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audit: simplify ssl/tls audit failure messages

This cuts the amount of custom code fairly drastically, applying the
same generic syntax across the different SSL/TLS enforced areas.

It also makes the failure message fit onto one terminal line, which
looks cleaner than the multi-line message we currently print
for standard-size Terminals.

Changes something like:

` urls should be https://, not http:// (url is`


`Please use https:// for`

References: #39421 #39306

Closes #40054.

Signed-off-by: Dominyk Tiller <>
latest commit d7ea732425
@DomT4 DomT4 authored
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cmd audit: simplify ssl/tls audit failure messages
compat stop supporting md5 checksum
debrew Silence method redefinition warning
extend ARGV#kegs: try to load fomrula from rack
hooks Allow tests to reset bottle hooks on teardown
language ghc: cleanup/decruft.
manpages update manpage
os os: support xcode 6.3.2
requirements RubyRequirement: clean up
test add Formulary.core_path method, deprecate Formula.path
utils Close the socket after sending the file descriptor to the child
vendor Update vendored OkJson Improve API documentation output.
blacklist.rb Use more https in urls and updated some lost links
bottle_version.rb bottle_version: support openssl style
bottles.rb remove Bintray.version method
build.rb Eliminate a place where ARGV is mutated
build_environment.rb Remove proc handling from BuildEnvironment
build_options.rb Tab#with? accepts the same types as BuildOptions#with?
caveats.rb (un)linkapps: allow unlink/link specific formulae.
checksum.rb Tests for Checksum class
cleaner.rb don't clean libexec
compat.rb move formula_specialties to compat
compilers.rb Revert "Remove conditional"
config.rb Revert "Default HOMEBREW_TEMP to Dir.tmpdir"
cxxstdlib.rb Decouple IncompatibleCxxStdlibs from its superclass
debrew.rb Remove readline and zlib hacks
dependable.rb Replace Options.coerce with an alternate constructor
dependencies.rb Remove unnecessary array allocations
dependency.rb TapDependency: add tap accessor.
dependency_collector.rb add EmacsRequirement
download_strategy.rb Simplify substitution
exceptions.rb load tap formula through direct search
formula.rb Formula#installed: loading using Formulary.from_rack
formula_assertions.rb pipe_output optional result assertion added
formula_cellar_checks.rb add audit check for explicit Python linkage
formula_installer.rb formula_installer: set tap source for bottles.
formula_lock.rb Set close-on-exec on lock file descriptors
formula_pin.rb Remove pin directory when empty
formula_support.rb Don't use undent on keg-only reasons
formula_versions.rb Simplify versions code
formulary.rb Formulary: add from_rack
global.rb Extract runtime configuration from global.rb
hardware.rb Remove ivars from default Hardware::CPU methods
install_renamed.rb Pass around only pathname objects
keg.rb keg: add rack method
keg_fix_install_names.rb keg_fix_install_names: fixup plists.
mach.rb mach: improve otool failure handling.
metafiles.rb metafile: extend ext list
options.rb Ensure that equals options get parsed properly
os.rb Use https for issue URL.
patch.rb Remove the direct url writer from Resource
pkg_version.rb Switch PkgVersion to use composition
postinstall.rb sandbox postinstall
requirement.rb requirement: add cask and download attributes.
requirements.rb add EmacsRequirement
resource.rb checksums: switch to sha256 for bottles and new formulae
sandbox.rb sandbox: fix the rules
software_spec.rb add SoftwareSpec#go_resource
tab.rb tab: add method to set tap.
tap_constants.rb Switch to a more useful serialization of tap info
tap_migrations.rb lilypond: move to homebrew/tex
test.rb sandbox test
utils.rb test-bot: don't complain bottle errors when installing gcc and hg
version.rb Make Version#<=> allocation-free

Homebrew Public API

We're (finally) working on a documented public API for Homebrew. It's currently a work in progress; a bunch of public stuff is documented and a bunch of private stuff is undocumented. Sorry about that!

The main class you should look at is {Formula}. Assume everything else is private for now.

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