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curl: Add HTTP/2 support with nghttp2

Compilation against openssl is forced if `--with-nghttp2` is specified
and `--with-libressl` is omitted, because the default `--with-darwinssl`
(Secure Transport) lacks support for ALPN which is necessary to negotiate
HTTP/2 over TLS encrypted connections.

Also fixed a problem where `--with-libressl` was ignored on Lion.

More info:
* [cURL HTTP/2 Support](
* [cURL ALPN Support](

Closes #37979.
Closes #36942.

Signed-off-by: Mike McQuaid <>
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felixbuenemann authored and MikeMcQuaid committed Mar 23, 2015
1 parent 33b7a37 commit 1a7f172a2fc2512ccb32fafd33995e2a28643f32
Showing with 14 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +14 −9 Library/Formula/curl.rb
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ class Curl < Formula
url ""
mirror ""
sha256 "9f8b546bdc5c57d959151acae7ce6610fe929d82b8d0fc5b25a3a2296e5f8bea"
revision 1

bottle do
cellar :any
@@ -20,17 +21,20 @@ class Curl < Formula
option "with-gssapi", "Build with GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication support."
option "with-libmetalink", "Build with libmetalink support."
option "with-libressl", "Build with LibreSSL instead of Secure Transport or OpenSSL"
option "with-nghttp2", "Build with HTTP/2 support (requires OpenSSL or LibreSSL)"

deprecated_option "with-idn" => "with-libidn"
deprecated_option "with-rtmp" => "with-rtmpdump"
deprecated_option "with-ssh" => "with-libssh2"
deprecated_option "with-ares" => "with-c-ares"

if MacOS.version >= :mountain_lion
# HTTP/2 support requires OpenSSL 1.0.2+ or LibreSSL 2.1.3+ for ALPN Support
# which is currently not supported by Secure Transport (DarwinSSL).
if MacOS.version < :mountain_lion || (build.with?("nghttp2") && build.without?("libressl"))
depends_on "openssl"
option "with-openssl", "Build with OpenSSL instead of Secure Transport"
depends_on "openssl" => :optional
depends_on "openssl"

depends_on "pkg-config" => :build
@@ -40,14 +44,15 @@ class Curl < Formula
depends_on "c-ares" => :optional
depends_on "libmetalink" => :optional
depends_on "libressl" => :optional
depends_on "nghttp2" => :optional

def install
# Throw an error if someone actually tries to rock both SSL choices.
# Long-term, make this singular-ssl-option-only a requirement.
if build.with?("libressl") && build.with?("openssl")
ohai <<-EOS.undent
--with-openssl and --with-libressl are both specified and
curl can only use one at a time; proceeding with openssl.
curl can only use one at a time; proceeding with libressl.

@@ -61,14 +66,14 @@ def install
# cURL has a new firm desire to find ssl with PKG_CONFIG_PATH instead of using
# "--with-ssl" any more. "when possible, set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
# variable instead of using this option". Multi-SSL choice breaks w/o using it.
if MacOS.version < :mountain_lion || build.with?("openssl")
ENV.prepend_path "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", "#{Formula["openssl"].opt_prefix}/lib/pkgconfig"
args << "--with-ssl=#{Formula["openssl"].opt_prefix}"
args << "--with-ca-bundle=#{etc}/openssl/cert.pem"
elsif build.with? "libressl"
if build.with? "libressl"
ENV.prepend_path "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", "#{Formula["libressl"].opt_prefix}/lib/pkgconfig"
args << "--with-ssl=#{Formula["libressl"].opt_prefix}"
args << "--with-ca-bundle=#{etc}/libressl/cert.pem"
elsif MacOS.version < :mountain_lion || build.with?("openssl") || build.with?("nghttp2")
ENV.prepend_path "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", "#{Formula["openssl"].opt_prefix}/lib/pkgconfig"
args << "--with-ssl=#{Formula["openssl"].opt_prefix}"
args << "--with-ca-bundle=#{etc}/openssl/cert.pem"
args << "--with-darwinssl"

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