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turn couchdb to .11

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
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1 parent 5ebe781 commit 46a32242d6ea87d06030b64c04388dfc3daf8eb7 @mattly mattly committed with adamv Apr 11, 2010
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  1. +2 −2 Library/Formula/couchdb.rb
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
class Couchdb <Formula
url 'git://'
- version "0.10.1"
- @specs = {:tag => "tags/0.10.1"}
+ version "0.11.0"
+ @specs = {:tag => "tags/0.11.0"}
depends_on 'spidermonkey'
depends_on 'icu4c'

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caleb commented on 46a3224 Apr 11, 2010

On my machines, if icu4c isn't linked (which it isn't by default, since it's keg only) I get an error when I run couchdb 0.11:

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Apr-2010::13:45:29 ===
    application: couch
    exited: {bad_return,{{couch_app,start,
                         {'EXIT',"dlopen(/usr/local/Cellar/couchdb/0.11.0/lib/couchdb/erlang/lib/couch-0.11.0/priv/lib/, 2): Library not loaded: libicuuc.43.dylib\n  Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/couchdb/0.11.0/lib/couchdb/erlang/lib/couch-0.11.0/priv/lib/\n  Reason: image not found"}}}
    type: temporary

hm, did 0.10.1 work for you?



Does 0.11 work if you unlink icu4c? If you otool -L the you see relative references to the icu4c libraries, and since icu4c is keg-only, it can't find those libraries since the keg directory isn't in the rpath...

I'm working on patching icu4c to include the full path in the library's ids

Are you launching couchdb with the launchctl service? I'm trying to run it with couchdb start


i just run couchdb from the command-line: > couchdb

this also worked by default on my non-dev mac that doesn't have anything special going on. perhaps instead of making icu4c link by default we should have this recipe link it?


I've updated the icu formula to fix the shared library ids of the icu dylibs... this isn't actually linking it in brew, just telling each of the libraries where they live so that when dependent formula are linked to icu, they "remember" where to find the icu4c dylibs:


That's strange that it worked for you. I tried installing couchdb on my macbook pro, and it gives me the same error. The macbook pro installation is 5 days old, and the only formula I installed was imagemagick.


This doesn't work for me either. Just did:

brew uninstall couchdb
brew install couchdb

Ran couchdb and got the error above.

mxcl replied Apr 13, 2010

Yeah the problem is icu4c has the wrong install_names. I can fix. You'll have to recompile icu4c and then couchdb after though.

mxcl replied Apr 13, 2010

Fixed: 808f2d0

Uninstall icu4c and couchdb, reinstall icu4c and couchdb.

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