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Suggest use of the github gem when contributing

Remove the lame beer related FAQs that make me look like an alcoholic.
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@@ -275,11 +275,11 @@ Contributing New Formulae
Formulae are simple Ruby scripts. Generate a formula with most bits filled-in:
- brew create
+ brew create
Check it over and try to install it:
- brew install foobar
+ brew install foo
Check the [wiki][] for more detailed information and tips for contribution.
@@ -288,6 +288,15 @@ If you want your formula to become part of this distribution, fork
maintain your own distribution. Maybe you want to support Tiger? Or use
special compile flags? Go ahead that's what git is all about! :)
+The easiest way to fork is with the [github-gem][], so potentially this is
+your workflow:
+ brew create
+ git commit Library/Formula/foo.rb
+ github fork
+ git push myname master
+ github pull-request
@@ -297,20 +306,16 @@ confirm. Individual formulae are licensed according to their authors' wishes.
-1. Are you excessively interested in beer?
- Yes.
-2. Was Homebrew devised under the influence of alcohol?
- Yes.
-3. Can Homebrew replace MacPorts?
+1. Can Homebrew replace MacPorts?
Maybe. But remember, Homebrew is still incomplete. Be forgiving in your
approach and be willing to fork and contribute fixes. Thanks!
-4. Is there an IRC channel?
+2. Is there an IRC channel?
Yes, <irc://>.
-5. And it's on Twitter?
+3. And it's on Twitter?
Yes, <>.

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