle.
envchain.rb envchain: update 0.2.0 bottle.
envv.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
eot-utils.rb eot-utils: update 1.1 bottle.
epeg.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
epic5.rb epic5: fix openssl detection on 10.11
eprover.rb eprover: add 1.8 bottle.
epsilon.rb Formula files style updates.
epstool.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
epubcheck.rb epubcheck 4.0.1
erlang.rb erlang: update 18.1 bottle.
es.rb es: add 0.9 bottle.
esniper.rb esniper: add 2.31 bottle.
esound.rb gnomes: use download.gnome urls
espeak.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
etcd.rb etcd: update 2.2.1 bottle.
etl.rb etl 0.04.18
ettercap.rb ettercap: update 0.8.2 bottle.
euca2ools.rb euca2ools: update 3.2.1 bottle.
euler-py.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
evas-generic-loaders.rb audit fixes: E 04: evas-generic-loaders - exodriver
evas.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
eventlog.rb eventlog: add 0.2.13 bottle.
evince.rb evince: update 3.18.2 bottle.
ex-vi.rb Formula files style updates.
exact-image.rb exact-image: disable GIFLIB
exempi.rb audit fixes: E 04: evas-generic-loaders - exodriver
exenv.rb exenv: bottle unneeded
exercism.rb exercism: update 2.2.1 bottle.
exif.rb exif: add 0.6.21 bottle.
exiftags.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
exiftool.rb exiftool: update 10.05 bottle.
exim.rb audit fixes: E 04: evas-generic-loaders - exodriver
exiv2.rb exiv2: update 0.25 bottle.
exodriver.rb audit fixes: E 04: evas-generic-loaders - exodriver
expat.rb expat: remove unrecognised args
extract_url.rb extract_url: update 1.6 bottle.
eye-d3.rb eye-d3: update 0.7.8 bottle.
ezlupdate.rb ezlupdate: update 2015.01.3 bottle.
ezstream.rb ezstream: fix test
f3.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
faac.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
faad2.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
fabric.rb fabric: update 1.10.2 bottle.
fail2ban.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
fakeroot.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
falcon.rb falcon: update bottle.
fantom.rb fantom: bottle unneeded
fasd.rb fasd: bottle unneeded
fastbit.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
fastjar.rb fastjar: add 0.94 bottle.
fatsort.rb Formula files style updates.
fb-adb.rb Formula files style updates.
fb-client.rb fb-client: update 1.5.0 bottle.
fbida.rb fbida: add 2.10 bottle.
fcgi.rb Formula files style updates.
fcgiwrap.rb fcgiwrap: add 1.1.0 bottle.
fcrackzip.rb fcrackzip: update 1.0 bottle.
fdclone.rb Formula files style updates.
fdk-aac-encoder.rb fdk-aac-encoder: add 0.6.2 bottle.
fdk-aac.rb fdk-aac: update 0.1.4 bottle.
fdupes.rb fdupes: update 1.51 bottle.
fetch-crl.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
fetchmail.rb fetchmail: explicitly specify openssl prefix
fex.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
ffe.rb ffe: update 0.3.5 bottle.
ffind.rb ffind: bottle unneeded
ffmbc.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
ffmpeg.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
ffmpeg2theora.rb ffmpeg2theora: update 0.29_1 bottle.
ffmpegthumbnailer.rb ffmpegthumbnailer: update 2.0.10 bottle.
ffms2.rb ffms2: use https resource url
ffts.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
fftw.rb audit fixes: F 01: fail2ban - fftw
fibjs.rb fibjs: update 0.1.8 bottle.
ficy.rb Remove indefinite article from description
figlet.rb Formula files style updates.
file-roller.rb file-roller: update 3.16.4 bottle.
finatra.rb finatra: bottle unneeded
findbugs.rb findbugs: bottle unneeded
findutils.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
fio.rb fio: update 2.2.10 bottle.
fish.rb fish: clarify caveats
fits.rb batch http->https fixes
fizsh.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flac.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flac123.rb flac123: add 0.0.12 bottle.
flactag.rb Formula files style updates.
flake.rb Formula files style updates.
flashrom.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
flasm.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flatbuffers.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flawfinder.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
fleet-db.rb fleet-db: bottle unneeded
fleetctl.rb fleetctl: update 0.11.5 bottle.
flex.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
flickcurl.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flow-tools.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
flow.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
flowgrind.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
fltk.rb fltk: use https cause url
fluent-bit.rb fluent-bit: update 0.3 bottle.
fluid-synth.rb fluid-synth: update 1.1.6 bottle.
flvmeta.rb Formula files style updates.
flvstreamer.rb flvstreamer: update 2.1c1 bottle.
flyway.rb flyway: bottle unneeded
fmdiff.rb audit fixes: F 02: findutils - fmdiff
fmpp.rb fmpp: bottle unneeded
fobis.rb fobis: update 1.8.4 bottle.
folly.rb Remove indefinite article from description
fon-flash-cli.rb fon-flash-cli: update 1.8.0 bottle.
fondu.rb fondu: update 060102 bottle.
fontconfig.rb fontconfig: update 2.11.1 bottle.
fontforge.rb fontforge: update 20150824 bottle.
fonttools.rb fonttools: update 3.0 bottle.
fop.rb fop: update 2.0 bottle.
ford.rb ford: update 4.4.0 bottle.
forego.rb forego: update 0.16.1 bottle.
foremost.rb Formula files style updates.
fortune.rb fortune: update 9708 bottle.
fossil.rb fossil: update 1.33 bottle.
fourstore.rb fourstore: update 1.1.5 bottle.
fpc.rb fpc: update 3.0.0 bottle.
fping.rb fping: add mirror
fpp.rb fpp 0.7.0
fprobe.rb fprobe: add 1.1 bottle.
fq.rb fq: update 0.9.2 bottle.
frag_find.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
fragroute.rb fragroute: add 1.2 bottle.
freealut.rb freealut: update homepage
freediameter.rb Formula files style updates.
freeimage.rb freeimage: update 3.17.0 bottle.
freeipmi.rb freeipmi: update 1.4.9 bottle.
freeling.rb freeling: update 3.1_6 bottle.
freeradius-server.rb freeradius-server: update 3.0.9 bottle.
freeswitch.rb freeswitch: update 1.4.23 bottle.
freetds.rb freetds: update 0.95.69 bottle.
freetype.rb freetype: add El Capitan bottle.
freexl.rb freexl: update 1.0.2 bottle.
frege.rb frege: bottle unneeded
frei0r.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
frescobaldi.rb audit fixes: F 03: frescobaldi
fribidi.rb fribidi: update 0.19.7 bottle.
fsevent_watch.rb Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
fsh.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
fstar.rb fstar: add bottle.
fsw.rb mass SHA256 bottles rewrite
fswatch.rb fswatch: update 1.7.0 bottle.
ftgl.rb ftgl: add 2.1.3-rc5 bottle.
ftimes.rb ftimes: add 3.11.0_1 bottle.
ftjam.rb Formula files style updates.
fugu.rb fugu: update 1.1.1 bottle.
funcoeszz.rb funcoeszz: bottle unneeded
fuseki.rb fuseki: bottle unneeded
fuzzy-find.rb fuzzy-find: add 0.6.0 bottle.
fwknop.rb fwknop: use https homepage
fzf.rb fzf: update 0.10.9 bottle.
g2.rb Formula files style updates.
gabedit.rb gabedit went quartz-only
gaffitter.rb gaffitter: add 1.0.0 bottle.
galen.rb galen: update 2.1.2 bottle.
gambit-scheme.rb gambit-scheme: use an https url