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imagemagick: add fontconfig option.

Closes #15417.
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MikeMcQuaid committed Oct 13, 2012
1 parent 8324107 commit 5b3d3ca8f3e31d60dcd39014cb276c80db0636f8
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  1. +3 −0 Library/Formula/imagemagick.rb
@@ -35,13 +35,15 @@ class Imagemagick < Formula
option 'with-quantum-depth-16', 'Compile with a quantum depth of 16 bit'
option 'with-quantum-depth-32', 'Compile with a quantum depth of 32 bit'
option 'with-x', 'Compile with X11 support.'
+ option 'with-fontconfig', 'Compile with fontconfig support.'
option 'without-freetype', 'Compile without freetype support.'
depends_on 'pkg-config' => :build
depends_on 'jpeg' => :recommended
depends_on :libpng
depends_on :x11 if build.include? 'with-x'
+ depends_on :fontconfig => :optional if build.include? 'with-fontconfig' or MacOS::X11.installed?
depends_on :freetype => :recommended unless build.include? 'without-freetype'
depends_on 'ghostscript' => :optional if ghostscript_srsly?
@@ -100,6 +102,7 @@ def install
args << "--with-quantum-depth=#{quantum_depth}" if quantum_depth
args << "--with-rsvg" if build.include? 'use-rsvg'
args << "--without-x" unless build.include? 'with-x'
+ args << "--with-fontconfig=yes" if build.include? 'with-fontconfig'
args << "--with-freetype=yes" if build.include? 'with-freetype'
# versioned stuff in main tree is pointless for us

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