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Installing and Configuring your Homebrew System

Installing Homebrew.

Homebrew doesn’t install gems and that, if you want them you should read this: Gems, Eggs and Perl Modules

More questions? Maybe the FAQ can help.

Dealing With the Terror of Errors

Something just blow up? A formula not working correctly? We have a checklist that can help resolve most problems.

Using Homebrew

Find a nice blog entry on using Homebrew and link it here.

Contributing Formulae

To contribute a formula: fork, clone, create, audit, commit, push and then create a pull request (from a new branch, not master). Please read the Formula Cookbook before your first contribution or you’ll make us cry.

Remember! We don’t accept formulae into mxcl/master that dupes stuff already included with OS X. More details on that in the Formula Cookbook.

Extending Homebrew

Either fork, add features, commit, push and open a ticket or create a new external command.

Arenas for Discussion

IRC (irc://
Mailing List (
Twitter (


  • Homebrew 0.8 has been released, including the “refactor” branch and some improved support for Fortran-based software.
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